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combinatorics number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Sean Prendiville*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedMar 3014:00Izabella LabaCyclotomic divisibility: from integer tilings to harmonic analysis and geometric measure theory
WedMar 1615:00Theresa AndersonTwo meetings of number theory and analysis
WedMar 0215:00Matthew TointonPercolation on finite transitive graphs
WedFeb 1615:00Max Wenqiang XuProduct sets of arithmetic progressions
WedFeb 0215:00Hunter SpinkAnti-concentration of random walks on model-theoretic definable sets
WedJan 1915:00Thomas BloomTBA
WedDec 1515:00Caroline TerryHigher order stability and arithmetic regularity
WedDec 0116:00Freddie MannersTBA
WedNov 1715:00Ben GreenTBA
WedNov 0315:00Kaisa MatomäkiSingmaster's conjecture in the interior of Pascal's triangle
WedOct 2014:00Natasha MorrisonUncommon systems of equations
WedOct 0614:00Jared Duker LichtmanTBA
MonJun 0716:00Huy PhamTBA
MonMay 3116:00Guy MoshkovitzTBA
MonMay 1716:00Allysa LumleyTBA
MonMay 1016:00Orit RazTBA
TueMay 0416:00Benny SudakovTBA
MonApr 2616:00Dor MinzerTBA
MonApr 1916:00Zoltan HalasiTBA
MonMar 1517:00Corrine YapTBA
MonMar 0817:00Aled WalkerTBA
MonMar 0117:00Jimmy HeTBA
MonFeb 2217:00Swastik KoppartyTBA
MonFeb 1517:00Shukun WuTBA
MonFeb 0817:00George ShakanTBA
MonFeb 0117:00Vitaly BergelsonTBA
MonJan 2517:00Rachel GreenfieldTBA
MonJan 1817:00Boris BukhTBA
MonDec 1417:00Cosmin PohoataTBA
TueDec 0817:00James MaynardTBA
MonNov 3017:00Brandon HansonTBA
MonNov 2317:00Jop BriëtTBA
MonNov 1617:00Doron PuderTBA
MonNov 0917:00Luka MilicevicTBA
TueNov 0317:00Kevin FordDivisibility of the central binomial coefficient
MonOct 2617:00Carla GroenlandCyclically covering subspaces
MonOct 1916:00Yifan JingMinimal and nearly minimal measure expansion in connected unimodular groups
MonOct 1216:00David ConlonThe regularity method for graphs with few 4-cycles
MonSep 2816:00Joni TeräväinenTBA
MonSep 2116:00Alexandra FloreaTBA
MonSep 1416:00Peter KeevashTBA
MonSep 0716:00Ben KrausePointwise Ergodic Theorems for Non-Conventional Bilinear Polynomial Averages
MonAug 2416:00Akshat MugdalTBA
MonAug 1716:00Will SawinThe quadratic Bateman-Horn conjecture over F_q[u]
MonAug 1016:00Ofir GorodetskyThe distribution of squarefree integers in short intervals
MonAug 0316:00Julian SahasrabudheZeros of cosine polynomials, a problem of Littlewood
MonJul 2716:00Xuancheng ShaoTBA
MonJul 2016:00Nikos FrantzikinakisErgodic properties of the Liouville function and applications
MonJul 1316:00Sarah PeluseTBA
FriJul 1016:00Thomas BloomBreaking the logarithmic barrier in Roth's theorem on arithmetic progressions
MonJul 0616:00Sophie StevensTBA
MonJun 2916:00Zachary ChaseA random analogue of Gilbreath's conjecture
MonJun 2216:00Marina IliopoulouTBA
MonJun 1516:00Ben GreenOn a conjecture of Gowers and Long
MonJun 0816:00Dimitris KoukoulopoulosGalois groups of polynomials of large degree
MonJun 0116:00Jozsef SolymosiSums and products along edges of sparse graphs
ThuMay 2817:00Ashwin SahDiagonal Ramsey via effective quasirandomness
MonMay 2516:00Dmitrii ZhelezovSets inducing large additive doubling
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