Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory Seminar

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Northeastern University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 18:50-19:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Joshua Wen*
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Past talks
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ThuApr 2718:50Joel KamnitzerVirtual cactus group: combinatorics and topology
ThuApr 2018:50Cesar CuencaInvariant measures of infinite-dimensional groups over finite fields
ThuApr 0618:50Claire FrechetteMetaplectic ice: using statistical mechanics in representation theory
ThuMar 3018:50Matt HogancampThe nilpotent cone for sl2 and annular link homology
ThuMar 1618:50Yu-Shen LinSymplectic scattering diagrams for Log Calabi-Yau Surfaces
ThuMar 0219:50Weiqiang WangQuantum Schur dualities ABC
ThuFeb 2319:50Travis MandelBracelet bases are theta bases
ThuFeb 1619:50Pham TiepCharacter bounds for finite simple groups
ThuFeb 0219:50Leonid RybnikovKashiwara crystals from maximal commutative subalgebras
ThuJan 2619:50Hannah LarsonCohomology of moduli spaces of stable curves
ThuDec 0819:50Carl MautnerPerverse sheaves on symmetric products of the plane
ThuDec 0119:50Abigail WardSymplectomorphisms mirror to birational transformations of the projective plane
ThuNov 1719:50Nicolás AndruskiewitschNichols algebras over abelian groups
ThuNov 1019:50Ahmad Reza Haj Saeedi SadeghDeformation spaces, rescaled bundles, and their applications in geometry and analysis
ThuNov 0318:50Yan ZhouIrregular opers, Stokes geometry and WKB analysis
ThuOct 2718:50Andrey SmirnovVertex functions modulo p
ThuOct 2018:50Melissa Sherman-BennettCluster structures on type A braid varieties and 3D plabic graphs
ThuOct 1318:50Davesh MaulikP=W conjecture for GL_n
ThuOct 0618:50Minh-Tâm TrinhCatalan combinatorics versus nonabelian Hodge theory
ThuSep 2917:30Andrei NeguţQuantum loop groups for generalized Cartan matrices
ThuSep 2218:50Hunter DinkinsCurve counts, representation theory, and 3d mirror symmetry
ThuSep 1518:50Elie CasbiHall algebras and quantum cluster algebras
ThuSep 0818:50Joshua Jeishing WenWreath Macdonald operators
ThuApr 2820:00Ben WebsterRepresentation theory and a little bit of quantum field theory
ThuApr 2818:50Megumi HaradaHessenberg patch ideals, geometric vertex decomposition, and Grobner bases
ThuApr 2118:50Alan WeinsteinA Lie-Rinehart algebra in general relativity
ThuApr 1418:50Alexandra UtiralovaHarish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
ThuApr 0718:50Dan Cristofaro-GardinerThe simplicity conjecture
ThuMar 3118:50Charlotte Kirchhoff-LukatLagrangian intersection Floer cohomology for log symplectic surfaces
ThuMar 2418:50Oded YacobiOn the action of Weyl groups on canonical bases and categorical braid group actions
ThuMar 1019:50Catherine CannizzoGlobal homological mirror symmetry for genus 2 curves
ThuMar 0319:50Noah ArbesfeldDescendent series for Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
ThuFeb 2419:50Asilata BapatTBA
ThuFeb 1719:50Filip DulGeneral Covariance with Stacks
ThuFeb 1019:50Marianna RusskikhDimers and embeddings
ThuFeb 0319:50Yiannis LoizidesModuli of flat connections on a surface and the Atiyah-Bott classes
ThuJan 2719:50Souheila HassounThe admissible sub-objects
ThuJan 2019:50Peter McNamaraSheaves behaving badly
ThuDec 0919:50Monica KangCharacteristic numbers of elliptic fourfolds
ThuDec 0219:50Renzo CavalieriThe integral Chow ring of $M_0(\mathbb{P}^r,d)$
ThuNov 1819:50Karina BatistelliKazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for $\tilde{B}_2$
ThuNov 0418:50Julianna TymoczkoComparing different bases for irreducible symmetric group representations
ThuOct 2818:50Payman EskandariThe unipotent radical of the Mumford-Tate group of a very general mixed Hodge structure with a fixed associated graded
ThuOct 2118:50Mandy CheungFamily Floer mirror and mirror symmetry for rank 2 cluster varieties
ThuOct 1418:50Ben GammageAbelian 3d mirror symmetry
ThuSep 3018:50Joel KamnitzerMonodromy of eigenvectors for trigonometric Gaudin algebras
ThuSep 2318:50Ignacio Barros-ReyesIrrationality of moduli spaces
ThuSep 1618:50Fabian RuehleGeodesics and topological transitions in Calabi-Yau manifolds of Picard rank two
ThuSep 0918:50Xin JinHomological mirror symmetry for the universal centralizers
ThuApr 2220:10Matan HarelThe loop O(n) model and the XOR trick
ThuApr 2218:50Harm DerksenThe G-Stable Rank for Tensors
ThuApr 1518:50Kristin DeVlemingWall crossing for K-moduli spaces
ThuApr 0818:50Milen YakimovRoot of unity quantum cluster algebras
ThuApr 0118:50Inês RodriguesA cactus group action on shifted tableau crystals and a shifted Berenstein-Kirillov group
ThuMar 2518:50Alexander ShapiroCluster realization of spherical DAHA
ThuMar 1818:50Yu ZhaoTBA
ThuMar 1119:50Tina KanstrupLink homologies and Hilbert schemes via representation theory
ThuMar 0419:50Oksana YakimovaSymmetrisation and the Feigin-Frenkel centre
ThuFeb 2519:50Hunter DinkinsCombinatorics of 3d Mirror Symmetry
ThuFeb 1819:50Isabell HellmannThe nilpotent cone in the Mukai system of rank two and genus two
ThuFeb 1119:50Emily CliffModuli of principal bundles for 2-groups
ThuFeb 0419:50Martha PrecupThe cohomology of nilpotent Hessenberg varieties and the dot action representation
ThuJan 2819:50Joshua WenTowards wreath Macdonald theory
ThuDec 0319:50Li YuWonderful compactification of a Cartan subalgebra of a semisimple Lie algebra
ThuNov 1919:50Rekha BiswalMacdonald polynomials and level two Demazure modules for affine $\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1}$
ThuNov 1219:50Ulrike RießOn the Kähler cone of irreducible symplectic orbifolds
ThuNov 0519:50Noah WhiteCactus group actions and cell modules
ThuOct 2918:50José Simental RodríguezParabolic Hilbert schemes and representation theory
ThuOct 2218:50Anton AlekseevPoisson-Lie groups, integrable systems and the Berenstein-Kazhdan potential
ThuOct 1518:50Soheyla FeyzbakhshAn application of Bogomolov-Gieseker type inequality to counting invariants
ThuOct 0818:50Nicolle GonzálezA Skein theoretic Carlsson-Mellit algebra
ThuOct 0118:50Andrey SmirnovQuantum difference equations, monodromies and mirror symmetry
ThuSep 2418:50Balázs ElekHeaps, Crystals and Preprojective algebra modules
ThuSep 1718:50Lisa JeffreyFlat connections and the $SU(2)$ commutator map
ThuSep 1018:50Svetlana MakarovaModuli spaces of stable sheaves over quasipolarized K3 surfaces and Strange Duality
ThuSep 0318:50Maxence MayrandSymplectic reduction along a submanifold and the Moore-Tachikawa TQFT
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