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algebraic geometry number theory

Simon Fraser University / University of British Columbia

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 22:30-23:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Katrina Honigs*, Nils Bruin*
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Description: Research/departmental seminar

Seminar usually meets in-person. For online editions, the Zoom link is shared via mailing list.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuApr 0422:30Stanley XiaoOn Hilbert's Tenth Problem and a conjecture of Buchi
ThuMar 2822:30Pijush Pratim SarmahJacobians of Curves in Abelian Surfaces
ThuMar 2122:30Kyle YipDiophantine tuples and bipartite Diophantine tuples
ThuMar 1422:30Farbod ShokriehHeights, abelian varieties, and tropical geometry
ThuMar 0723:30TBDTBA
ThuFeb 2923:30Haggai LiuModuli Spaces of Weighted Stable Curves and their Fundamental Groups
ThuFeb 2223:30Eleonore FaberFriezes and resolutions of plane curve singularities
ThuFeb 1523:30Peter McDonaldSplinter-type conditions for classifying singularities
ThuFeb 0823:30Ben WilliamsExtraordinary involutions on Azumaya algebras
ThuFeb 0123:30TBDTBA
ThuJan 2523:30Debaditya RaychaudhuryOn the singularities of secant varieties
ThuJan 1823:30TBDTBA
ThuNov 3023:30Mark ShoemakerCounting curves in quiver varieties
ThuNov 2323:30Ursula WhitcherAdinkra heights and color-splitting rainbows
ThuNov 1623:30Daniel BraggMurphy's Law for the stack of curves
ThuNov 0923:30Francesco MeazinniOn some formality problems in deformation theory
ThuNov 0222:30Andrea PetracciModuli spaces of Fano varieties can be singular
ThuOct 2622:30Jake LevinsonMinimal degree fibrations in curves and asymptotic degrees of irrationality
ThuOct 1923:00Emiel HaakmaA method of 2-descent on a genus 3 hyperelliptic curve
ThuOct 1222:30Jen PaulhusAutomorphism groups of Riemann surfaces
ThuSep 2822:30Nils BruinJacobians of genus 4 curves that are (2,2)-decomposable
ThuSep 1422:30Alexandre ZotineComputing Higher Direct Images of Toric Morphisms
ThuSep 0722:30All NTAG faculty and studentsHow to NTAG...get the most out of the seminar!
WedAug 0917:30Daniel KatzRationality of four-valued families of binomial Weil sums
FriMar 3122:30Alexandru ConstantinescuCotangent Cohomology for Matroids
ThuMar 3022:30Jen Paulhus(postponed) Automorphism groups of Riemann surfaces
ThuMar 2322:30Giovanni InchiostroWall crossing morphisms for moduli of stable pairs
FriMar 1722:30Susan CooperLimiting Behaviour of Symbolic Powers
ThuMar 0923:30Sharon RobinsDeformations of Smooth Projective Toric Varieties
ThuMar 0223:30Yifeng HuangMatrix points on varieties and punctual Hilbert (and Quot) schemes
ThuFeb 2323:30(reading break)TBA
ThuFeb 1623:30Catherine HsuExplicit non-Gorenstein R=T via rank bounds
ThuFeb 0923:30Eva-Marie HainzlUniversal types of singularities of solutions to functional equation systems
ThuFeb 0223:30Ahmad MokhtarFano schemes of singular symmetric matrices
ThuJan 2623:30June ParkSpace of morphisms & Moduli stack of elliptic fibrations
TueDec 0623:30Sho TanimotoFrom exceptional sets to non-free sections
ThuDec 0123:30Yixin ChenTwo-torsion of the Brauer Group of an Elliptic Surface
ThuNov 2423:30Tyler KellyOpen Mirror Symmetry for Landau-Ginzburg models
ThuNov 1723:30Imin ChenA multi-Frey approach to Fermat equations of signature (11,11,n)
ThuNov 1023:30Adam TopazAn overview of the liquid tensor experiment
ThuNov 0322:30Catherine CannizzoHomological Mirror Symmetry for Theta Divisors
ThuOct 2722:30Corey BrookeAbelian surface fibrations and lines on cubic fourfolds
ThuOct 2022:30Kristin DeVlemingA question of Mori and families of plane curves
ThuOct 1322:30Zhe XuOn the local behaviour of symmetric differentials on the blow-up of Du Val singularities
ThuOct 0623:00Nahid WaljiDistribution of traces of Frobenius and the Lang-Trotter conjecture on average for families of elliptic curves
ThuSep 2922:30Nils BruinTwists of the Burkhardt quartic threefold
ThuSep 2222:30Lena JiRationality of conic bundle threefolds over non-closed fields
ThuSep 1522:30NTAG facultySocial event (meet the NTAG faculty)
ThuApr 1422:30Rohini RamadasThe S_n action on the homology groups of M_{0,n}-bar
ThuApr 0722:30Patricia KleinBumpless pipe dreams encode Gröbner geometry of Schubert polynomials
ThuMar 3122:30Marni MishnaLattice Walk Enumeration: Analytic, algebraic and geometric aspects
ThuMar 2422:30Stephen PietromonacoEnumerative Geometry of Orbifold K3 Surfaces
ThuMar 1722:30Masahiro NakaharaUniform potential density for rational points on algebraic groups and elliptic K3 surfaces
ThuMar 0323:30Juliette BruceMultigraded regularity on products of projective spaces
ThuFeb 1723:30Katrina HonigsThe fixed locus of a symplectic involution on a hyperkahler 4-fold of Kummer type
ThuFeb 1023:30Jim BryanBott periodicity from algebraic geometry
ThuFeb 0323:30José GonzálezGeneration of jets and Fujita’s jet ampleness conjecture on toric varieties
ThuJan 1323:30Patricia KleinBumpless pipe dreams encode Gröbner geometry of Schubert polynomials
ThuDec 0923:30Isabel VogtBrill--Noether Theory over the Hurwitz space
ThuDec 0223:30Padmavathi SrinivasanSome Galois cohomology classes arising from the fundamental group of a curve
ThuNov 1823:30Shabnam AkhtariOrders in cubic and quartic number fields and classical Diophantine equations
ThuNov 0422:30Laura EscobarDetermining the complexity of Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties
ThuOct 2822:30Raymond ChengUnbounded negativity on rational surfaces in positive characteristic
ThuOct 2122:30Habiba KadiriPrimes in the Chebotarev density theorem for all number fields
ThuOct 1422:30Christian KlevdalIntegrality of $G$-local systems
ThuOct 0722:30Nathan NgMoments of the Riemann zeta function
ThuSep 2322:30Nathan IltenCluster algebras and deformation theory
ThuSep 1616:30Vance BlankersAlternative compactifications of the moduli space of curves
ThuAug 1216:30Maria GillespieLazy tournaments, slide rules, and multidegrees of projective embeddings of M_{0,n}-bar
ThuJul 2916:30Anwesh RayArithmetic statistics and the Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves
ThuJul 2216:30Yairon Cid-RuizPrimary decomposition with differential operators.
ThuJul 1516:30Melissa Sherman-BennettThe hypersimplex and the m=2 amplituhedron: Eulerian numbers, sign flips, triangulations
ThuJul 0816:30Soumya SankarCounting elliptic curves with a rational N-isogeny
ThuJun 2416:30Mateusz MichałekChromatic polynomials of tensors and cohomology of complete forms
ThuJun 1716:30Selvi KaraBlow-Up Algebras of Strongly Stable Ideals
ThuJun 1016:30Lara BossingerProjections in toric degenerations and standard monomials
ThuMay 2716:30Özlem EjderGalois theory of Dynamical Belyi Maps
ThuApr 1516:30Elina RobevaHidden Variables in Linear Causal Models
ThuApr 0816:30Lian DuanBertini's theorem over finite field and Frobenius nonclassical varieties
ThuApr 0116:30Tristan VacconOn Gröbner bases over Tate algebras
ThuMar 2516:30Ari ShnidmanSelmer groups of abelian varieties with cyclotomic multiplication
ThuMar 1816:30Asher AuelThe local-global principle for quadratic forms over function fields
ThuMar 1117:30Claudia FevolaKP Solitons from Tropical Limits
ThuMar 0417:30Alp BassaRational points on curves over finite fields and their asymptotic
ThuFeb 2517:30Alex HeatonCatastrophe discriminants of tensegrity frameworks
ThuFeb 0417:30Andrea FanelliDel Pezzo fibrations in positive characteristic
ThuJan 2817:30Anwesh RayLevel Lowering via the Deformation theory of Galois Representations
ThuJan 2117:30Madeline BrandtTop Weight Cohomology of $A_g$
ThuDec 1017:30Daniele AgostiniOn the irrationality of moduli spaces of K3 surfaces
ThuDec 0317:30Stefano MarsegliaProducts and Polarizations of Super-Isolated Abelian Varieties
ThuNov 2617:30Emre SertözSeparating periods of quartic surfaces
ThuNov 1917:30Michael MonaganThe Tangent-Graeffe root finding algorithm
ThuNov 1217:30Elisa Lorenzo GarcíaPrimes of bad reduction for CM curves of genus 3 and their exponents on the discriminant
ThuNov 0517:30Enis KayaExplicit Vologodsky Integration for Hyperelliptic Curves
ThuOct 2916:30Rosa WinterDensity of rational points on a family of del Pezzo surfaces of degree $1$
ThuJul 2322:30Brendan CreutzBrauer-Manin obstructions on constant curves over global function fields
ThuJul 1622:30Bianca VirayIsolated points on modular curves
ThuJul 0922:30Anthony Várilly-AlvaradoRational surfaces and locally recoverable codes
ThuJul 0222:30Daniele TurchettiModuli spaces of Mumford curves over Z
ThuJun 2522:30Avinash KulkarnipNumerical Linear Algebra
ThuJun 1122:30Jake LevinsonBoij-Söderberg Theory for Grassmannians
ThuJun 0422:30Türkü Özlüm ÇelikThe Dubrovin threefold of an algebraic curve
ThuMay 2822:30Nathan IltenFano schemes for complete intersections in toric varieties
ThuMay 2117:00Fabien PazukiRegulators of number fields and abelian varieties
ThuMay 1417:00Christophe RitzenthalerJacobians in the isogeny class of E^g
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