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University of Oxford

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 14:00-15:00, 15:30-16:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Christina Goldschmidt*, Alex Scott*
Curators: Andrew Sutherland*, Jane Tan*
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There is a seminar mailing list, which you can join by sending an empty email to sympa@maillist.ox.ac.uk with subject "subscribe discmathprob Firstname Lastname" (replace "Firstname Lastname" appropriately!). There is also a Google calendar, which can be found here (you can subscribe by following the link and clicking on the + sign in the bottom right hand corner).

We will put up a Zoom link on the seminar page for each talk shortly before the talk starts. Subject to permission from the speakers, we record the talks and make them available on YouTube later. [Please note this for GDPR purposes!]

If you have problems or questions about the seminar, please contact one of the organizers: Christina Goldschmidt and Alex Scott.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueNov 2314:00Mariana Olvera-CraviotoTBA
TueNov 0914:00Matija BucićTBA
TueOct 2613:00Ashwin SahTBA
TueOct 1213:00Sumit MukherjeeGeneralized birthday problem for October 12
TueJun 0114:30Gérard Ben ArousRandom Determinants and the Elastic Manifold
TueJun 0113:30Konstantin TikhomirovInvertibility of random square matrices
TueMay 2514:30Michael KrivelevichCycle lengths in sparse random graphs
TueMay 2513:00Vincent TassionCrossing probabilities for planar percolation
TueMay 1814:30Amedeo SguegliaFactors in randomly perturbed graphs
TueMay 1813:00Mihyun KangBenjamini-Schramm local limits of sparse random planar graphs
TueMay 1115:30Asaf FerberLower bounds for multicolor Ramsey numbers
TueMay 1114:00Cécile MaillerThe ants walk: finding geodesics in graphs using reinforcement learning
TueMay 0414:30Jean-François Le GallGeodesics in random geometry
TueMay 0413:00Annika HeckelHow does the chromatic number of a random graph vary?
TueApr 2714:30Roberto OliveiraReversible Markov chains with nonnegative spectrum
TueApr 2713:00Guillem PerarnauMaximum stationary values in directed random graphs
TueMar 0915:30Corrine YapA Topological Turán Problem
TueMar 0914:00Bénédicte HaasTail asymptotics for extinction times of self-similar fragmentations
TueMar 0215:30Perla SousiThe uniform spanning tree in 4 dimensions
TueMar 0214:00Justin SalezSparse expanders have negative Ollivier-Ricci curvature
TueFeb 1615:30Ramon van HandelSome unusual extremal problems in convexity and combinatorics
TueFeb 1614:00Nati LinialGeodesic Geometry on Graphs
TueFeb 0915:30Vida DujmovićProduct structure theory and its applications
TueFeb 0914:00Robin StephensonThe scaling limit of a critical random directed graph
TueFeb 0215:30Nathanaël BerestyckiFree boundary dimers: random walk representation and scaling limit
TueFeb 0214:00Lisa SauermannOn the extension complexity of low-dimensional polytopes
TueJan 2615:30Noga AlonRandom friends walking on random graphs
TueJan 2614:00Richard MontgomeryA solution to Erdős and Hajnal's odd cycle problem
TueJan 1916:00Artem ChernikovHypergraph regularity and higher arity VC-dimension
TueJan 1914:30Emmanuel BreuillardA subspace theorem for manifolds
TueNov 2415:30Gwenaël JoretSparse universal graphs for planarity
TueNov 2414:00Alexander HolroydMatching Random Points
TueNov 1715:30Ron RosenthalRandom Steiner complexes and simplical spanning trees
TueNov 1714:00Yuval PeledMinimum weight disk triangulations and fillings
TueNov 1015:30Tom HutchcroftPower-law bounds for critical long-range percolation
TueNov 1014:00Vincent BeffaraCritical behavior without FKG
TueNov 0315:30Shoham LetzterAn improvement on Łuczak's connected matchings method
TueNov 0314:00Julian SahasrabudheCombinatorics from the zeros of polynomials
TueOct 2715:30Luke PostleFurther progress towards Hadwiger's conjecture
TueOct 2714:00Igor KortchemskiThe geometry of random minimal factorizations of a long cycle
TueOct 2009:30Anita LiebenauThe threshold bias of the clique-factor game
TueOct 2008:00David CroydonScaling limits of the two- and three-dimensional uniform spanning trees
TueOct 1314:30Caroline TerrySpeeds of hereditary properties and mutual algebricity
TueOct 1313:00Asaf NachmiasThe local limit of uniform spanning trees
TueOct 0614:30Nina HoldenLiouville quantum gravity with matter central in (1,25): a probabilistic approach
TueOct 0613:00Janos PachThe Schur-Erdős problem for graphs of bounded dimension
TueJun 0915:30Allan SlyReplica Symmetry Breaking for Random Regular NAESAT
TueJun 0914:00Will PerkinsFirst-order phase transitions and efficient sampling algorithms
TueJun 0913:00Dana RandallMarkov Chains for Programmable Active Matter
TueJun 0214:30Jean BertoinScaling exponents of step-reinforced random walks
TueJun 0213:00Wojciech SamotijAn entropy proof of the Erdős-Kleitman-Rothschild theorem.
TueMay 2610:00David WoodSubgraph densities in a surface
TueMay 2608:30Catherine GreenhillThe small subgraph conditioning method and hypergraphs
TueMay 1914:30Eyal LubetzkyMaximum height of 3D Ising interfaces
TueMay 1913:00Gal KronenbergThe maximum length of $K_r$-Bootstrap Percolation
TueMay 1214:30Anand PillayApproximate subgroups with bounded VC dimension
TueMay 1213:00Tamar ZieglerSections of high rank varieties and applications
TueMay 0514:30Benny SudakovMultidimensional Erdős-Szekeres theorem
TueMay 0513:00Liana YepremyanRyser's conjecture and more
TueApr 2814:30Olivier BernardiPercolation on triangulations, and a bijective path to Liouville quantum gravity
TueApr 2813:00Grégory MiermontThe breadth-first construction of scaling limits of graphs with finite excess
TueApr 2114:30Cristina ToninelliBootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained spin models: critical time scales
TueApr 2113:00Agelos GeorgakopoulosThe percolation density $\theta(p)$ is analytic
TueApr 1414:30Ron PeledSite percolation on planar graphs and circle packings
TueApr 1413:00Bhargav NarayananThresholds
TueApr 0713:00Louigi Addario-BerryHipster random walks and their ilk
TueMar 3113:00Rob MorrisErdős covering systems
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