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Instituto de Fisica Teorica (Madrid)

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 15:00-16:00, Thursday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Jose Barbon*
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Past talks
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ThuJan 2115:00Luca SantoniSymmetries of black hole perturbations
ThuJan 2815:00Anna TokarevaMassless Positivity
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MonJan 1815:00Yonit HochbergNew Directions for Light Dark Matter
ThuJan 1415:00Alvaro Martin AlhambraQuantum thermal states on the lattice: correlations, area laws and tensor network representations
MonJan 1115:00Javier Molina VilaplanaEntanglement, Holography and Tensor Networks
MonDec 2115:00Viviana GammaldiIndirect detection of (Multi-TeV) dark matter: recent results and new goals
MonDec 1415:00Francesco MontanariDark matter constraints with Milky Way stellar dynamics
ThuDec 1015:00V. Martin-LozanoScalar taus at the LHC: How we will find them
ThuDec 0315:00W.G. HollikCharting the Vacuum Landscape in SUSY benchmark scenarios
ThuNov 2615:00Daniel RobainaStudying 2D Lattice Gauge Theories with Tensor Networks
MonNov 2315:00Rajamani NarayananA three-dimensional conformal field theory inspired by QED
ThuNov 1915:00Anne NielsenSpecial states in quantum many-body spectra
MonNov 1615:00Pier Paolo GiardinoEFT at the LHC and future colliders
ThuNov 1215:00Pierre AuclairPrimordial black holes from metric preheating: mass fraction in the excursion-set approach
ThuNov 0515:00Yotam SoreqProbing new physics at the precision frontier
ThuOct 2915:00Matteo BaggioliClassifying and Understanding Phases of Matter with Effective Theories
MonOct 2615:00Anson HookAharonov-Bohm in the Sky : A CMB Millikan Experiment with Cosmic Axiverse Strings
ThuOct 2214:00Juan S. CruzGradient effects on false vacuum decay in gauge theory
MonOct 1914:00Simon CatterallN=4 Super Yang Mills on the Lattice
ThuOct 0814:00Sebastian CespedesOn the time evolution of cosmological correlation functions
MonSep 2814:00Akash JainNon-universality of Hydrodynamics
MonJul 0615:00Seyda IpekA Model of Neutrino Masses and the LHC
MonJun 2914:00Maria UbialiCan New Physics hide in the proton PDFs?
MonJun 1514:00Alexander LenzPer aspera ad astra: Impact of high precision standard model predictions for new physics searches
ThuJun 1114:00Pablo BuenoReflected entropy, symmetries and free fermions
ThuMay 2814:00Giuseppe FanizzaAveraging cosmological observables in the LSS surveys
MonMay 2514:00Matthew ReeceA Swampland Tour: From Global Symmetries to Axion Physics
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