SISSA's Integrable Systems and Mathematical Physics seminar

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SISSA Trieste

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tamara Grava, Andrew Kels*
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ISAMP is the weekly Integrable Systems and Mathematical Physics seminar at SISSA, Trieste. We discuss current developments in the integrable systems and their many connections with special functions, isomonodromy, nonlinear waves and random matrices, as well as differential, symplectic and algebraic geometry.

The seminar talks will be conducted over Zoom, link available in each talk page by registering in

The seminars on the last Monday of each month are organised by the “Probabilités Intégrables, Intégrabilité Classique et Quantique” PIICQ network:

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 1614:00Yuri SurisNew results on geometry of bilinear discretizations of quadratic vector fields
MonMay 0914:00Hjalmar RosengrenXYZ correlations and Painlevé VI
MonMay 0214:00Alessandro GiacchettoThe negative side of Witten’s conjecture
MonApr 1114:00Dmitrii RachenkovDimer models and q-difference Painlevè equations
MonApr 0414:00Vincent CaudrelierClassical Yang-Baxter equation, Lagrangian multiforms and ultralocal integrable hierarchies
MonMar 2815:00Promit GhosalProbabilistic Conformal Block and Its Properties
MonMar 2115:00Pierre LazagGiambelli compatibility and characteristic polynomials of determinantal point processes
MonMar 1415:00Gaetan BorotFree probability, Hurwitz numbers and symplectic invariance
MonMar 0715:00Balázs PozsgayIntegrable cellular automata: A review of recent developments
MonFeb 2816:00Anton M. ZeitlinSpin chains and geometric structures
MonFeb 2815:00Davide MasoeroA "proof" of the ODE/IM correspondence for the Quantum KdV model.
MonFeb 2115:00Adam DoliwaOn Hirota's discrete KP equation - old and new (cont.)
MonFeb 1415:00Giorgio GubbiottiCo-algebra symmetry for discrete systems
MonFeb 0715:00Pavlos KassotakisIntegrable two-component systems of difference equations
MonJan 3116:00Gabriel GlesnerDeterminantal point processes conditioned on randomly incomplete configurations
MonJan 3115:00Leslie MolagOn the complex elliptic Ginibre ensemble and some generalizations
MonJan 2415:00Adam DoliwaOn Hirota's discrete KP equation - old and new
MonJan 1715:00Jonatan LenellsThe focusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation with step-like oscillating background
ThuMay 2709:00Youjin ZhangVirasoro constraints for Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies and equations of Painleve type
WedMay 1914:00Gennady ElRiemann problem for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation
TueMay 1814:00Neil O'ConnelColloquium: From longest increasing subsequences to Whittaker functions and random polymers
WedMay 1210:00Paul NorburyA new cohomology class on the moduli space of curves
WedMay 0509:00Alexander AlexandrovKP integrability of triple Hodge integrals
ThuApr 1514:00Harini DesirajuIsomonodromic tau-functions on a torus as Fredholm determinants and charged partitions
WedMar 0315:00Alexander TovbisSoliton and breather gases for integrable equations
WedFeb 2415:00Dmitry ShepelskyLong-time asymptotics for the integrable nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation
WedFeb 1715:00Xavier BlotThe quantum Witten-Kontsevich series.
WedFeb 1012:00Nobutaka NakazonoSpecial solutions to the multiplicative type discrete KdV equation
WedJan 2715:00Danilo LewanskiTopological recursion, matrix models, and moduli spaces of curves.
WedJan 1315:00Govind MenonConformal processes with branching and the Dyson superprocess
WedDec 1615:00Peter MillerUniversal Wave Breaking in the Semiclassical Sine-Gordon Equation
FriDec 1116:00Gaultier LambertOn the characteristic polynomial of the Gaussian β-ensemble
WedNov 2512:00Kohei IwakiTopological recursion and uncoupled BPS structure arising from spectral curves of hypergeometric type
WedNov 1115:00Daniele ValeriVertex algebras in representation theory, geometry and mathematical physics
TueNov 1015:00Du PeiIntegrability from Fivebranes
WedNov 0415:00Alexey BufetovRandom tilings and representations of classical Lie groups
WedOct 2815:00Yankı LekiliA biased view of mirror symmetry
WedOct 2114:00Paolo Rossi(2+1)-dimensional integrable systems and moduli spaces of curves
TueOct 1314:00Giordano CottiQuantum differential equations, isomonodromic deformations, and derived categories
WedOct 0714:00Pietro LonghiBPS States and Geometry
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