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Institut de Physique Theorique, CEA Saclay

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 09:00-10:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jérémie Bouttier*, Vincent Pasquier
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Past talks
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MonJun 2609:00Jens HoppeRecent progress in Membrane Theory, and reduced Yang Mills
MonJun 1912:00Guillaume BaverezLiouville theory: from Segal's axioms to conformal blocks
MonJun 1209:00Jean-Baptiste FouvryStellar Dynamics in Galactic Nuclei
MonJun 0509:00Laurent ChevillardThe phenomenology of fluid turbulence, and its stochastic representation
MonMay 2212:00Gilles ParezEntanglement and separability of Rokhsar-Kivelson and resonating valence-bond states
MonMay 1509:00Lauren WilliamsThe positive Grassmannian, the amplituhedron, and cluster algebras
MonApr 0309:00Valentin FérayComponents of meandric systems and the infinite noodle
MonMar 2709:00Sylvie CorteelPavage par dominos et suites de partitions
MonMar 2010:00Jules LamersThe partially (an)isotropic Inozemtsev spin chain
MonMar 0610:00Jeanne ScottClone symmetric function theory
MonFeb 1310:00Emmanuel GuitterHamiltonian paths on random bicubic maps and KPZ
MonFeb 0610:00Sylvain RibaultFrom combinatorial maps to correlation functions in loop models
MonJan 2310:00Éric VernierOnsager algebra and Ising-type structures in root-of-unity six-vertex models
MonJan 0910:00Andrew Elvey PriceEnumeration of walks by winding angle
MonDec 1910:00Carlos BerciniStructure Constants in N = 4 SYM and Separation of Variables
MonNov 2810:00Philippe BianeProcessus d'exclusion simple quantique et cumulants libres
MonNov 2110:00Fedor Levkovich-MaslyukSeparation of variables and correlation functions
MonNov 1410:00Sofia TarriconeOn the integrability of the Airy kernel and beyond
MonOct 1009:00Kirone MallickAn exact solution of the macroscopic fluctuation theory
MonJul 1809:00Erik TonniEntanglement entropies for Lifshitz fermionic fields at finite density
MonJul 1109:00Andrea CapelliMultipoint conformal blocks and Gaudin models
MonJun 2009:00Séverin CharbonnierGeometric recursion on combinatorial Teichmüller space
TueJun 1409:00Alexandr GarbaliShuffle algebras and integrability
MonJun 1309:00Joonas TurunenStatistical mechanics models on random lattices of the half-plane
MonMay 3009:00Rob KlabbersIntegrable PDEs, spin chains and CFT
MonMay 1609:00Valdo TatitscheffDimer model building via triple crossing diagrams
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