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University of California, Los Angeles

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 23:00-23:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Chi-Yun Hsu*, Brian Lawrence*
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Past talks
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MonFeb 1423:00Mingjie ChenOrienteering with one endomorphism
MonFeb 0723:00Alex DunnBias in cubic Gauss sums: Patterson's conjecture
MonJan 3123:00Francesc CastellaSelmer classes on CM elliptic curves of rank 2
MonJan 2423:00Hang XueThe local Gan--Gross--Prasad conjecture for real unitary groups
WedJan 1223:00Michael HarrisL-functions and periods of automorphic forms
MonJan 1023:00Brian LawrenceSparsity of Integral Points on Moduli Spaces of Varieties
MonNov 2923:00Brandon AlbertsRefining Malle's Conjecture for Inductive Counting Methods
MonNov 2223:00Aaron PollackA Cohen-Zagier modular form on G_2
MonNov 1523:00Gilyoung CheongCounting square-free numbers in arithmetic geometry
MonNov 0823:00Yong Suk MoonPrismatic crystals and crystalline representations in the relative case
MonNov 0122:00Anwesh RayIwasawa theory and congruences for the symmetric square of a modular form
MonOct 2522:00Ashay Burungalep-converse to a theorem of Gross-Zagier and Kolyvagin - dihedral primes
MonOct 1822:00Alexandra FloreaThe Ratios Conjecture over function fields
MonOct 1122:00Alex HorawaMotivic action on coherent cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties
MonOct 0422:00Robert HoughRecent developments in orbit counting methods
MonMay 1017:00Guido KingsEquivariant Eisenstein classes, critical values of Hecke $L$-functions and $p$-adic interpolation
MonMay 0317:00Xiaoyu ZhangCM points on compact orthogonal groups and theta lifts mod $p$
MonApr 2623:00Naomi SweetingKolyvagin's conjecture and higher congruences of modular forms
MonApr 1923:00Zhixiang WuCompanion forms and partially classical eigenvarieties
MonApr 1217:00Sally GillesSyntomic cohomology and period morphisms
MonMar 2917:00Pol van HoftonMonodromy and irreducibility of Igusa varieties
MonMar 0819:00Ashwin IyengarThe Iwasawa main conjecture over the extended eigencurve
TueMar 0200:00Robert CassA geometric construction of central elements in affine mod $p$ Hecke algebras
MonFeb 2219:00Sheng-Chi ShihGeometry of the Hilbert cuspidal eigenvariety at weight one Eisenstein points
MonJan 2518:00Kazim BüyükbodukPerrin-Riou style critical $p$-adic $L$-functions
TueJan 1900:00Jiuya WangPointwise Bound for $\ell$-torsion of Class Groups
TueDec 0800:00Amanda FolsomTBA
TueDec 0100:00Boya WenA Gross-Zagier Formula for CM cycles over Shimura Curves
TueNov 2400:00Josh LamCalabi-Yau varieties and Shimura varieties
TueNov 1700:00Alice PozziDerivatives of Hida families and rigid meromorphic cocycles
TueNov 1000:00Sam MundyGalois representations into $G_2$ and lattice constructions
TueNov 0303:00Eknath GhateNon-admissible modulo $p$ representations of $\mathrm{GL}_2(\mathbb{Q}_{p^2})$
MonOct 2623:00Melissa EmoryA multiplicity one theorem for general spin groups
MonOct 1923:00Tony FengEquivariant localization and base change functoriality
MonOct 1223:00Brian LawrenceThe Shafarevich conjecture for hypersurfaces in abelian varieties
MonOct 0523:00Will SawinThe Shafarevich Conjecture for Hypersurfaces in Abelian Varieties
MonSep 2823:00Bao Le HungModuli of Fontaine-Laffaille modules and mod $p$ local-global compatibility
MonJun 0123:00Eric StubleyLocally Split Galois Representations and Hilbert Modular Forms of Partial Weight One
WedMay 2723:00Zijian YaoCrystalline comparison of $\mathrm{A}_\mathrm{inf}$-cohomology
MonMay 1823:00Zheng LiuThe doubling archimedean zeta integrals for unitary groups
MonMay 1123:00Michele ForneaHirzebruch-Zagier classes and rational elliptic curves over quintic fields
MonMay 0418:00Bas EdixhovenGeometric quadratic Chabauty
MonApr 2723:00Jayce GetzOn triple product L-functions
MonApr 2022:00Jack ThorneSymmetric power functoriality for holomorphic modular forms
MonApr 1323:00Romyar SharifiEisenstein cocycles in motivic cohomology
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