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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs differential geometry metric geometry

Yale University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Jiewon Park*
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Please contact the organizers for Zoom link. Contact information can be found on the seminar website: sites.google.com/view/yalegaseminar

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMay 0618:00Hans-Joachim HeinKähler-Einstein metrics on complex hyperbolic cusps
FriApr 2918:00Yuchin SunMin-max free boundary minimal surface with genus at least one
FriApr 2218:00Davide PariseConvergence of the self-dual U(1)-Yang-Mills-Higgs energies to the (n - 2)-area functional
FriApr 1518:00Matthias WinkGeneralizations of Tachibana's theorem
FriApr 0818:00Arunima BhattacharyaHessian Estimates for the Lagrangian mean curvature equation
FriApr 0118:00Max HallgrenTangent Flows of Kähler Metric Flows
FriMar 1119:00Letian ChenRotational Symmetry of Mean Curvature Flows coming out of a double cone
FriMar 0419:00Jeff ViaclovskyGravitational instantons, rational surfaces, and K3 surfaces
FriFeb 2519:00Yang LiMetric SYZ conjecture
FriFeb 1819:00Yangyang LiMinimal hypersurfaces in a generic 8-dimensional closed manifold
FriFeb 0419:00Klaus KroenckeL^p-stability and positive scalar curvature rigidity of Ricci-flat ALE manifolds
FriJan 2819:00Daniele SemolaGeometric measure theory on non smooth spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds
FriJan 2119:00Zhichao WangMin-max minimal hypersurfaces with higher multiplicity
FriDec 1719:00Shaosai (Arthur) HuangTopological rigidity of the first Betti number
FriDec 1019:00Alec PayneMass Drop and Multiplicity in Mean Curvature Flow
FriDec 0319:00Davi MaximoDavi Maximo (UPenn)
FriNov 1919:00Paula Burkhardt-GuimLower scalar curvature bounds for C^0 metrics: a Ricci flow approach
FriNov 1219:00Tristan CollinsMirror symmetry for log del Pezzo surfaces.
FriNov 0518:00Luca SpolaorSingular behavior of min-max minimal hypersurfaces in dimension 8
FriOct 2918:00Zeno HuangVolume preserving mean curvature flows in hyperbolic space
FriOct 2218:00Keaton NaffRotational symmetry of ancient solutions of Ricci flow in higher dimensions
FriOct 1518:00Otis ChodoshStable minimal hypersurfaces in R^4
FriOct 0818:00Freid TongUniform estimates for complex Monge-Ampere and fully nonlinear equations
FriOct 0118:00Zihui ZhaoBoundary unique continuation of Dini domains
FriSep 2418:00Tristan OzuchNoncollapsed degeneration and desingularization of Einstein 4-manifolds
FriSep 1718:00Franco Vargas PalleteMean curvature flow and foliations in Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
FriSep 1018:00Christina SormaniScalar Curvature and VF Convergence
FriSep 0318:00Gábor SzékelyhidiMinimal hypersurfaces with cylindrical tangent cones
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