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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 19:30-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Virginie Leduc*
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The positive part $U_q^+$ of $U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_2)$ admits an embedding into a $q$-shuffle algebra. This embedding was introduced by M. Rosso in 1995. In 2019, Terwilliger introduced the alternating

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FriDec 0220:30Amnon BesserTBA
FriNov 2520:30Rebecca SteortsTBA
FriNov 0419:30Jacob BernsteinComplexity of Submanifolds and Colding-Minicozzi Entropy
FriOct 2819:30Derek BinghamTBA
FriOct 1419:30Yevgeny Liokumovich(2022 André Aisenstadt Prize) New isoperimetric inequalities and their applications to systolic geometry and minimal surfaces
FriOct 0719:30Balint Virag(Prix-CRM-Fields-Pims) Random plane geometry -- a gentle introduction
FriSep 3019:30Pengfei Li(Prix SSC) Full likelihood inference for abundance from capture-recapture data: semiparametric efficiency and EM-algorithm
FriSep 2319:30Anush TserunyanA story about pointwise ergodic theorems
FriSep 1619:30Chandrashekhar KhareModularity of Galois representations, from Ramanujan to Serre's conjecture and beyond
FriSep 0219:30Véronique Bazier-MatteAlgèbres amassées et théorie des noeuds
FriJul 1519:30testTBA
FriMay 2019:30Isabelle GallagherMathematical analysis of dilute gases : derivation of the Boltzmann equation, fluctuations and large deviations
FriMay 0619:30Slawomir SoleckiGeneric measure preserving transformations and Descriptive Set Theory
FriApr 2919:30Forrest CrawfordCOVID-19 transmission models in the real world: models, data, and policy
FriApr 2219:30Joel KamnitzerCactus groups and monodromy
FriApr 1519:00Pierre CardaliaguetSome aspects of Mean Field Games
FriApr 0819:30Robert RaussendorfHidden Variable Model for Universal Quantum Computation with Magic States on Qubits
FriApr 0118:00Sibylle SchrollGentle algebras, surfaces and a glimpse of homological mirror symmetry
FriMar 2519:30Heather MacbethMaking mathematics computer-checkable
FriMar 1819:30Bernard DerridaThe importance of large deviations in non-equilibrium systems
FriMar 1120:30Evgeny GorksyAlgebra, geometry and combinatorics of link homology
FriFeb 1820:30Stanislav VolgushevStructure learning for Extremal graphical models
FriFeb 1120:30Ryan HyndSticky particle dynamics
FriFeb 0417:00Sarah ZerbesEuler systems and the Birch—Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
FriJan 2820:30Gilles StupflerRisk assessment, heavy tails, and asymmetric least squares techniques
FriJan 2119:00Allen KnutsonThe commuting variety and generic pipe dreams
FriJan 1416:00Eva MirandaLooking at hydrodynamics through a contact mirror: From Euler to Turing and beyond
FriDec 1715:00Yen-Tsung HuangNonparametric causal mediation in a time-to-event setting
FriDec 1019:00Samit DasguptaStark's Conjectures and Hilbert's 12th Problem
FriDec 0320:30Valentino TosattiK3 surfaces: geometry and dynamics
FriNov 2620:30Simon BonnerAdventures with Partial Identifications in Studies of Marked Individuals
FriNov 1920:30Tristan Collins(André Aisenstatd Prize) Exploring string vacua through geometric transitions
FriNov 1220:30Gabor LugosiEstimating the mean of a random vector
FriNov 0519:30Louise PoirierLes mathématiques ont une histoire et une géographie
FriOct 2919:30Tiffany TimbersOpinionated practices for teaching reproducibility: motivation, guided instruction and practice
FriOct 1519:30Giulio Tiozzo(André Aisenstatd Prize) Entropy along the Mandelbrot set
FriOct 0815:00Yuansi Chen(Nirenberg Lecture) Recent progress on the Kannan-Lovasz-Simonovits (KLS) conjecture and Bourgain's slicing problem II
FriOct 0115:00Bo'az Klartag(Nirenberg Lecture) Convexity and High-Dimensional Phenomena
FriSep 2419:00Jennifer HillDeep down, everyone wants to be causal
FriApr 3019:00Eva Bayer-FluckigerKnots, polynomials and signatures
FriApr 2319:00Adrian LewisGeneralized gradients, conservative fields, tame potentials, and deep learning
FriApr 1619:00Kilian RaschelReflected Brownian motion in a wedge: from probability theory to Galois theory of difference equations
FriApr 0919:00Jane WangInsect Flight from Newton’s law to Neurons
FriMar 1919:00François DuboisABCD asymptotic expansion for lattice Boltzmann schemes and application to compressible Navier Stokes equations
FriMar 1220:30Jay BreidtNonparametric Tests for Informative Selection in Complex Surveys
FriFeb 1920:30Larry GuthLocal smoothing for the wave equation
FriFeb 1220:30Mikael KuuselaSpatio-temporal methods for estimating subsurface ocean thermal response to tropical cyclones
FriFeb 0520:00Egor ShelukhinSymmetry, barcodes, and Hamiltonian dynamics
FriJan 2920:30Jon WakefieldSmall Area Estimation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
FriJan 2220:00Robert HaslhoferMean curvature flow through neck-singularities
FriNov 2720:00Frances KirwanModuli of unstable objects in algebraic geometry
FriNov 2020:00Wieslawa NiziolHodge Theory of p-adic varieties
FriNov 1320:30Tamara BroderickApproximate Cross-Validation for Large Data and High Dimensions
FriOct 1619:00Nicolas BergeronTrigonometric functions and modular symbols
FriOct 0919:00Phillip GriffithsHodge Theory and Moduli
FriJun 1920:00Morgan CraigQuantitative approaches to understanding the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection
FriApr 1720:00Lai-Sang YoungObservable events and typical trajectories in finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems
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