French-Korean webinar in number theory

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number theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Laurent Berger*, YoungJu Choie*, Bo-Hae Im
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Email an organizer to get the zoom link and password. First and third Monday of the month at 10am (9 am winter) Paris time.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 2208:00Seok Hyeong LeeExplicit construction for Bhargava's "Higher Composition Laws"
MonMay 1508:00Laurent BergerSuper-Hölder functions and vectors
MonApr 2408:00Jaeho HaanThe local converse theorem for quasi-split SO(2n)
MonApr 0308:00Guillaume RicottaKloosterman paths of prime powers moduli
MonDec 1208:00Jungyun LeeThe mean value of the class numbers of cubic function fields
MonDec 0508:00Anthony PoëlsRational approximation to real points on quadratic hypersurfaces
MonNov 2108:00Jaehyun ChoThe average residue of the Dedekind zeta function
MonNov 0708:00François BallaÿPositivity in Arakelov geometry and arithmetic Okounkov bodies
MonOct 1708:00Joachim KoenigOn the arithmetic-geometric complexity of the Grunwald problem
MonJun 2708:00Baptiste PeaucelleExceptional images of modular Galois representations
MonJun 1308:00Yeongseoung JoRankin-Selberg integrals in positive characteristic and its connection to Langlands functoriality
MonMay 2308:00Thomas LanardDepth zero representations over $\overline{\mathbb{Z}}[\frac{1}{p}]$
MonMay 0208:00Seungki KimAdelic Rogers integral formula
MonApr 0408:00Valentin HernandezThe Infinite Fern in higher dimensions
MonMar 2108:00Junho Peter WhangTBA
MonMar 0708:00Silvain Rideau-KikuchiH-minimality (with R. Cluckers, I. Halupczok)
MonFeb 2108:00Jun-Yong ParkArithmetic Moduli of Elliptic Surfaces
MonFeb 0708:00Gautier PonsinetUniversal norms of p-adic Galois representations
MonDec 2008:00Kwangho ChoiyInvariants in restriction of admissible representations of p-adic groups
MonNov 2208:00Lucile DevinChebyshev’s bias and sums of two squares
MonNov 0808:00Wansu KimEquivariant BSD conjecture over global function fields
MonOct 1808:00Richard GriffonIsogenies of elliptic curves over function fields
MonOct 0408:00Seoyoung KimOn the generalized Diophantine m-tuples
MonJun 2108:00Vlerë MehmetiNon-Archimedean analytic curves and the local-global principle
MonJun 0708:00Hae-Sang SunCyclotomic Hecke L-values of a totally real field
MonMay 1708:00Riccardo PengoEntanglement in the family of division fields of a CM elliptic curve
MonMay 0308:00Chan-Ho KimOn the Fitting ideals of Selmer groups of modular forms
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