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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tim Hoheisel, Jean-Philippe Lessard
Curator: Virginie Leduc*
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MonNov 2921:00Andrus GiraldoDegenerate singular cycles and chaotic switching in the two-site open Bose--Hubbard model
MonDec 0621:00Haesun ParkTBA
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MonNov 2221:00Soizic TerrienEquidistant and non equidistant pulsing patterns in an excitable microlaser with delayed feedback
MonNov 1521:00Wolfgang DahmenSome Thoughts on Physics Informed Neural Networks
MonNov 0821:00Rainer GrohExperimental continuation of nonlinear load-bearing structures
MonNov 0120:00Frank E. CurtisAlgorithms for Deterministically Constrained Stochastic Optimization
MonOct 2520:00Aaron BerkOn LASSO parameter sensitivity
MonOct 1820:00Terry RockafellarHidden convexity in nonconvex optimization
MonOct 0420:00Jason BramburgerDeep learning of conjugate mappings
MonSep 2718:30Gitta KutyniokThe Modern Mathematics of Deep Learning
MonSep 2020:00Diane GuignardNonlinear reduced models for parametric PDEs
MonSep 1318:30Daniel KuhnMathematical Foundations of Robust and Distributionally Robust Optimization
MonJun 1420:00testtest
MonApr 1220:00Sasha AravkinA tale of two models for Covid-19 scenarios
MonMar 2220:00Olga MulaDepth-Adaptive Neural Networks from the Optimal Control viewpoint
MonMar 1520:00Clarice PoonOff-the-grid sparse estimation
MonMar 0821:00Paul E. HandSignal Recovery with Generative Priors
MonFeb 2221:00Heinz BauschkeCompositions of projection mappings: fixed point sets and difference vectors
MonFeb 1521:00Patrick CombettesPerspective Functions and Applications
MonFeb 0821:00Marwa El HalabiOptimal approximation for unconstrained non-submodular minimization
MonFeb 0121:00Zhaojun BaiRayleigh quotient optimizations and eigenvalue problems
MonJan 2521:00Nathan KutzTargeted use of deep learning for physics and engineering
MonJan 1821:00Michael P. FriedlanderPolar deconvolution of mixed signals
MonJan 1121:00Tim HoheiselHalting Time is Predictable for Large Models: A Universality Property and Average-case Analysis
MonNov 3021:00Damek DavisNonconvex Optimization for Estimation and Learning: Dynamics, Conditioning, and Nonsmoothness
MonNov 2321:00Thomas SurowiecA Primal-Dual Algorithm for Risk Minimization in PDE-Constrained Optimization
MonNov 1621:00Heather HarringtonAlgebraic Systems Biology
MonOct 2620:00Johannes RoysetVariational Perspectives on Mathematical Optimization
MonOct 1920:00Sheehan OlverSparse Spectral Methods for Power-Law Interactions
MonOct 0520:00David Russell LukeOptimization on Spheres : Models and Proximal Algorithms with Computational Performance Comparisons
MonSep 2820:00Yuji NakatsukasaFast and stable randomized low-rank matrix approximation
MonSep 2118:30Stephen BeckerAlgorithmic stability for generalization guarantees in machine learning
MonJun 2920:00Theodore KolokolnikovSimple agent-based models and their continuum limit
MonJun 2220:00Bamdad HosseiniData-driven supervised learning: Neural networks and uncertainty quantification
MonMay 1120:00Thomas BuryDetecting and distinguishing bifurcations from noisy time series data
MonApr 2720:00Alex TownsendThe ultraspherical spectral method
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