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group theory rings and algebras

University of Milano-Bicocca

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Friday 12:00-13:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Claudio Quadrelli*
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Past talks
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FriDec 1013:00Davide Spriano 🇬🇧Detecting hyperbolicity in CAT(0) spaces: from cube complexes to rank rigidity
FriNov 2613:00Sandro Mattarei 🇬🇧Graded lie algebras of maximal class
FriNov 1213:00Ilaria Colazzo 🇬🇧Bijective set-theoretic solutions of the Pentagon Equation
FriOct 2912:00Daniele GarzoniOn the number of conjugacy classes of a permutation group
FriOct 1512:00Martino GaronziGenerating graphs and primary coverings
ThuJun 1712:00Giulia Dal Verme 🇪🇺Groupoid actions on topological spaces and Bass-Serre theory
ThuJun 0312:00Francesco Fumagalli 🇪🇺An upper bound for the nonsolvable length of a finite group in terms of its shortest law
FriMay 2809:00Federico A. Rossi 🇪🇺Uniquiness of ad-invariant metrics
ThuMay 0612:00Gareth Tracey 🇬🇧Primitive amalgams the Goldschmidt-Sims conjecture
ThuApr 2212:00Eirini Chavli 🇪🇺Real properties of generic Hecke algebras
ThuApr 0812:00Antonio Ioppolo 🇪🇺Polynomial identities in associative algebras
ThuMar 2513:00Slobodan TanushevskiFrattini injective pro-$p$ groups
ThuMar 1113:00Maria Pia MoscatelloBases for primitive permutation groups
ThuFeb 2513:00Charles CoxSpread and infinite groups
ThuFeb 1113:00Yash LodhaSpaces of enumerated orderable groups
ThuJan 2813:00Albert GarretaThe Diophantine problem in commutative rings and solvable groups
ThuJan 1413:00Sabino di TraniCombinatorics of Exterior Algebra, Graded Multiplicities and Generalized Exponents of Small Representations
ThuDec 1713:00Eduardo Martinez-PedrozaQuasi-isometric rigidity of subgroups
ThuDec 0314:30Nicola GrittiniProblems on character theory when we restrict the field of values
ThuNov 1913:00Francesco NosedaOn self-similarity of p-adic analytic pro-p groups
ThuNov 0513:00Scott HarperThe spread of a finite group
ThuOct 2212:00Carmine MonettaOn the exponent of the non-abelian tensor square and related constructions of finite p-groups
ThuOct 0812:00Mima Stanojkovski(Strong) isomorphism of p-groups and orbit counting
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