Study seminar on homotopy theory and applications

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algebraic topology category theory

Independent University of Moscow

Audience: Learners
Seminar series times: Monday 16:20-18:00, Friday 16:20-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Grisha Taroian*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonSep 2616:20Grisha TaroianHomotopical cocompleteness and completeness of model categories
FriSep 2316:20Grisha TaroianNo talk
MonSep 1916:20Grisha TaroianQuillen functors and derived functors - 2
FriSep 1616:20Grisha TaroianQuillen functors and derived functors - 1
MonSep 1216:20Grisha TaroianHomotopy category of a model category, model categories are saturated
FriSep 0916:20Grisha TaroyanModel categories and homotopical categories
MonSep 0516:20Grisha TaroyanIntroduction to homotopical algebra (overview of the program for the Fall term)
MonMay 3016:20Grisha TaroyanConclusion
FriMay 2716:20Egor TeplyakovS - categories and simplicial localization
MonMay 2316:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 6
FriMay 2016:20Grisha TaroyanElementary properties of categories of sheaves on sites
MonMay 1616:20Grisha TaroyanAssociated sheaf functor on arbitrary sites
FriMay 1316:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 5
MonMay 0916:20Grisha TaroyanZariski site, sheaves on sites
FriMay 0616:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 4
MonMay 0216:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 3
FriApr 2916:20Grisha TaroyanGrothendieck topologies - 1
MonApr 2516:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 2
FriApr 2216:20Cyrill BarlasovQuasicategories - 1
MonApr 1816:20Misha KornevSheaves of sets - 4
FriApr 1516:20Misha KornevSheaves of sets - 3
MonApr 1116:20Misha KornevSheaves of sets - 2
FriApr 0816:20Misha KornevSheaves of sets - 1
MonApr 0416:20Misha KornevKan extensions. Additional topics
FriApr 0116:20Grisha TaroyanMonoidal model categories - 3
MonMar 2816:20Grisha TaroyanCategorical preliminaries of topos theory - 3.
FriMar 2516:20Grisha TaroyanMonoidal model categories - 2
MonMar 2116:20Grisha TaroyanCategorical preliminaries of topos theory - 2
FriMar 1816:20Grisha TaroyanMonoidal model categories - 1 (Monoidal categories)
MonFeb 2816:20Arseny KryazhevHomotopical categories - 1. Kan extensions
WedFeb 2316:20Grisha TaroyanCategorical preliminaries of topos theory - 1. Classification of subobjects
WedFeb 1616:20Grisha TaroyanYoga of higher categories - 3
MonFeb 1416:20Grisha TaroyanYoga of higher categories - 2. Postnikov towers and group cohomology
WedFeb 0916:20Grisha TaroyanYoga of higher categories - 1. Grothendieck dream
MonFeb 0716:20Grisha TaroyanOverview of the program for the spring term - 1
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