Knots, graphs and groups

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Saturday 13:05-14:35 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Vassily Olegovich Manturov*
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SatJul 1310:05O.G. StyrtCompact linear groups with quotient space homeomorphic to a cell
SatJul 0613:05Alina PitalNon-bipartite knots
SatJun 2913:05Elena LaninaTug-the-hook symmetry for quantum 6j-symbols
SatJun 2213:05Sergei GukovNew quantum invariants from braiding Verma modules
SatJun 1513:05Jian LiuInteraction homotopy and interaction homology
SatJun 0813:05O.G. StyrtCompact linear groups with quotient space homeomorphic to a cell.
SatJun 0114:05Seongjeong KimThe groups $G_{n}^{3}$ and rhombi tilings of 2n-gons
SatMay 2514:05Euich MiztaniHow Should We Interpret Space Dimenion?
SatMay 1814:05Hayk SedrakyanNovel Sedrakyan-Mozayeni theorem, and its applications in scientific research in topology and geometry
SatMay 1114:05Maksim ZhukovskiiStability of large cuts in random graphs
SatMay 0414:05Louis H KauffmanMultiple Virtual Knot Theory
SatApr 2714:05Канель-Белов Алексей ЯковлевичПроблема Шпехта, гипотеза Гельфанда и некоммутативная алгебраическая геометрия
SatApr 2014:05Питаль ПетяОбобщенные факториалы и p-упорядочения
SatApr 1314:05Illia RogozhkinNon-Reidemeister Knot Theory and pure braids invariants
SatApr 0614:05Sachchidanand PrasadCut Locus of Submanifolds: A Geometric Property of the Manifold
SatMar 3014:05Soohyun ParkHidden structures in (higher) Euler characteristic invariants
SatMar 2314:05Roman DribasIdeal tetrahedra, photography principle and invariants of manifolds
SatMar 1614:05V.O. ManturovOn the Chromatic Numbers of Integer and Rational Lattices
SatMar 0914:05Han-Bom MoonCluster algebras and generalized skein algebras
SatFeb 2414:05Alexey SleptsovClosed 4-braids and the Jones unknot problem
SatFeb 1014:05Дмитрий Александрович ШабановДробные раскраски случайных гиперграфов
SatFeb 0314:05Vassily O. ManturovFlat-virtual knots: A theory of knots in the full torus and in the thickened Moebius band
SatJan 2714:05Sergey MalevEvaluations of multilinear polynomials on finite dimensional algebras
SatJan 2014:05Hyungtae BaekStar-operations on Anderson rings
SatDec 3014:05Euich MiztaniTransformation Groupoid Based on Quotient Vector Spaces —A Mathematical Definition for Theory of Dimensionality
SatDec 2314:05Vadim LeshkovA Functorial Generalization of Coxeter Groups
SatDec 1614:05Aidan MozayeniNovel Applications of Theorem 2 (Sedrakyan-Mozayeni)
SatDec 0914:05Timorin VladlenAperiodic points for outer billiards
SatDec 0214:05Qingying DengTwisted link and arrow polynomial
SatNov 2514:05Oleg G. StyrtGroups $\Gamma_n^4$: algebraic properties
SatNov 1814:05Vladimir A. StukopinAffine superYangian
SatNov 1114:05Anna TaranenkoOn transversals in iterated groups and quasigroups
SatOct 2814:05Timur NasybullovQuandles with orbit series conditions
SatOct 2114:05Nikolay AbrosimovEuclidean volumes of cone manifolds are algebraic numbers
SatOct 1414:05Zhuoke YangNew approaches to Lie algebra weight systems
SatOct 0714:05Xujia ChenKontsevich’s invariants as topological invariants of configuration space bundles
SatSep 3014:05Oleg StyrtMatrix sets closed under conjugations and summing commuting elements.
SatSep 2314:05Hyungtae BaekGeneralization of prime ideals
SatSep 1614:05Seongjeong KimSkein modules for $S^1 \times S^2 \ \# \ S^1 \times S^2$
SatSep 0914:05Vassily O. ManturovFurther directions in the photography method
SatSep 0214:05Bao VuongGram matrix of tetrahedron and volume
SatAug 2614:05Sergei Gukov3-manifolds and Vafa-Witten theory
SatAug 1914:05Wan ZheyanExplicit cocycle formulas on finite abelian groups and Dijkgraaf-Witten invariants of n-torus
SatAug 1214:05Scott BaldridgeA state sum for the total face color polynomial
SatAug 0514:05Hyungtae Baek$R[X]_A$ of zero-dimensional reduced rings
SatJul 2914:05Vassily O. ManturovHexagonal rhombille tilings, Groups G_{n}^{k}, line configurations, and Desargues flips
SatJul 2214:05M. ChrismanA sheaf-theoretic approach to classical and virtual knot theory
SatJul 1514:05A. Ya. Kanel-BelovQuantization, polynomial automorphisms, and the Jacobian problem
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