Nečas Seminar on Continuum Mechanics

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Mathematics Physics

Charles University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:40-15:10 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Miloslav Feistauer, Petr Knobloch, Martin Kružík*, Šárka Nečasová*
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This seminar was founded on December 14, 1966.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Sokolovská 83, Prague 8. If not written otherwise, we will meet on Mondays at 15:40 in lecture hall K3 (2nd floor)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 2713:40summer breakWe'll continue on September 30, 2024
MonMay 2013:40Pavel KrejčíHysteresis in porous media
MonMay 1313:40Giovanni FantuzziMoment-Sum-of-Squares relaxations for variational problems
MonMay 0613:40Johannes ZimmerDeriving a GENERIC system from a Hamiltonian system
MonApr 2913:40Chiara GavioliA model for lime consolidation of porous solids
MonApr 2213:40Hywel NormingtonA decoupled, convergent and fully linear algorithm for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with magnetoelastic effects
MonApr 1513:40Marco BrescianiVariational models with Eulerian-Lagrangian formulation allowing for material failure
MonApr 0813:40Jan ScherzWeak Solutions to Mathematical Models of the Interaction between Fluids, Solids and Electromagnetic Fields
MonApr 0113:40Easter Mondayno talk
MonMar 2514:40Eduard RohanHomogenization based model of flows in piezoelectric porous metamaterials driven by peristaltic deformation
MonMar 1814:40Giuseppe TomassettiA mechanical model of ocular bulb vibrations and implications for acoustic tonometry
MonMar 1114:40Leon HappExtension operators for homogenization that preserve target manifold constraints
MonFeb 2614:40Bernd SchmidtOn the Stability of Objective Structures
MonFeb 1914:40Marco MorandottiFrom game theory to the control of multi-agent systems
MonFeb 1214:40breakTBA
MonFeb 0514:40breakTBA
MonJan 2914:40breakTBA
MonJan 0814:40Kerrek StinsonRegularity for minimizers of the Griffith fracture energy
MonJan 0114:40New YearTBA
MonDec 2514:40XmasTBA
MonDec 1814:40XmasTBA
MonDec 0414:40Anastasia MolchanovaVariational Model of a Hyperelastic Capacitor
MonNov 2714:40Stefano AlmiStrain gradient plasticity and multi-well potentials
MonNov 2014:40Jaroslav KruisHydro-thermo-mechanical simulation of deep geological repository of radioactive waste
MonNov 1314:40Marco BrescianiCANCELED
MonNov 0614:40Jiří ZemanBending-torsion theories for elastic and brittle nanowires as Gamma-limits of atomistic models
MonOct 3014:40Valentin CalistiMinimization of blood damage induced by non-Newtonian fluid flows in moving domains
MonOct 2313:40Raffaele GrandeStochastic control problems and a convergence result for horizontal mean curvature flow
MonOct 1613:40Tomáš BodnárOn the estimation of blood hemolysis index from viscoelastic stretch model
MonOct 0913:40Illia DonhauzerLimit theorems for multifractal products of random fields
MonOct 0213:40Angkana RülandRigidity and Flexibility in the Modelling of Shape-Memory Alloys
MonSep 2513:40semestr breakTBA
MonSep 1813:40semestr breakTBA
MonSep 1113:40semestr breakTBA
MonSep 0413:40semestr breakTBA
MonMay 2913:40Semester breakWe'll go on in October 2023
MonMay 2213:40Petr SváčekOn Application of Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure-Acoustic Interactions Related to Human Phonation Process
MonMay 1513:40Monika BalaszováDiscontinuous Galerkin method for problems in time-depend domains – theory and applications
MonMay 0813:40HolidayTBA
MonMay 0113:40HolidayTBA
MonApr 2413:40Franco TomarelliPure traction and Signorini problem between linear and finite elasticity
MonApr 1713:40Katerina NikAnalysis of a three-dimensional model for MEMS with a hinged upper plate
MonApr 1013:40Easter MondayTBA
MonApr 0313:40Marco MorandottiSemi-discrete modeling of systems of disclinations and dislocations
MonMar 2713:40Manuel FriedrichFinite crystallization via stratification
MonMar 2014:40Cy MaorNon-Euclidean elasticity: shape transitions in non-Euclidean ribbons
MonMar 1314:40Florian OschmannSome insides in homogenization of compressible Navier-Stokes equations
MonMar 0614:40Edoardo MaininiStability conditions for the linearization of pure traction problems of finite elasticity.
MonFeb 2714:40Pei SuAsymptotic analysis of the system describing a small moving rigid body in viscous incompressible fluid
MonFeb 2014:40Ivan GudoshnikovElastoplasticity with softening in spring network models: a state-dependent sweeping process approach
MonFeb 1314:40Malte KampschulteSelf-contact for inertial problems in continuum mechanics
MonFeb 0614:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 3014:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 2314:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 1614:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 0914:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 0214:40Jiří OutrataOn the application of the SCD semismooth* Newton method to variational inequalities of the second kind
MonDec 2614:40Xmasno talk
MonDec 1914:40Nilasis ChaudhuriNavier--Stokes--Fourier system with Dirichlet boundary conditions for temperature
MonDec 1214:40Sourav MitraExistence of a weak solution for a compressible multicomponent fluid-structure interaction problem
MonDec 0516:10Michael RůžičkaExistence proofs for pseudomonotone parabolic problems
MonDec 0514:40Dallas AlbrittonNon-uniqueness of Leray solutions to the forced Navier-Stokes equations
MonNov 2814:40cancelledseminar is cancelled
MonNov 2114:40Elvira ZappaleVariational formulation for hierarchies of structured deformations
MonNov 0714:40Gabriel PathóConstitutive modelling of masonry for civil engineering
MonOct 3114:40Rita FerreiraStructural changes in nonlocal denoising models arising through bi-level parameter learning
MonOct 2413:40Bohumír BastlNumerical simulation of incompressible fluid flow with the help of isogeometric analysis
MonOct 1713:40Jiří MikyškaAn alternative model of multicomponent diffusion based on a combination of the Maxwell-Stefan theory and continuum mechanics.
MonOct 1013:40Lennart MachillOne-dimensional viscoelastic von Kármán theories
MonOct 0313:40Martin HorákEfficient formulation of a two-dimensional geometrically exact Bernoulli beam
MonMay 2313:40summer breakWe will continue on Monday, October 3, 2022
MonMay 2313:40summer breakTBA
MonMay 1613:40George AvalosConcerning the strong and uniform decay of solutions to coupled fluid/multilayered structure PDE dynamics
MonMay 0913:40Henrik SchumacherRepulsive Curves and Surfaces
MonMay 0213:40Giusy MazzoneOn partially dissipative systems
MonApr 2513:40Barbora BenešováA model for polycrystalline Ni-Ti shape-memory alloys including plasticity
MonApr 1813:40Easter MondayNo lecture
MonApr 1113:40---TBA
MonApr 0413:40Justyna OgorzalyVariational-Hemivariational Inequalities with Applications to Contact Mechanics
MonMar 2813:40Marta ZoppelloN-link swimmers swimming alone or in pairs
MonMar 2114:40Bangwei SheOn convergence of numerical solutions for the compressible MHD system
MonMar 1414:40Michele RuggeriThe Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with Dzyaloshinki-Moriya interaction: numerical aspects
MonMar 0714:40Petr PelechPenrose-Fife model with activated phase transformation - Existence and effective model for slow-loading regimes.
MonFeb 2814:40Václav MáchaFluids in moving domains
MonFeb 2114:40Sabrine ChebbiThe Energy decay rate of 1D and 2D Timoshenko systems. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation
MonFeb 1414:40Rufat BadalNonlinear and Linearized Models in Thermoviscoelasticity
MonFeb 0714:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 3114:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 2414:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 1714:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 1014:40semester breakTBA
MonJan 0314:40Karel TůmaFinite strain phase-field model for martensitic transformation: Large-scale finite element simulations
MonDec 2714:40Christmas breakChristmas break
MonDec 2014:40Christmas breakChristmas break
MonDec 1314:40Amrita GoshOn Shikhmurzaev’s approach to the Contact Line Problem
MonDec 0614:40Stanislav SysalaSaddle-point problems with bilinear Lagrangian and convex constraints: analysis, numerical solution and applications
MonNov 2914:40Daniel CampbellClosures of planar BV homeomorphisms and the relaxation of functionals with linear growth
MonNov 2214:40Ulisse StefanelliExistence results for a morphoelastic model
MonNov 1514:40Philipp ReiterSymmetric elastic knots
MonNov 0814:40Jonathan BevanInterior 'buckling' and non-uniqueness in a class of incompressible variational problems
MonNov 0114:40Tomáš RoubíčekVisco-plastic elastodynamics and poro-elastodynamics at large deformations by Eulerian approaches
MonOct 2513:40Katharina BrazdaMultiphase biological membranes
MonOct 1813:40Hanuš SeinerLandau-energy landscape reconstruction for a Ni-Fe-Ga(Co) Shape Memory Alloy
MonOct 1113:40Filippo RivaInertial Balanced Viscosity solutions to rate-independent systems
MonOct 0413:40Jan ZemanDesigning optimal reinforcement for high-performance composite tubes with semidefinite programming
MonJun 0713:40Summer breakWe'll meet again in October 2021
MonMay 3113:40Milan PokornýHomogenization of Navier--Stokes--Fourier system in domains with tiny holes
MonMay 2413:40Maria Neuss-RaduHomogenization of a reaction-diffusion-advection problem in an evolving micro-domain and including nonlinear boundary conditions
MonMay 1713:40Jan StebelContinuum-fracture models of porous media processes: derivation and analysis
MonMay 1013:40‪Denis BonheureEquilibrium configuration of a rectangular obstacle immersed in a channel flow
MonMay 0313:40Jan BřezinaContinuum-fracture approach to modelling crystalline rock
MonApr 2613:40Adrian MunteanDoes vesicle micro-dynamics enhance the signaling among plants macro-transport? Multiscale discussions around a model problem
MonApr 1913:40Manuel FriedrichEmergence of rigid polycrystals from atomistic systems
MonApr 1213:40Valerio PagliariConvergence of nonlocal geometric flows to anisotropic mean curvature motion
MonApr 0513:40Easter MondayNo lecture
MonMar 2913:40Eitan TadmorEmergent behavior in swarming hydrodynamics
MonMar 2214:40Malte KampschulteMinimizing movements and a two-scale method for nonconvex problems involving inertia
MonMar 1514:40Patrick DondlEnergetic bounds for paperboard delamination under bending
MonMar 0814:40Antonio J. GilOn the use of mixed formulations for computational polyconvexity and multi-variable convexity
MonMar 0114:40Jiří OutrataOn the solution of static contact problems with Coulomb friction via the semismooth* Newton method
MonFeb 2214:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 1514:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 0814:40semester breakNo lecture
MonFeb 0114:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 2514:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 1814:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 1114:40semester breakNo lecture
MonJan 0414:40Karoline DisserGlobal existence and stability for dissipative processes coupled across volume and surface
MonDec 2114:40Daya ReddySome mathematical aspects of models of strain-gradient plasticity
MonDec 1415:30Tai-Peng TsaiThe Green tensor of the nonstationary Stokes system in the half space
MonDec 0714:40Arnab RoyExistence of strong solutions for a system of interaction between a compressible viscous fluid and a wave equation
MonNov 3014:40‪Giuseppe Tomassetti‬Shape programming of a magnetic elastica
MonNov 2314:40Charlotte PerrinCompressible Euler equations under a maximal density constraint
MonNov 1614:40Jacopo CiambellaFibre re-orientation in anisotropic viscoelastic materials
MonNov 0914:40Marco BravinOn some properties for an incompressible, non-viscous in-out flow in a 2D domain
MonNov 0214:40Marco BrescianiLinearized von Kármán theory for incompressible magnetoelastic plates
MonOct 2614:40Edoardo MaininiLinearization of finite elasticity
MonOct 1913:40Martin DoskarMicromorphic model for mechanical metamaterials
MonOct 1213:40Tomas RoubicekThe old Stefan problem in a new mechanical context
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