Western Sydney University Abend Seminars

operator algebras rings and algebras

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Thursday 10:00-11:00, 11:00-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Roozbeh Hazrat*, James East, Mehdi Aaghabali
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Description: Western Sydney University Abend Seminars

The Zoom channel is protected. Please write to the organizers to get a password. If you are a student and have no research papers yet, please mention your advisor's name.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuNov 0509:00Nikolai Vavilov50 SHADES OF PROOF
ThuOct 2910:00Tony BakSolution to the sandwich classification problem in arbitrary groups and applications to classical-like groups over arbitrary rings
ThuOct 2909:00Julius JonusasCanonical topologies for monoids
ThuOct 2209:00Nora SzakacsSimplicity of Nekrashevych algebras of contracting self-similar groups
ThuOct 1509:00Itamar SteinRepresentation theory of the monoid of all partial functions on a set and other Ehresmann semigroups
ThuSep 2410:00Jason BellThe growth of algebras
ThuSep 1710:00Murray ElderSome new kinds of automatic groups
ThuSep 1010:00Volodymyr MazorchukAdjunction in the absence of identity
ThuSep 0310:00Lia VasThe Graded Classification Conjecture for graph algebras
ThuAug 2710:00Ralf MeyerAperiodicity and related properties for crossed product inclusions
ThuAug 2010:00Jose BurilloThe irrational-slope Thompson's groups
ThuAug 1310:00Cristobal Gil CantoInvariant ideals in Leavitt path algebras
ThuAug 0610:00Bob GrayUndecidability of the word problem for one-relator inverse monoids
ThuJul 3010:00Arun RamTeaching Mathematics in the next life
ThuJul 2310:00Be'eri GreenfeldHow do algebras grow?
ThuJul 1610:00Jean RenaultGroupoids Extensions
ThuJul 0910:00Xiao-Wu ChenLeavitt path algebra via the singularity category of a radical-square-zero algebra
ThuJul 0210:00Aidan SimsGraded K-theory for Z_2-graded graph C*-algebras
ThuJun 2510:00Pere AraGraded K-Theory, Filtered K-theory and the classification of graph algebras
ThuJun 1810:00Joan BosaThe realization problem for von Neumann regular rings
ThuJun 1110:00Kevin BrixFine structure of C*-algebras associated to topological dynamics
ThuJun 0410:00Mike WhittakerAperiodic tilings: from the Domino problem to aperiodic monotiles
ThuMay 2810:00Enrique Pardo EspinoSelf-similar graphs and their algebras
ThuMay 2110:00Mark LawsonNon-commutative Stone dualities
ThuMay 1410:00Toke CarlsenGraph algebras, groupoids, and symbolic dynamics
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