NCG&T Prague - Noncommutative geometry and topology seminar

operator algebras quantum algebra

Charles University / Mathematical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Karen Strung*, Tristan Bice, Réamonn Ó Buachalla, Petr Somberg
Curator: NCGandT Prague
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJun 1514:00Tomasz BrzezińskiTBA
TueJun 0814:00Rita FioresiTBA
TueJun 0114:00Goncalo TabuadaTBA
TueMay 2514:00M. Ali Asadi-VasfiTBA
TueMay 1814:00Bhishan JacelonTBA
TueMay 1114:00Mike WhittakerTBA
TueMay 0414:00Laurent CantierTopologically Based Cuntz semigroups
TueApr 2715:30Benjamin SteinbergCartan Pairs of Algebras
TueApr 2014:00Alexandru ChirvasituTopics in Toeplitz-algebra rigidity
TueApr 1314:40Ali RaadExistence and Uniqueness of Inductive Limit Cartan Subalgebras in Inductive Limit C*-algebras
TueApr 1314:00Zahra Hasanpour-YakhdaniFrame-less Hilbert C*-modules
TueApr 0614:00Daniel GromadaDiagrammatic categories and free quantum D_4^+
TueMar 3014:00Jacopo BassiSeparable boundaries for non-hyperbolic groups
TueMar 2315:00Volodymyr MazorchukBigrassmannian permutations and Verma modules
TueMar 1615:00Mehrdad Kalantarurstenberg boundary of a discrete quantum group
TueMar 0915:40Sofie Emma MikkelsenThe Quantum Twistor Bundle
TueMar 0915:00Adam MageeTwisted real structures
TueMar 0215:00Ingrid BeltiţăAF-embeddability of C*-algebras of solvable Lie groups
TueFeb 2315:00Angela TabiriPlane Curves which are Quantum Homogeneous Spaces
TueFeb 1615:40Sugato MukhopadhyayLevi-Civita connections on bicovariant differential calculus
TueFeb 1615:00AnshuHomotopical Stable Ranks of C*-algebras
TueFeb 0915:00Shahn MajidPoisson Principal Bundles
TueFeb 0215:00Wilhelm WinterCompletely positive approximations revisited
TueJan 2615:00Marzieh ForoughLifts of completely positive equivariant maps
TueJan 1915:00Zhaoting WeiDeterminant line bundles and cohesive modules
TueJan 1215:00Branimir ĆaćićBuilding blocks for gauge theory on quantum principal bundles
TueDec 1515:00Marco MatassaFubini-Study metrics and Levi-Civita connections on quantum projective spaces
TueDec 0815:00Shirly GeffenPartial actions of finite groups
TueDec 0115:00Jonathan BrownIntermediate Subalgebras of Cartan Embeddings
TueNov 2415:00Hannes ThielThe generator rank of C*-algebras.
TueNov 1715:00Robert YunckenThe groupoid approach to pseudodifferential operators
TueNov 1015:00Lara IsmertThe Covariant Stone-von Neumann Theorem
TueNov 0315:00Bart VlaarUniversal k-matrices for quantum groups of Kac-Moody type
TueOct 2715:00Konrad AguilarThe Podleś sphere as a spectral metric space
TueOct 2014:00Alessandro CarotenutoConnections for Jordan Modules
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