ICMAT Geometry Seminar

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algebraic geometry differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Mario Garcia-Fernandez*, Benjamin Bode*
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To attend the talk, please visit www.icmat.es/events/seminars/list/?tipo=geometria or contact the organizers.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJun 0909:00Andrés Hernández HerreroModuli of sheaves via affine Grassmannians
WedMay 2613:30Gerard FreixasNon-abelian Hodge theory and complex Chern-Simons line bundle
WedMay 1910:00Daniel S. GraçaComputability, noncomputability, and dynamical systems
WedMay 1212:00Martí LahozStability conditions in families
WedApr 2812:00Andoni de Arriba de La HeraSuperconformal vertex algebras from Killing spinors
WedApr 1412:00Wei GuNonabelian mirrors and Gromov-Witten theory
WedMar 3113:00Tamas HauselMirror symmetry for Langlands dual Higgs bundles at the tip of the nilpotent cone
WedMar 1714:00Vicente MuñozA Smale-Barden manifold admitting K-contact but not Sasakian structure
WedMar 0314:00Benjamin BodeStable knots and links in electromagnetic fields
WedFeb 1714:00Ángel González-PrietoInterference phenomena in parabolic character varieties
WedFeb 0314:00Eduardo FernándezContactomorphisms of tight contact 3-manifolds
WedJan 2715:00Ezequiel MadernaHyperbolic motions of the N-body problem with arbitrary limit shape
WedJan 1315:00Javier Martínez-AguinagaThe classification problem for (4,6)-bracket-generating structures
WedDec 1615:00Juan Carlos MarreroInvariant measures for contact Hamiltonian systems: symplectic sandwiches with contact bread
WedDec 0915:00Abigail WardHomological mirror symmetry for elliptic Hopf surfaces
WedDec 0215:00Sebastien PicardPDEs on Non-Kahler Calabi-Yau Manifolds
WedNov 2515:00Miquel CuecaCourant algebroids, between Lie algebroids and symplectic manifolds
WedNov 1813:30Ana Peón-NietoPure codimensionality of wobbly bundles
WedNov 1115:00Tristan CollinsMoment maps in mirror symmetry
WedNov 0415:00Joana CiriciHidden symmetries on almost Kähler manifolds
WedOct 2815:00Emilio FrancoTorsion line bundles and branes on the Hitchin system
WedOct 1413:00Nikita NikolaevAbelianisation of Meromorphic Connections and the Geometric Exact WKB Method
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