Joint Theory Seminar between Vienna University of Technology and University of Vienna

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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory mathematical physics

TU Wien - Technische Universität Wien / University of Vienna -- Universität Wien

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Céline Zwikel*, Thorsten Schimannek*, HEP ITP TU Wien*
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Past talks
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TueJul 1312:00Elias KiritsisEmergent gravity from hidden sectors and TT deformations
TueJun 2911:00Abhiram KidambiGeneralized Siegel-Weil formula, Chern-Simons invariants and 3d gravity
TueJun 1512:00Jun NishimuraTBA
TueJun 0812:00Dieter LüstThe swampland at a large number of space-time dimensions
TueMay 2514:00Claudia de RhamPositivity with Gravity
TueMay 1812:00Johannes ThürigenBPHZ renormalization in combinatorially non-local field theory
TueMay 1112:00Charles MarteauFrom baby universes to black holes in 2d flat space gravity
TueMay 0412:00Petr KravchukCFTs and Wightman axioms in general dimensions
TueApr 2712:00Roberto EmparanDigging traversable wormholes
TueApr 2012:00Jie GuResurgence and BPS invariants
TueApr 1312:00Linus WulffO(D,D) and string alpha'-corrections
TueMar 2313:00Klaus SiboldPerturbative Quantization of Einstein-Hilbert Gravity
TueMar 1613:00Mahdi Godazgar​Asymptotic charges in gravity
TueMar 0913:00Lukas MüllerAnomalous field theories as boundaries
TueMar 0213:00James GrayMachine learning and SU(3) structures on six manifolds
TueFeb 1613:00Marc GeillerA new look at symmetries of 3d gravity
TueFeb 0913:00Christoph NegaAnalytic Structure of Banana Feynman Integrals
TueJan 2613:00Prateek AgrawalTopological Gravity as the Early Phase of our Universe
TueJan 1913:00Joshua Kames-KingDeformations of JT Gravity and KdV Equations
TueJan 1210:00Shahin Sheikh JabbariTemperature of Black Holes in Horndeski Gravity Theories
TueDec 1513:00Severin LüstThe Tadpole Problem
TueDec 0813:00Laurent FreidelQuantum gravity at the corner
TueNov 2413:00Flavio TonioniMisaligned Supersymmetry and Anti-D-branes
TueNov 1713:00David AndriotDo classical de Sitter string backgrounds exist?
TueNov 1013:00Adrien FiorucciThe Λ-BMS Charge Algebra in n dimensions
TueNov 0313:00Yuhma AsanoM-brane Realisation in Matrix Model
TueOct 0612:00Edgar ShaghoulianLooking for islands
TueJul 2111:00Jarkko PeuronHeavy quark diffusion in an overoccupied gluon plasma
TueJun 3009:00Henning SamtlebenKaluza-Klein spectrometer from exceptional field theory
TueJun 2311:45Ilka BrunnerFlows, defects, and transport of D-branes
TueJun 1611:45Kevin GrosvenorEntanglement entropy and subregion complexity in thermal perturbations around pure-AdS
TueMay 2614:00Tom RudeliusConditions for (no) eternal inflation
TueMay 1911:45Evgeny Skvortsov(Quantum) Higher spin gravity and applications to physics
ThuMay 1414:00Eran PaltiScale separation, Swampland, and type IIA orientifold vacua
TueMay 1211:45Gaston GiribetOn string theory on AdS3 x M7 in the tensionless limit
TueMay 0511:45Jose Figueroa-O'FarrillA cohomological approach to rigid supersymmetry in curved space
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