Pure Mathematics Colloquium at Southampton

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University of Southampton

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Friday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Jan Spakula*
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Please email the organiser (firstname dot lastname @soton.ac.uk) for zoom access info.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 1414:00Goulnara ArzhantsevaApproximations of infinite groups
FriApr 3014:00Laurent BartholdiDimension series and homotopy groups of spheres
FriApr 1614:00Michael PuschniggOperator-K-theory and cyclic homology
FriMar 1915:00Jürgen JostGraphs, hypergraphs, and network analysis
FriMar 1215:00Rudolf ZeidlerScalar and mean curvature comparison via the Dirac operator
FriMar 0515:00Luis ParisArtin groups of spherical type
FriFeb 2615:00Markus LinckelmannOn the Lie algebra structure of outer derivations of finite group algebras
FriFeb 1915:00Kevin LiTopological complexity of hyperbolic groups
FriFeb 0515:00Liviu PãunescuRecent results on P-stability
FriJan 1515:00Jacek BrodzkiGyroscopes and topology
FriJan 0815:00Viveka ErlandssonMirzakhani’s curve counting theorem
FriDec 1116:00Andreas Thom(GGSE) Asymptotics of Cheeger constants and unitarisability of groups
FriDec 1114:45Nima Hoda(GGSE) Crystallographic Helly Groups
FriDec 1113:30Genevieve Walsh(GGSE) Incoherence of free-by-free and surface-by-free groups
FriDec 0415:00Sam EvingtonC*-Algebras and Dimension Theory
FriNov 2715:00Bin SunGroups acting acylindrically on hyperbolic metric spaces
FriNov 2015:00Gerald WilliamsHyperbolicity of cyclically presented groups
FriNov 1315:00Johnny NicholsonProjective modules and exotic group presentations
FriNov 0615:00Gareth Jones and Alexander ZvonkinPrimes in geometric series and finite permutation groups
FriOct 3015:00Chris Cashen"Paging Dr. Frankenstein"; or, how to build monsters
FriOct 2314:00Lukasz GrabowskiOn the cost of Benjamini Schramm statistics with the Kazhdan property
FriOct 1614:00Haluk SengunSelberg trace formula in operator K-theory
FriOct 0914:00Wajid MannanAn exotic group presentation
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