Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar Series

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University of Massachusetts Amherst

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Leili Shahriyari*, Andreas Buttenschoen, Panos Kevrekidis, Nathaniel Whitaker
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MonApr 1515:00Joceline LegaTBA
MonMay 1315:00Zoi RaptiTBA
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MonFeb 1216:00Guowei WeiMathematics in action: from pandemic to drug discovery
MonNov 1316:00Avi Ma’ayanRummagene: Mining Gene Sets from Supporting Materials of PMC Publications
MonOct 1615:00Paul K. NewtonThree problems in mathematical oncology
MonSep 2515:00Daniel A. CruzTopological data analysis of pattern formation in stem cell colonies
MonMay 0115:00David LiuComputational approaches to enable precision medicine in cancer patients
MonApr 1015:00Bard ErmentroutFollow your Nose: The Dynamics of Olfactory Guided Search
MonFeb 2716:00Amber SmithModeling the Complexity of Viral and Bacterial Coinfections with Influenza
MonNov 2816:00Vasileios MaroulasGrid Cell Navigation via Simplicial Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network
MonOct 3115:00Jude KongLeveraging AI for Clinical Public Health in the Global South
MonSep 2615:00Joel BrownUsing evolutionary game theory to treat cancer
MonApr 2515:00Helen MooreSystems Pharmacology Models in Drug Development
MonApr 1115:00Sunčica ČanićMathematical and computational modeling of a bioartificial pancreas
MonMar 2815:00Anita LaytonHis or Her Mathematical Models --- Modeling Kidney Physiology and Beyond
MonMar 1415:00Adriana DawesExperimental and mathematical approaches to investigate dynein localization and pronuclear movement in the early C. elegans embryo
MonFeb 2816:00Omar SaucedoHost movement, transmission hot spots, and vector-borne disease dynamics on spatial networks
MonFeb 1416:00Raymond GoldsteinCytoplasmic Streaming and the Swirling Instability of the Microtubule Cytoskeleton
MonJan 3116:00Ruth BakerMathematical and computational challenges in interdisciplinary bioscience: efficient approaches for simulating and calibrating stochastic models of biological processes.
MonDec 1316:00Michael ReedSerotonin, Histamine, and Depression
MonNov 2916:00Belinda AkpaBridging the gaps: Multiscale modeling in 'tiny data' biology
MonNov 1516:00Ami RadunskayaDCs, Doses and Drugs: mathematical models for tumor treatments over the past 20 years.
MonNov 0115:00Paul MacklinUsing agent-based models to explore complex multicellular systems
MonOct 1815:00Chris SanderMachine learning for hard biological problems - three examples
MonOct 0415:00Chun LiuEnergetic Variational Approaches (EnVarA) for Active Materials and Reactive Fluids
MonSep 2015:00Charles S. PeskinInference of crossbridge properties from A.V. Hill's description of the heat of shortening and force-velocity relation of skeletal muscle
MonMay 3115:00Wenrui HaoComputational models of cardiovascular disease
MonMay 1715:00Tanveer Syeda-MahmoodMultimodal Fusion Across Scales for Disease Understanding
MonMay 0315:00Germán EncisoStochastic Modeling of Nucleosome Dynamics and Gene Expression
MonApr 1915:00Mark LewisPopulation Dynamics in Changing Environments
MonApr 0515:00Víctor M. Pérez GarcíaScaling laws and evolutionary dynamics in cancer: Recent results and open mathematical problems.
MonMar 2215:00Leah Edelstein-KeshetMathematical and computational models: from sub cellular to multicellular behaviour
MonMar 0816:00Miranda Teboh-EwungkemMalaria and Mathematics as Viewed from the Lens of the Transmitting Mosquitoes
MonFeb 2216:00Mark ChaplainA Mathematical Framework for Modelling the Metastatic Spread of Cancer
MonFeb 0816:00Olivia ProsperModeling within-mosquito dynamics of the malaria parasite
MonJan 2516:00Philip MainiModelling collective cell movement in biology and medicine
MonDec 1416:00Jonathan RubinMultiple roles of synaptic “inhibition” & how they arise in decision-making pathways in the basal ganglia
MonNov 3016:00Leonid HaninMathematical discovery of natural laws in biomedical sciences with application to metastasis
MonNov 1616:00Veronica CiocanelModeling and data analysis for intracellular protein organization
MonNov 0216:00Thomas HillenMathematical Modeling of the Immune-Mediated Theory of Metastasis
MonOct 1915:00Heiko EnderlingMathematical modeling of cancer radiotherapy; the past, the present, and the future
MonOct 0515:00Mary Lou ZeemanA flow-kick framework for studying resilience
MonSep 2115:00Alain GorielyModelling dementia
MonSep 0715:00Mohit Kumar JollyMulti-scale modeling of the dynamics of cancer metastasis: a computational systems biology approach
MonAug 2415:00James GlazierMultiscale multicellular modeling of tissue function and disease using CompuCell3D: A simplified computer simulation of acute primary viral infection and immune response in an epithelial tissue
MonAug 1015:00BREAK - no talksTBA
MonJul 2715:00Santiago SchnellDeveloping models for the accurate measurement of enzyme kinetic parameters
MonJul 1315:00Natalia KomarovaMathematics of Evolution: mutations, selection, and random environments
MonJun 2915:00Helen ByrneData-driven mathematical oncology: evolution, revolution or co-evolution?
MonJun 1515:00Stanislav ShvartsmanHow to make a large cell
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