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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 02:00-03:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Shoji Hashimoto*, Mitsuaki Hirasawa*, Ryo Yokokura*
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Description: Seminars at KEK Theory Center

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Past talks
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FriJul 1606:00Shinichiro AkiyamaTensor renormalization group approach to (1+1)-dimensional Hubbard model
ThuJul 0108:00Akira Ohnishi[EX] Femtoscopic approach to hadron-hadron interactions
ThuJul 0107:00Takumi Doi[EX] Hadron-hadron interactions from lattice QCD
TueJun 1502:00Kazuya YonekuraAtiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem from axial anomaly
TueJun 0102:00Tokiro NumasawaFour coupled SYK models and Nearly AdS2 gravities: Phase Transitions in Traversable wormholes and in Bra-ket wormholes
FriMay 2808:00David TongHow to Give Chiral Fermions a Mass
FriMay 2106:00Hiroshi SuzukiGradient flow exact renormalization group
TueMay 1102:00Kin-ya OdaNew effect in wave-packet scatterings of quantum fields: Saddle points, Lefschetz thimbles, and Stokes phenomenon
FriApr 3006:00Ryohei KobayashiInteracting fermionic topological phases with time reversal symmetry
WedApr 2808:00Jan PawlowskiEmergent Hadrons and Diquarks
FriApr 1608:00Masanori HanadaLarge-N limit as a second quantization
ThuApr 1508:30Christof WetterichPregeometry and emergent general relativity
TueApr 0602:00Masashi AikoExploring the near alignment region in the two-Higgs doublet model
TueMar 0908:00Jay ArmasTopological hydrodynamic modes on curved surfaces
MonMar 0101:30Noriyuki SogabeTopological color-superconductivity in QCD with one flavor
FriFeb 2606:00Kazuki IkedaReal-time dynamics of Chern-Simons fluctuations near a critical point
ThuFeb 2502:00Anthony AshmoreCalabi-Yau metrics, machine learning, and the spectrum of the Laplace operator
FriFeb 1906:00Tadashi TakayanagiPath-Integral Optimization from Hartle-Hawking Wave Function
WedFeb 1702:00Wen YinMessengers of reheating phase and their spectra
TueFeb 1602:00Shih-Yen TsengAlternative minimal U(1)_B-L
TueFeb 0902:00Motoko FujiwaraA model of electroweakly interacting non-abelian vector dark matter
TueFeb 0205:00Masazumi HondaQuantum simulations of gauge/string/M-theory and via matrix quantum mechanics
TueFeb 0202:00Masazumi HondaDigital quantum simulation of the Schwinger model with topological term
TueJan 2602:00Denny Lane B. SombilloApplication of deep learning to the study of near-threshold resonances
TueJan 1902:00Kazuki EnomotoHigher dimensional LNV operators and their renormalization
TueJan 1202:00Yu ZhangRevisiting Correlated Dirac eigenvalues and axial anomaly in chiral symmetric QCD
TueJan 0502:00Csaba CsakiMagnetic scattering: pairwise little group and pairwise helicity
WedDec 2307:00Shoji Hashimoto[EX] What is quark-hadron duality and how to overcome?
TueDec 2202:00Yutaka MatsuoDimensional oxidization on coset space
ThuDec 1003:30Yuto MinamiSearch for parity-violating physics in the polarisation of the cosmic microwave background, so called “Cosmic Birefringence”
WedDec 0906:30Makiko Nio[EX] On determination of the fine-structure constant: Electron g-2 and Atomic interferometers
WedDec 0904:30Sinya AokiConserved charges in gravity and entropy
TueDec 0802:00Yasunori LeeRevisiting Wess-Zumino-Witten terms
FriNov 2007:00Kazunori Kohri[EX] Higgs vacuum metastability in primordial inflation
FriNov 1307:00Takuya OkudaU(1) spin Chern-Simons theory and Arf invariants in two dimensions
TueNov 1002:00Arata YamamotoReal-time simulation of Z2 lattice gauge theory on qubits
FriOct 3007:00Kazumi OkuyamaJT gravity and KdV equations
WedOct 2808:00Kai SchmitzHas NANOGrav found first evidence for cosmic strings?
TueOct 2702:00Yosuke ImamuraThe superconformal index from the AdS/CFT correspondence
TueOct 2002:00Yuichiro TadaManifestly covariant theory of stochastic inflation
TueOct 0602:00Koji HashimotoBuilding bulk from Wilson loops
TueSep 2902:00Shi PiSome Properties of the Stochastic Induced Gravitational Wave Background
FriSep 1806:00Yuji OkawaNonperturbative definition of closed string theory via open string field theory
TueSep 0102:00Yuji ChinoneThe results and achievements of the POLARBEAR experiment in the 2010s and its future in the 2020s
TueAug 2502:00Masahiro IsakaLow-lying level structure of p-sd shell Lambda hypernuclei with antisymmetrized molecular dynamics
TueAug 1102:00Masaki YamadaUnified Origin of Axion and Monopole Dark Matter, and Solution to the Domain-wall Problem
WedAug 0501:00Zhen Liu[KEK-PH Lectures] on hadron collider
TueAug 0402:00Yasuro FunakiAlpha-particle condensate and cluster evolution in nuclei
TueAug 0401:00Micheal Peskin[KEK-PH Lectures] on e+e-collider
WedJul 2902:00Koichi HattoriTransport phenomena in magnetic and vortical fields from hydrodynamic frameworks
TueJul 2802:00Yasunori NomuraBlack Hole Conundrum: Information vs Interior
WedJul 2202:00Yoshihisa KitazawaWhy now? A History of Dark Energy (in Japanese)
TueJul 2102:00Kazushi YamashiroInformation geometry encoded in bulk geometry (in Japanese)
WedJul 1502:00Masazumi Honda[KEK-PH lectures 2020] Resummation of perturbative series and Resurgence in quantum field theory II
TueJul 1402:00Naoki YamamotoMagnetic monopoles and fermion number violation in chiral matter
WedJul 0802:00Masazumi Honda[KEK-PH lectures 2020] Resummation of perturbative series and Resurgence in quantum field theory I
TueJul 0702:00Hiromasa Takura[KEK-PH lectures 2020] Renormalon problem in QCD and a direction to go beyond perturbation theory II
WedJul 0102:00Hiromasa Takaura[KEK-PH lectures 2020] Renormalon problem in QCD and a direction to go beyond perturbation theory I
TueJun 3007:00Yohei EmaHiggs inflation, unitarity, and emergence of scalaron
WedJun 2408:00Kyohei MukaidaBaryogenesis from Axion Inflation
TueJun 2302:00Shigenori SekiFormulation and Evaluation of Entanglement Entropy in Elastic Scattering
FriJun 1906:00Tomonori UgajinEntanglement between two disjoint universes
WedJun 1707:00Yuta HamadaBrane gaugino condensate and 10d description of 4d de Sitter vacua
TueJun 1602:00Yuya TanizakiModifying instanton sums in QCD
TueJun 0902:00Yutaka OokouchiCatalytic Creation of Baby Bubble Universe with Small Positive Cosmological Constant
ThuJun 0404:30Norimi YokozakiSUSY models for muon g-2, and lepton flavor violations
TueJun 0202:00Hidehiko ShimadaBose-Einstein Condensation and large-N colour confinement
ThuMay 2804:30Teppei KitaharaDirect CP violation in K->mu+mu- and new physics search
TueMay 1907:00Ryosuke SatoAxion fragmentation and its implication for relaxion scenario
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