Queen Mary University of London Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

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algebraic geometry algebraic topology group theory number theory representation theory

Queen Mary University of London

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Shu Sasaki*
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Past talks
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FriDec 1715:00Dustin CartwrightCharacteristic sets of matroids
FriDec 0315:00Adam MorganIntegral Galois module structure of Mordell--Weil groups
FriNov 1914:30Zicheng QianModuli of Fontaine--Laffaille modules and a mod p local-global compatibility result
FriNov 0515:00Roozbeh HazratLeavitt path algebras
FriOct 2214:00Max KutlerMotivic and topological zeta functions of matroids
FriOct 0813:30Koji ShimizuRobba cohomology for dagger spaces in positive characteristic
FriApr 1615:00Ashay BurungaleAn even parity instance of the Goldfeld conjecture
FriApr 0215:00Shuichiro TakedaMultiplicity-at-most-one theorem for GSpin and GPin
FriMar 2616:00Robin BartlettBreuil-Mezard identities in moduli spaces of Breuil-Kisin modules
FriMar 1916:00Ariel PacettiModularity of abelian surfaces
FriMar 1216:00Manami RoyCounting cuspidal automorphic representations of GSp(4)
FriFeb 2616:00Jun SuArithmetic group cohomology with generalised coefficients
WedDec 1613:00Jack ShottonShimura curves and Ihara's lemma
WedDec 0913:00Tobias BergerOddness of limits of automorphic Galois representations
WedDec 0213:00Paul NelsonTheta functions, fourth moments of eigenforms and the sup-norm problem
WedNov 2513:00Dustin ClausenNon-archimedean analysis and geometry
WedNov 1813:00Dustin ClausenCondensed sets
WedNov 1116:00Mandi Schaeffer FryThe McKay—Navarro Conjecture: The Conjecture That Keeps on Giving!
WedNov 0413:00Hanneke WiersemaMinimal weights of mod p Galois representations
WedOct 2813:00Alex BettsGalois and the Lawrence-Venkatesh method
WedOct 2115:00Rob SilversmithStudying subschemes of affine/projective space via matroids
WedOct 1412:00Jay TaylorUnitriangularity of Decomposition Matrices of Unipotent Blocks
WedOct 0712:00Yukako KezukaThe arithmetic of twists of the Fermat elliptic curve
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