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cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 06:00-07:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Shaun Hotchkiss*
Curator: Jerry M.*
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Description: Pre-recorded technical interviews on cosmology papers

Talks are in the form of an interview and are recorded in advance and added to YouTube afterwards. The format is somewhere halfway between a podcast and a webinar.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJun 1906:00Ryan White, Tamara DavisDES Supernovae - Precisely Measured Time Dilation from Universe's Expansion
MonJun 1706:00Paul Shah, Tamara DavisDES Supernovae - Weak Lensing Magnification Detected at 6σ!
WedJun 1206:00Ryan Camilleri, Tamara DavisDES Supernovae - Beyond ΛCDM
TueJun 1106:00Ryan Camilleri, Tamara DavisDES Supernovae - H0 From the Inverse Distance Ladder Without ΛCDM
MonJun 1006:00Tamara Davis, Maria Vincenzi, Dillon BroutThe Dark Energy Survey Supernova Program - Data and Cosmology
ThuJun 0606:00Elisabeth Krause++The Parameter Masked Mock Data Challenge for Beyond 2-Pt Statistics - Results, Lessons & Reflections
ThuMay 2306:00Mark Fromhold, Lucia HackermullerFundamental Cosmology from the Lab
FriMay 0306:00Minh Nguyen, Beatriz TucciField Level Inference - Up to 5 sigma Better than Power and Bispectrum!
ThuApr 1106:00Russell Boey, Richard Easther, Yourong Frank WangBlack Holes in Ultralight Dark Matter - Slowed Down and Sped Up?
ThuApr 0405:00Andreu Font-Ribera, Seshadri NadathurDESI 2024 - Cosmological Constraints from BAO (Font-Ribera and Nadathur)
SatMar 1605:00Sylvia WenmachersNew Probability Axioms Could Fix Cosmology's Multiverse (Partially)
FriMar 0805:00Pritha Paul, Chris ClarksonThere is Parity Violation in Standard Observational Cosmology
WedFeb 2105:00Lamman, Legnani, Shi, Sarcevic, Pyne, and FerreiraIntrinsic Alignments: A Guide for Everyone
FriDec 0105:00Keir Rogers, Vivian Poulin4.9σ evidence for axions & warm dark matter - eBOSS Lyα vs Planck CMB
FriNov 0305:00Kate ClementsA Lab Experiment to Detect Dark Sector Domain Wall
TueOct 0305:00Melissa Diamond, Chris CappielloIf Dark Matter Interacts with Protons We Could See It Scatter Electrons
MonSep 1106:00Gerrit Farren, Alex KrolewskiS8 at low redshift and large scales - ACT lensing X unWISE galaxies
SunAug 2706:00Cyril Creque-SarbinowskiParity Violation from Inflation (via Chern-Simons Gravity)
SunJul 1606:00Lilan Yang, Mike Boylan-KolchinToo Big, Too Early? (High Redshift JWST Galaxies)
SunJun 2506:00Jenny WagnerThe Case Against the Cosmological Principle (and/or FLRW)
MonMay 2906:00Alexandra Amon, Ami Choi, Anna Porredon, Catherine Heymans, Marika Asgari, Simon SamuroffDES & KiDS Combined Cosmology Constraints (No Tension with Planck?!)
ThuMay 2506:00Dongwon Han, Niall MacCrann, Mathew Madhavacheril, Frank Qu, Blake SherwinAdvanced ACT Lensing Cosmology (the best high redshift, large scale take on the S8 tension)
SatMay 1306:00Jeongin Moon, David Valcin, Christoph SaulderActual DESI Results! - BAO with BOSS Precision after just two months
MonApr 1006:00Giovanni AricoCosmology Without Scale Cuts! (DES Cosmic Shear Baryonified)
SatMar 1105:00Minh Nguyen3.7 sigma evidence for suppression of growth of structure! (and S_8 resolved?)
ThuMar 0205:00Stuart LyallPeculiar velocities will detect or constrain modified gravity (e.g. f(R) & DGP)
SunFeb 0505:00Johannes LangeS8 constraints from (very) non-linear scales in combined DES, KiDS & BOSS
SunJan 2205:00Keir RogersUltralight dark matter and the S8 tension
WedOct 2605:00Richard EastherThe earliest gravitational structures (just after inflation)
TueSep 2006:00Johannes Røsok Eskilt, Patricia Diego-Palazuelo2.4σ → 3.6σ, CMB Birefringence in 2022
FriAug 1906:00Jiamin Hou, Zachary Slepian and Robert Cahn7σ (!?) detection of parity violation in the large scale structure
FriJun 1706:00Andrej Dvornik and Constance MahonyThe Kilo-Degree Survey goes non-linear. With cosmology constraints!
MonMay 0206:00Silvia ManconiPlanck polarisation beats intensity for dark matter searches at the galactic centre
SunApr 1006:00Colin Hill, Adrien La Posta, and Evan McDonoughThe CMB's mixed messages on early dark energy... & theory's response
ThuMar 2405:00Alexandra Amon & Naomi RobertsonLensing & clustering are consistent. Small scales are tough but key to solving S8
TueMar 0105:00Dillon BroutPantheon+: Cosmology results & Dust
FriFeb 1105:00Sultan HassanFull non-linear density fields without simulations! (HIFlow/CAMELS)
TueJan 1805:00Lucia PerezFixing CAMELS biggest flaw (small box sizes) with semi-analytic models
MonJan 1705:00Pablo Villanueva DomingoWeighing the Milky Way with AI (CAMELS)
FriJan 1405:00Leander ThieleSpectral distortions will measure baryon feedback at % level (CAMELS)
FriJan 1405:00Leander ThieleSpectral distortions will measure baryon feedback at % level (CAMELS)
ThuJan 1305:00Andrina NicolaElectron density breaks baryon-cosmology degeneracy (CAMELS)
WedJan 1205:00Jay WadekarGalaxy cluster mass estimates improved with AI (CAMELS)
TueJan 1105:00Paco VillaescusaCosmology with a single galaxy!? (CAMELS)
MonJan 1005:00Paco VillaescusaCAMELS - Data Release & Series Introduction
ThuDec 0905:00Dillon Brout, Adam Riess, Dan ScolnicSH0ES | H₀ = 73.0 ± 1.0 km s⁻¹ Mpc⁻¹
WedNov 2405:00Charles DalangThe 4.9σ dipole anisotropy tension *might* be astrophysical redshift evolution
MonNov 1505:00Tilman TrösterBaryon feedback measured via tSZ (cosmological error bars 50% smaller)
ThuNov 0405:00Hironao MiyatakeHyper Suprime Cam's (HSC) latest constraints on Ωm and σ8!
FriOct 2905:00Song Huang and Alexie LeauthaudStellar mass in a *single* galaxy's outskirts reveals the *whole* cluster mass
ThuOct 1405:00James AlveyBig Bang Nucleosynthesis in 2021
MonSep 2705:00Helen Shao, Francisco Villaescusa-NavarroMachine learning unveiling cosmology | subhalo masses and the virial theorem
ThuSep 0906:00Lloyd E. Knox, Frances-Yan Cyr-RacineA subtle cosmological symmetry & mirror dark sector might fix H0
MonAug 0206:00Harry Goodhew and Gordon LeeUnitarity constraints on cosmological correlators (valid in *any* flat FLRW metric)
WedJun 2306:00H. Gil Marín, M. Simonovic, T. TrösterWhat is the best way to analyse galaxy clustering data? Panel event
ThuJun 0306:00Asta Heinesen and Hayley MacphersonHow much are local anisotropies biasing our measurements (e.g. H0)?
TueMay 2506:00Eloisa BentivegnaEvolution of a periodic eight-black-hole lattice in numerical relativity
SunMay 0206:00Peter ColesThe Open Journal of Astrophysics (and why you should be publishing in it)
ThuApr 2206:00Steffen HagstotzThe Hubble parameter measured with Fast Radio Bursts
TueApr 0606:00Dan ThomasThe first model independent cosmological simulations of modified gravity
ThuMar 2505:00Scott Melville and Johannes NollerUnitarity, causality & locality: impacts on dark energy and gravity's speed
WedMar 1005:00Azadeh MaleknejadA common origin for inflation, neutrino mass, baryogenesis, and dark matter
FriFeb 2605:00Volker SpringelSimulating cosmic structure formation with the GADGET-4 code
SatFeb 1305:00Alvaro PozoPotential evidence for wave dark matter (via core-halo transition in dwarf galaxies)
MonNov 2305:00Eiichiro Komatsu and Yuto MinamiA tantalising hint of parity violation in the cosmic microwave background
WedNov 1805:00Moritz Haslbauer and Indranil BanikMaybe Milgromian gravity solves the Hubble tension!? - The KBC void & νHDM model
SunNov 0805:00George ZahariadeQuantum gravity adds (v quiet) noise to gravitational wave detectors
ThuOct 0805:00Ryan KeeleyMaybe inflation is the solution to the Hubble tension!?
TueSep 2905:00Bodo Schwabe and Mateja GosencaAxioNyx - Public code to simulate both Fuzzy and Cold Dark Matter in hires | FDM≡CDM on large scales
MonSep 2106:00Marika AsgariKiDS 1000 is statistics dominated and in 3σ tension with Planck cosmology
WedAug 0506:00Simone AiolaACT+WMAP is as powerful as Planck; CMB results on ΛCDM are robust
MonJul 2006:00Eva-Maria MuellerEven BAO alone requires dark energy + cosmology from the last eBOSS data release
ThuJul 1606:00Simon BirrerTDCOSMO H0 results with more data and fewer approximations
SatJul 1106:00Benjamin GiblinWhat is KiDS-1000? And why we can trust its results!
FriJul 0306:00Natalia PorqueresYou can get 3D info from quasar Lyman-α absorption lines using forward modelling
FriJun 1906:00José Luis BernalHow to tell if your cosmological approximations are accurate
ThuJun 1106:00Amanda WeltmanFast radio bursts and cosmology
FriJun 0506:00Clare BurrageAtomic lab experiments rule out almost all of chameleon dark energy model-space
FriMay 2906:00Hamsa PadmanabhanThe overlap between HI halo modelling and cosmology
FriMay 1506:00J. Colin HillEarly dark energy doesn't make cosmology concordant again
WedMay 0606:00Adam RiessCepheid crowding is not the cause of the Hubble tension
FriMay 0106:00W. L. Kimmy WuPlanck lensing and line of sight BAO in mild tension. A vital clue in the Hubble mystery?
FriApr 2406:00Jurek BauerFuzzy dark matter arising from GUT scale physics should be ruled in/out by SKA
ThuApr 1606:00Omar DarwishLensing maps are great, but they're even better with the tSZ effect removed!
ThuApr 0906:00Deanna C. HooperCMB spectral distortions are a prime untapped resource
ThuApr 0205:00Julien LesgourguesCosmology won't measure individual neutrino mass states
ThuMar 2605:00Graham WhiteLight dark matter is an ideal mix of particle and cosmology
ThuMar 1905:00Seshadri NadathurVoids are powerful, free and have tantalising insights on H0
FriFeb 2805:00Kit GallagherViable Gauge Choices in Cosmologies with Non-Linear Structures
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