(Hyper)Complex Seminar 2021

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condensed matter Computer science general relativity and quantum cosmology mathematical physics quantum algebra data analysis, statistics and probability quantum physics

Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Krzysztof Pomorski*
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Conference topics are :

1.(Hyper)complex analysis

2.(Hyper)complex differential equations in relation to bifurcation, multifrequency, binary and ternary systems with physical applications

3.Symmetry foundations and its breakage in condensed matter systems

4. Theory of cyclostationary processes and functional data analysis

5. Clifford Algebras and their applications

6. Mathematical structure transformations in Machine Learning

7. Data analysis

8. Evolution systems


Conference is open and free.

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Passcode: 442493


November 11, 2021

Opening ceremony (9:00-9:50, POLISH TIME)

Session A1 (A tribute to the works of Julian Ławrynowicz), Chairmen: Dariusz Partyka and Mariusz Zubert

Session A2 (Monogenic functions), Chairman: Massimo Vaccaro

Session A3 (Hypercomplex structures), Chairman: Sergiy Plaksa

Session A4 (Complex analysis of several variables), Chairman: Lino F. Reséndis Ocampo

November 12, 2021 Session B1 (Condensed matter physics), Chairman: Łukasz Stępień

Session B2 (Ontology of quantum mechanics), Chairman: Adam Paszkiewicz

Session B3 (Theory of defects in topology of order parameter), Chairman: Marek Danielewski

Round Table Discussion I (20:00-21:00) Chairman: Ilan Roth

November 13, 2021

Session C1 (Embodied AI and evolutionary systems), Chairman: Mariusz Zubert

Session C2 (Mathematical modeling in Physics and Computer Science), Chairman: Fabio Bonsignorio

Session C3 (Data analysis and machine learning), Chairman: Maciej Jaworski

Session A6 (The inner radii problems), Chairman: Serhii Gryshchuk

Session A7 (Poster session), Chairman: Armen Grigoryan

Round Table Discussion II (20:30-21:00) Chairman: Sergiy Plaksa

November 14, 2021

Session D1 (Superconducting and semiconductor electronics), Chairman: Khrystyna Gnatenko

Session D2 (Physics of superconducting materials), Chairman: Mikhail Belogolovskii

Session D3 (Experiments with superconducting and seminconductor electronics), Chairman: Catherine Pépin

Session A8 (Complex and real analysis of one variable), Chairman: Radosław Kycia

Closing ceremony (20:00-20:15)

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