Brazilian algebraic geometry seminar

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University of Campinas

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 18:30-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Marcos Jardim*, Ethan Cotterill*, Eduardo Esteves, Carolina Araujo, Maurício Corrêa*
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Previous talks available at the YouTube channel "Brazilian Algebraic Geometry"

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedOct 2118:30Ageu BarbosaOn $(h,s)$-tangential weak defectiveness and identifiability of some projective varieties
WedNov 0418:30Israel VainsencherEnumerative geometry of legendrian foliations
WedFeb 2418:30Steve KleimanTBA
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WedOct 1418:30Marcos JardimClassification of codimension one distributions of degree two on the projective space
WedOct 0718:30Damiano TestaContact in algebraic and tropical geometry
WedSep 3018:30Sally Andria / César HilárioAn explicit resolution of the Abel map via tropical geometry / Bertini’s theorem in positive characteristic
WedSep 2318:30Alessia MandiniQuasi-parabolic Higgs bundles and null hyperpolygon spaces
WedSep 1618:30Daniele FaenziStability of logarithmic tangents
WedSep 0918:30Alan MunizOn moduli spaces of rank two logarithmic connections over an elliptic curve.
WedSep 0218:30Eduardo EstevesDegenerations of line bundles along curves
WedAug 2618:30Nuno Cardoso / Aline ZanardiniTowards a new technique to compute Orlov spectra / Stability of Halphen pencils of index two
WedAug 1918:30Alex AbreuA geometric interpretation for characters of Iwahori--Hecke algebras
WedAug 1218:30Rodrigo GondimWaring problems and the Lefschetz properties
WedAug 0518:30Roberto VillaflorConstructing algebraic cycles on hypersurfaces, an explicit approach to Hodge conjecture
WedJul 2918:30Rodrigo BarbosaString Dualities, Higgs Bundles and $G_2$ Geometry
WedJul 2218:30Amar HenniOn the fixed locus of framed instanton sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^3$
WedJul 1518:30Maral MostafazadehfardDivisor class group of Hankel determinantal rings
WedJul 0818:30Rick RichsterSecant defectiveness of toric varieties
WedJul 0118:30André ContieroCurves and Weierstrass points
WedJun 2418:30Cecília SalgadoMordell-Weil rank jumps and the Hilbert property
WedJun 1718:30Genival da Silva JuniorSurfaces with Exceptional monodromy
WedJun 1018:30Herivelto Borges, Saeed Tafazolian, Luciane Quoos Conte and Cícero CarvalhoIn honor of Fernando Torres
WedJun 0318:30Tiago FonsecaFrom transcendental numbers to higher Ramanujan foliations
WedMay 2718:30Jorge Vitório PereiraMiyaoka's algebraicity criterion and variations
WedMay 2018:30Charles AlmeidaThe geography of moduli spaces of torsion free sheaves
WedMay 1318:30Ugo BruzzoAbout the McKay correspondence in 3 dimensions
WedApr 2918:30Giosuè MuratoreA Recursive Formula for Osculating Curves
WedApr 2218:30Lucas das DoresSchemes of rational curves on Del Pezzo surfaces
WedApr 1518:30Gaia ComaschiGIT stability of linear systems of skew-symmetric forms
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