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Boston University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Yu-Shen Lin*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedSep 1420:00Gurbir DhillonThe log Kazhdan--Lusztig correspondence
WedMay 0420:00Nate BottmanThe Barr--Beck theorem in symplectic geometry
WedApr 1320:00Andrew LinshawGlobal sections of the chiral de Rham complex for Calabi-Yau and hyperkahler manifolds
WedMar 3020:00Kevin CostelloAmplitudes as vertex algebra correlators
WedFeb 0921:00Zhengping GuiElliptic trace map on chiral algebras
WedDec 0121:00Emily CliffModuli spaces of principal 2-group bundles and a categorification of the Freed--Quinn line bundle
WedNov 1021:00Charles DoranThe Greene-Plesser Construction Revisited
WedOct 2720:00Stephan StolzTMF-cohomology via 2-dimensional QFTs
WedSep 1515:00Miranda ChengThree-Manifolds, Quantum Modular Forms and log VOAs
WedMay 0520:00Marco GualtieriTBA
WedApr 2820:00Marco GualtieriBranes, Groupoids, and Quantization
WedApr 2120:00Marco ArmentaDerived invariance of operations in Hochschild theory
WedApr 1420:00Oleg LazarevInverting primes in symplectic geometry
WedApr 0720:00Pavel SafronovKapustin—Witten TQFT on 3-manifolds and derived skein modules
WedMar 3120:00Andy NeitzkeAn update on hyperkahler metrics on moduli of Higgs bundles
WedMar 2420:00Umut VarolgunesComputations in relative symplectic cohomology
WedMar 1720:00Olivier SchiffmannCohomological Hall algebras, Yangians and Kleinian surface singularities
WedMar 1021:00Travis MandelTropical multiplicities from polyvector fields and QFT
WedMar 0320:45Suvrit SraAccelerated gradient methods on Riemannian manifolds
WedFeb 2416:00Hariharan NarayananTesting the manifold hypothesis and fitting a manifold of large reach to noisy data
WedFeb 1719:00Tony Yue YuFrobenius structure conjecture and application to cluster algebras
WedFeb 1021:00Sam PayneTop weight cohomology of M_g
WedFeb 0321:00Cheuk Yu MakNon-displaceable Lagrangian links in four-manifolds
WedJan 2721:00Valentino TosattiSmooth asymptotics for collapsing Ricci-flat metrics
WedDec 0921:00Hulya ArguzComputing punctured log Gromov--Witten invariants via wall-crossing
WedDec 0221:00Pierrick BouseauPositivity for the skein algebra of the 4-puncture sphere
WedNov 1821:00Jeff HicksLagrangian submanifolds in almost toric fibrations
WedNov 1121:00Angela GibneyVertex algebras of CohFT-type
ThuNov 0521:00Laura FredricksonThe Asymptotic geometry of the Hitchin moduli space
WedOct 2820:00Daniel PomerleanoIntrinsic Mirror Symmetry and Categorical Crepant Resolutions
WedOct 2120:00Tudor Dimofte3d A & B models, mirror symmetry, and HOMFLY homology
WedOct 1420:00David JordanCluster quantization of character stacks as a singular topological field theory
WedOct 0720:00Guangbo XuCompactness of instantons and the Atiyah-Floer conjecture
WedSep 3020:00Hang YuanFamily Floer theory for toric manifolds
WedSep 2320:00Chris WoodwardFukaya Categories of Blow-ups
WedSep 1620:00Philip EngelCompactification of K3 moduli
WedSep 0920:00Gao ChenThe J-equation, dHYM equation, and cscK metrics
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