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group theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Michal Ferov*
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Past talks
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WedMar 2001:00Stephen GlasbyClassifying groups with three automorphism orbits
ThuJan 2507:00Merlin Incerti-MediciAutomorphism groups of cocompact CAT(0) cube complexes
WedAug 0904:00Dilshan WijesenaIrreducible Pythagorean representations of Thompson’s groups
ThuMay 2507:30Michael WibmerExpansive endomorphisms of profinite groups
ThuMay 2506:00Michael WibmerDifference algebraic groups
FriFeb 1704:00Aidan SimsK-theoretic duality for self-similar groupoids
FriFeb 1702:30David RobertsonSelf-similar quantum groups
FriFeb 1700:00Nathan BrownloweC*-algebraic approaches to self-similarity
WedJan 2504:00Armin WeißAn Automaton Group with PSPACE-Complete Word Problem
ThuNov 2423:00Matthew ConderTwo-generator subgroups of SL2 over local fields
FriNov 0403:00Alexander HulpkeConstructing Perfect Groups
FriOct 0705:00Volker DiekertDecidability of membership problems for $2\times 2$ matrices over $\mathbb{Q}$
FriOct 0703:30Eric FredenAspects of growth in Baumslag-Solitar groups
FriOct 0701:00Kane TownsendHyperbolic groups with $k$-geodetic Cayley graphs
FriJul 0104:00George WillisGroups acting on regular trees and t.d.l.c. groups
FriJul 0101:30Matthew ConderDiscrete two-generator subgroups of PSL(2,Q_p)
FriJul 0100:00Claudio BravoQuotients of the Bruhat-Tits tree function filed analogs of the Hecke congruence subgroups
FriApr 0105:00Roozbeh HazratSandpile models and Leavitt algebras
FriApr 0103:30Camila SehnemEquilibrium on Toeplitz extensions of higher dimensional noncommutative tori
FriApr 0101:00Max CarterUnitary representations and the type I property of groups acting on trees
FriMar 0405:00James ParkinsonAutomorphisms and opposition in spherical buildings.
FriMar 0403:30Jeroen SchillewaertThe geometries of the Freudenthal-Tits magic square
FriMar 0401:00Michal FerovAutomorphism groups of Cayley graphs of Coxeter groups: when are they discrete?
FriFeb 0403:30Sebastian Bischof(Twin) Buildings and groups
FriFeb 0401:00Anne ThomasA gallery model for affine flag varieties via chimney retractions
MonNov 0108:00Francois ThilmanyUniform discreteness of arithmetic groups and the Lehmer conjecture
MonNov 0106:30Sanghyun KimOptimal regularity of mapping class group actions on the circle
MonSep 2708:00Tim de LaatGelfand pairs, spherical functions and exotic group C*-algebras
MonSep 2706:30Siegfried EchterhoffAmenable group actions on C*-algebras and the weak containment problem
MonAug 3008:00George WillisConstructing groups with flat-rank greater than 1
MonAug 0908:00James ParkinsonAutomata for Coxeter groups
MonAug 0906:30Sven RaumLocally compact groups acting on trees, the type I conjecture and non-amenable von Neumann algebras
MonJul 0508:00Lancelot SemalUnitary representations of totally disconnected locally compact groups satisfying Ol'shanskii's factorization
MonJun 2108:00Ilaria CastellanoThe Euler characteristic and the zeta-functions of a totally disconnected locally compact group
MonJun 2106:30Yves StadlerHighly transitive groups among groups acting on trees
MonJun 0706:30Waldemar HołubowskiNormal subgroups in the group of column-finite infinite matrices
MonMay 2408:00Zoe ChatzidakisA new invariant for difference fields
MonMay 2406:30Libor BartoCSPs and Symmetries
MonMay 1008:00Robert KrophollerGroups of type FP_2 over fields but not over the integers
MonMay 1006:30Yago AntolinGeometry and Complexity of positive cones in groups.
MonApr 1908:00Laura CiobanuFree group homomorphisms and the Post Correspondence Problem
MonApr 1906:30Zoe ChatzidakisA new invariant for difference fields
MonFeb 2209:00Giles GardamKaplansky's conjectures
MonFeb 2207:30Paul Henry-LeemannCayley graphs with few automorphisms
MonJan 2509:00Charles CoxSpread and infinite groups
MonJan 2507:30François Le MaîtreDense totipotent free subgroups of full groups
MonNov 2309:00Florian BreuerRealising general linear groups as Galois groups
MonNov 2307:30William HautekietAutomorphism groups of transcendental field extensions
MonNov 0909:00Henry BradfordQuantitative LEF and topological full groups
FriOct 1600:30Lawrence ReevesIrrational-slope versions of Thompson’s groups T and V
ThuOct 1523:00Rachel SkipperMaximal Subgroups of Thompson's group V
FriOct 0207:30Feyisayo OlukoyaThe group of automorphisms of the shift dynamical system and the Higman-Thompson groups
FriOct 0206:00Alejandra GarridoWhen is a piecewise (a.k.a topological) full group locally compact?
FriSep 1806:30Michael GiudiciThe synchronisation hierarchy for permutation groups
FriSep 1805:00Gabriel VerretLocal actions in vertex-transitive graphs
SunJul 0508:00Lancelot SemalUnitary representations of totally disconnected locally compact groups satisfying Ol'shanskii's factorization
FriJun 0506:30Mark HagenHierarchical hyperbolicity from actions on simplicial complexes
FriJun 0505:00Federico BerlaiFrom hyperbolicity to hierarchical hyperbolicity
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