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Institute for Advanced Study

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Monday 18:30-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Curator: Lisa Fleischer*
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Past talks
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MonSep 2718:30Miguel MonteroThe anomaly that was not meant IIB
MonOct 0418:30Ignacio CiracTBA
MonOct 1818:30Adar SharonTBA
MonNov 1519:30Shai ChesterTBA
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MonSep 2018:30Monica PateCelestial Operator Product Expansions and $w_{1+infinity}$ Symmetry for All Spins
MonJun 0718:30Ignacio CiracQuantum Computing and the Difficulty of Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems
MonMay 1718:30Francis BrownSuperstring Amplitudes in Genus 0 and Double Copy
MonMay 0318:30Ian MoultConformal Colliders Meet the LHC
MonApr 2618:30Mina AganagicKhovanov Homology from Mirror Symmetry
MonApr 1218:30Arvin Shahbazi-MoghaddamCausal Bulk Reconstruction and the Python’s Lunch
MonMar 2918:30Leonard SusskindSome Half-Baked Thoughts about de Sitter Space
MonMar 1518:30Greg MooreN=2* SU(2) Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and Four-Manifold Invariants
MonMar 0119:30Surjeet RajendranFirewalls in General Relativity
MonFeb 1519:30Patrick HaydenFault-tolerant qubit from a constant number of components
MonFeb 0119:30Xiao-Gang WenA Categorical and Holographic View of Symmetry
MonJan 2519:30Jorrit KruthoffClassical Aspects of Black Hole Interiors
MonDec 1419:30Simon Caron-HuotCausality and Effective Field Theories
MonNov 2319:30Andrew StromingerProgress on Celestial Holography
MonNov 0919:30Ryan ThorngrenAdventures in Gapless Topological Phases
MonOct 2618:30Geoff PeningtonLeading order corrections to the quantum extremal surface prescription
MonOct 1218:30Senthil TodadriCompressible Quantum Matter: General Constraints, Emergent Symmetries, and Anomalies
MonSep 2818:30Thomas FaulknerThe Holographic Map as a Conditional Expectation
MonSep 1418:30Zohar KomargodskiNon-Symmetries, Naturalness, and Two-Dimensional Adjoint QCD
MonAug 2417:45Andy NeitzkeAn update on exact WKB and supersymmetric field theory
MonAug 1718:30Xi DongEnhanced Corrections to the Page Curve near Holographic Entanglement Transitions
MonAug 1018:30Ken Van TilburgStellar Basins of Gravitationally Bound Particles
MonJul 2017:45Clifford V. JohnsonNon-perturbative Studies of JT Gravity and Supergravity using Minimal Strings
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