Harvard CMSA: Quantum Matter in Math and Physics (QFT/Condensed Matter)

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Juven Wang*
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Past talks
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FriJun 0718:30Arkya ChatterjeePhases and Phase Transitions of Spin Chains with Non-invertible Symmetrie
TueJun 0420:00Michael FreedmanCan embedding problems be used to distinguish S^4 from other (possible) homotopy 4-spheres?
TueJun 0418:00Slava KrushkalCorks for exotic diffeomorphisms
FriApr 2614:30Jesse ThalerWhat Observables are Safe to Calculate?
FriMar 2213:00Sungwoo HongNon-Invertible Peccei-Quinn Symmetry and the Massless Quark Solution to the Strong CP Problem
FriMar 1514:00Diego DelmastroMonopoles, scattering, generalized symmetries
FriFeb 2315:00Motoo SuzukiSpontaneously Broken (-1)-form symmetries
FriFeb 1615:30Susanne YelinProgrammable Simulations of Molecules and Materials with present-day Reconfigurable Quantum Processors
WedFeb 1421:00Sen HuQuantum Algebra of Chern-Simons Matrix Model and Large N Limit
FriFeb 0914:30Soonwon ChoiQuantum Algorithms to Recognize Phases of Matter and Exactly Solvable 2D Models with Anomalous Entanglement Entropy
TueFeb 0621:00Yuta HamadaFlavor hierarchy from smooth confinement & Towards a complete classification of 6d supergravities
FriFeb 0215:00Anurag AnshuQuantum Circuits to local Hamiltonian: role in quantum complexity and new constructions
FriJan 2614:30Daniel HarlowGauging spacetime inversions
FriDec 1515:00Aleksey ChermanExact lattice chiral symmetry in 2d gauge theory
ThuDec 1419:30Roman GeikoWhen does a three-dimensions Chern-Simons theory have a time reversal symmetry?
TueNov 0721:30Cameron Krulewski & Leon LiuA Long Exact Sequence in Symmetry Breaking
FriNov 0314:00Meng ChengSymmetry and many-body topology in mixed states
ThuNov 0220:30Liujun ZouLandscape of quantum phases in quantum materials
FriOct 2014:00Cheryne JonayA Physical Theory of Two-stage Thermalization
WedOct 1120:30Seth KorenNon-invertible symmetries, leptons, quarks, and why multiple generations
FriOct 0614:00Nathanan TantivasadakarnFrom wave-function collapse and Galois solvability to the realization of non-Abelian topological order on a quantum device
FriSep 2918:00Mayuko YamashitaTopological modular forms and heretoric string theory
ThuSep 2820:30Cenke XuQuantum field theory approach to quantum information
FriSep 2214:00Margarita DavydovaFloquet codes, automorphisms, and quantum computation
WedSep 1320:30Clay CórdovaAnomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries
FriSep 0814:00Xiao-Gang WenA 6-year journey: from gravitational anomaly to a unified theory of generalized symmetry
ThuAug 2414:00John BaezTwo of my favorite numbers: 8 and 24
FriJun 3014:00Marieke Van BeestMonopoles, Scattering, and Generalized Symmetries
MonJun 2614:00Philip Boyle SmithChiral fermionic CFTs of central charge ≤ 16
TueJun 1314:00Brandon C. RayhaunSmall Bosonic CFTs, Chiral Fermionization, and Symmetry/Subalgebra Duality
FriJun 0914:00Gerald Höhn and Sven MöllerClassification of Self-Dual Vertex Operator Superalgebras of Central Charge at Most 24
FriMay 1214:00Carolyn ZhangAnomalies of (1+1)D categorical symmetries
FriMay 0514:00Sona NajafiDetecting central charge in a superconducting quantum processor
FriApr 2814:00Hao SongFracton Self-Statistics
FriApr 2114:00Subir SachdevA model of the cuprates: from the pseudogap metal to d-wave superconductivity and charge order
FriApr 1414:00Guanyu ZhuFault-tolerant quantum computation via topological order on fractals and emergent symmetries
FriApr 0714:00Nishad MaskaraEnhancing Detection of Topological Order by Local Error Correction
FriMar 3114:00Abijith KrishnanA Plane Defect in the 3d O(N) Model
FriMar 2414:00Alexander ZlokapaTraversable wormhole dynamics on a quantum processor
FriMar 1714:00Andreas BauerTensorial TQFT and disentangling modular Walker-Wang models
FriMar 1015:00Yichen HuangQuantum entropy thermalization
FriMar 0315:00Anna HasenfratzStrongly coupled ultraviolet fixed point and symmetric mass generation in four dimensions with 8 Kähler-Dirac fermions
FriFeb 1715:30Rahul SahayQuantum Spin Lakes: NISQ-Era Spin Liquids from Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
FriFeb 1015:30Hotat LamNon-invertible Symmetry Enforced Gaplessness
FriFeb 0315:30Han YanFracton orders in hyperbolic space and its excitations with fractal mobility
MonJan 3014:30Igor R. KlebanovGroup Invariant States as Many-Body Scars
TueJan 2418:15Jacob McNamara (Caltech) + Matthew Reece (Harvard)Reflections on Parity Breaking
TueDec 2014:00Yang QiPhase Fluctuations in Two-Dimensional Superconductors and Pseudogap Phenomenon
MonDec 1214:00Federico BonettiNon-Invertible Symmetries from Holography and Branes
TueDec 0614:00Sungwoo HongNeutrino Masses from Generalized Symmetry Breaking
MonDec 0514:00Junkai DongExact Many-Body Ground States from Decomposition of Ideal Higher Chern Bands: Applications to Chirally Twisted Graphene Multilayers
TueNov 2214:30Gabriel Wong3d gravity and gravitational entanglement entropy
TueNov 1514:30Pok Man TamTopology of the Fermi sea: ordinary metals
TueNov 0816:30Daniel S. FreedTopological symmetry in field theory
TueNov 0113:00Francisco MachadoKardar-Parisi-Zhang dynamics in integrable quantum magnets
TueOct 2513:00João CaetanoUnorientable Quantum Field Theories: from crosscaps to holography
MonOct 2413:00Ethan LakeInsulating BECs and other surprises in dipole-conserving systems
TueOct 1813:00Michele Del ZottoOn the six-dimensional origin of non-invertible symmetries
MonOct 1713:00Liang KongTopological Wick rotation and holographic duality
ThuOct 0614:30Nat TantivasadakarnFrom wave-function collapse and Galois solvability to the realization of non-Abelian topological order on a quantum device
TueOct 0413:30Justin KulpHolomorphic Twists and Confinement in N=1 SYM
MonSep 2613:00Avner KarasikCandidates for Non-Supersymmetric Dualities
TueSep 1313:30Yichul ChoiNon-invertible Symmetries in Nature
WedSep 0713:00Zhengyan Darius ShiGifts from anomalies: new results on quantum critical transport in non-Fermi liquids
FriApr 2219:30Ruben VerresenHiggs = SPT
ThuFeb 1715:30Rahul SahayQuantum Spin Lakes: NISQ-Era Spin Liquids from Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
ThuFeb 1715:30Rahul SahayQuantum Spin Lakes: NISQ-Era Spin Liquids from Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
FriJan 2819:30Maria TikhanovskayaMaximal quantum chaos of the critical Fermi surface
TueJan 1819:30Aavishkar PatelMetals with strongly correlated electrons: quantum criticality, disordered interactions, Planckian dissipation, and scale invariance
FriDec 1019:30Lukasz FidkowskiGravitational anomaly of 3 + 1 dimensional Z2 toric code with fermionic charges and ferionic loop self-statistics
TueNov 1620:00Jie WangQuantum Geometric Aspects of Chiral Twisted Graphene Models
FriNov 1219:30Jeongwan HaahA degeneracy bound for homogeneous topological order
FriOct 2920:00Biao LianIntegrability and chaos of 1+1d chiral edge states
FriOct 2918:15Eric SharpeAnomaly resolution via decomposition
FriOct 2214:30Netta EngelhardtRecent Holographic Developments on the Black Hole Information Problem
FriOct 0800:30Nima Arkani-HamedUV/IR and Effective Field Theory
FriSep 1719:30Eslam KhalafStrong Coupling Theory of Magic-Angle Graphene: A Pedagogical Introduction
FriSep 1019:30Ofri TelemMore Exact Results in Gauge Theories: Confinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking
FriAug 2000:30Masaki OshikawaConformal Field Theory and Modern Numerical Approach to Condensed Matter Physics
TueDec 2215:30David TongGapped Chiral Fermions
FriJul 3119:00Giandomenico PalumboFermion-fermion dualities in 3+1 dimensions
TueJun 1600:30Alexey MilekhinTraversable wormholes in four and two dimensions
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