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combinatorics number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC.
Organizer: Sean Prendiville*
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Past talks
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MonJul 2016:00Nikos FrantzikinakisTBA
MonJul 2716:00Xuancheng ShaoTBA
MonAug 0316:00Julian SahasrabudheTBA
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MonJul 1316:00Sarah PeluseTBA
FriJul 1016:00Thomas BloomBreaking the logarithmic barrier in Roth's theorem on arithmetic progressions
MonJul 0616:00Sophie StevensTBA
MonJun 2916:00Zachary ChaseA random analogue of Gilbreath's conjecture
MonJun 2216:00Marina IliopoulouTBA
MonJun 1516:00Ben GreenOn a conjecture of Gowers and Long
MonJun 0816:00Dimitris KoukoulopoulosGalois groups of polynomials of large degree
MonJun 0116:00Jozsef SolymosiSums and products along edges of sparse graphs
ThuMay 2817:00Ashwin SahDiagonal Ramsey via effective quasirandomness
MonMay 2516:00Dmitrii ZhelezovSets inducing large additive doubling
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