Nečas Seminar on Continuum Mechanics

Mathematics Physics

Charles University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:40-15:10 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Miloslav Feistauer, Jaroslav Haslinger, Martin Kružík*, Sarka Nečasová
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Past talks
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MonMay 0313:40Jan BřezinaContinuum-fracture approach to modelling crystalline rock
MonApr 2613:40Adrian MunteanDoes vesicle micro-dynamics enhance the signaling among plants macro-transport? Multiscale discussions around a model problem
MonApr 1913:40Manuel FriedrichEmergence of rigid polycrystals from atomistic systems
MonApr 1213:40Valerio PagliariConvergence of nonlocal geometric flows to anisotropic mean curvature motion
MonApr 0513:40Easter MondayNo lecture
MonMar 2913:40Eitan TadmorEmergent behavior in swarming hydrodynamics
MonMar 2214:40Malte KampschulteMinimizing movements and a two-scale method for nonconvex problems involving inertia
MonMar 1514:40Patrick DondlEnergetic bounds for paperboard delamination under bending
MonMar 0814:40Antonio J. GilOn the use of mixed formulations for computational polyconvexity and multi-variable convexity
MonMar 0114:40Jiří OutrataOn the solution of static contact problems with Coulomb friction via the semismooth* Newton method
MonFeb 2214:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 1514:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 0814:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 0114:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 2514:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 1814:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 1114:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 0414:40Karoline DisserGlobal existence and stability for dissipative processes coupled across volume and surface
MonDec 2114:40Daya ReddySome mathematical aspects of models of strain-gradient plasticity
MonDec 1415:30Tai-Peng TsaiThe Green tensor of the nonstationary Stokes system in the half space
MonDec 0714:40Arnab RoyExistence of strong solutions for a system of interaction between a compressible viscous fluid and a wave equation
MonNov 3014:40‪Giuseppe Tomassetti‬Shape programming of a magnetic elastica
MonNov 2314:40Charlotte PerrinCompressible Euler equations under a maximal density constraint
MonNov 1614:40Jacopo CiambellaFibre re-orientation in anisotropic viscoelastic materials
MonNov 0914:40Marco BravinOn some properties for an incompressible, non-viscous in-out flow in a 2D domain
MonNov 0214:40Marco BrescianiLinearized von Kármán theory for incompressible magnetoelastic plates
MonOct 2614:40Edoardo MaininiLinearization of finite elasticity
MonOct 1913:40Martin DoskarMicromorphic model for mechanical metamaterials
MonOct 1213:40Tomas RoubicekThe old Stefan problem in a new mechanical context
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