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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 16:00-17:00, Thursday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jesus Martinez Garcia*, Ivan Cheltsov*, Jungkai Chen, Jérémy Blanc, Ernesto Lupercio, Yuji Odaka, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Julius Ross, Cristiano Spotti, Chenyang Xu
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Description: ZAG seminar

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom. Zoom passwords are given via mailing list on Fridays. To join the mailing list go to the website.

If you use a calendar system, you can see the individual seminars at

Times vary to accommodate speakers time zones but times will be announced in GMT time.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMay 3110:00Nicholas Shepherd-BarronPeriods of elliptic surfaces
ThuMay 2614:00Evgeny ShinderMotivic invariants of birational maps
TueMay 2422:00Benjamin BakkerPeriod integrals of algebraic varieties
ThuMay 1914:00Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros1-dimensional K-moduli spaces of Fano 3-folds
TueMay 1710:00Benoit ClaudonNumerical characterization of complex tori
ThuMay 1221:00Daniel ChanThe minimal model program for arithmetic surfaces enriched by a Brauer class
TueMay 1012:00Emma BrakkeeGeneral type results for moduli of hyperkahler varieties
ThuMay 0510:00Ariyan JavanpeykarShafarevich's conjecture for canonically polarized varieties revisited
TueMay 0315:00Kyoung-Seog LeeDerived categories and motives of moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves
ThuApr 2810:00Arman SarikyanEquivariant pliability of the projective space
TueApr 2614:00Theodoros PapazachariouK-moduli for log Fano complete intersections
TueApr 2612:00Eva ElduqueEigenspace decomposition of mixed Hodge structures on Alexander modules
TueApr 1914:00Erik PaemurruCounting Divisorial Contractions with Centre a cAn-singularity
ThuApr 1417:00Max LieblichInfinite rank vector bundles and applications
TueApr 1214:00Jose Ignacio Burgos GilChern-Weil theory and Hilbert-Samuel theorem for semi-positive singular toroidal metrics on line bundles
ThuApr 0715:00Antonio LafaceOn effective cones of rational surfaces
TueApr 0511:00Giulio CodogniAmple cone of KSB and K- moduli spaces
ThuMar 3116:00Julius RossHodge-Riemann Classes and Schur Polynomials
TueMar 2914:00Tristan CollinsSYZ mirror symmetry for some Calabi-Yau surface pairs
ThuMar 2410:00Masafumi HattoriOn K-stability of Calabi-Yau fibrations
TueMar 2214:00Tom BridgelandGeometric structures on spaces of quadratic differentials
ThuMar 1715:00Lawrence Jack BarrottFibrations and degenerations of Calabi-Yau varieties via tropical geometry
TueMar 1509:00Guolei ZhongCompact Kähler threefolds with the action of an abelian group of maximal dynamical rank
ThuMar 1015:00Jean-Yves WelschingerShellable tilings on simplicial complexes
TueMar 0817:00Daniel BraggCompact supersingular twistor spaces
ThuMar 0311:00Johannes NordstromK3 surfaces and twisted connected sum G2-manifolds
TueMar 0111:00Georg OberdieckHolomorphic anomaly equations for the Hilbert schemes of points of a K3 surface
ThuFeb 2415:00Diane MaclaganToric and tropical Bertini theorems in arbitrary characteristic
TueFeb 2215:00Alicia DickensteinIterated and mixed discriminants
ThuFeb 1716:00David FaveroPath Homotopy Quiver Algebras and Mirror Symmetry
TueFeb 1515:00Alena PirutkaOn local-global principles and Galois cohomology
ThuFeb 1015:00Mario KummerSecant varieties of real curves
TueFeb 0817:00Sean KeelMirror symmetry and analytic disks
ThuFeb 0309:00Andrei OkounkovThe unramified Eisenstein spectrum
TueFeb 0115:00Soheyla FeyzbakhshModuli spaces of stable objects in the Kuznetsov component of cubic threefolds
ThuJan 2710:00Sukmoon HuhTorelli problem on logarithmic sheaves
TueJan 2517:00Hannah LarsonThe rational Chow rings of M_7, M_8, and M_9
ThuJan 2011:30Ehud HrushovskiOld and new results in the model theory of finite fields
TueJan 1810:00Eunjeong LeeOn smooth toric Richardson varieties
ThuJan 1315:00Kris ShawA tropical approach to the enriched count of bitangents to quartic curves
TueJan 1117:00Takumi MurayamaThe Kawamata–Viehweg vanishing theorem for schemes
TueDec 2117:00Linquan MaThe cohomology table of coherent sheaves on singular projective varieties
ThuDec 1615:00Matthew BallardStratified Mukai flops revisited
TueDec 1415:00Laura SchaposnikThe geometry of Generalized Hyperpolygons, Hitchin systems and other scientific advances
ThuDec 0915:00Helge RuddatFano manifolds from smoothing toroidal crossing varieties
TueDec 0710:00Jun-Muk HwangMinimal rational curves and 1-flat irreducible G-structures
ThuDec 0213:00Brian LehmannRational curves on del Pezzo surfaces in characteristic p
TueNov 3015:00Fatemeh RezaeeWall-crossing pathologies in dimension three
ThuNov 2515:00Christian UrechActions of Cremona groups on CAT(0) cube complexes
TueNov 2310:00Sung Rak ChoiSubadditivity theorem for Okounkov bodies
ThuNov 1815:00Oscar Garcia-PradaHiggs bundles and higher Teichmüller spaces
TueNov 1615:00Mark GrossOpen FJRW theory
ThuNov 1113:00Rosa WinterConcurrent exceptional curves on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one and torsion points on elliptic fibrations
TueNov 0917:00Farbod ShokriehHeights and moments of abelian varieties
ThuNov 0414:00François LoeserA motivic version of topological mirror symmetry
TueNov 0217:00Elana KalashnikovUndoing toric degenerations: an analogue of Greene-Plesser mirror symmetry for the Grassmannian
ThuOct 2814:00Viatcheslav KharlamovNew examples of surgery invariant counts in real algebraic geometry
TueOct 2613:00Fenglong YouDegenerations, fibrations and mirror symmetry
ThuOct 2117:00Donu ArapuraEuler characteristics of aspherical Kähler manifolds
TueOct 1915:00Ronan TerpereauReal structures on almost homogeneous varieties
ThuOct 1412:00Fei HuA dynamical approach to generalized Weil's Riemann hypothesis
TueOct 1216:00Richard ThomasHigher rank DT theory from curve counting
ThuOct 0711:00Yongnam LeeDominant rational maps from a very general hypersurface
TueOct 0510:00Ana CaraianiOn the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties with torsion coefficients
ThuSep 3021:00Amnon NeemanUniqueness theorems for dg enhancements
TueSep 2815:00Giulia SaccaCompactification of Lagrangian fibrations
ThuSep 2315:00June HuhLorentzian polynomials
TueSep 2113:00Alexander PerrySerre functors of semiorthogonal components
ThuSep 1621:00Geordie WilliamsonGeometric extensions
TueSep 1414:00Jaroslaw WisniewskiRational maps via C* actions
ThuSep 0915:00Stefano FilipazziOn the boundedness of elliptically fibered varieties
TueSep 0709:00Christian SchnellA new finiteness theorem for variations of Hodge structure
ThuSep 0211:00Andrea FanelliRational simple connectedness and Fano threefolds
ThuJul 2911:00Anand SawantNear-rationality properties of norm varieties
TueJul 2716:00Kenneth AscherK-stability and birational geometry of moduli spaces of quartic K3 surfaces
ThuJul 2211:00Swarnava MukhopadhyayHitchin connection for parabolic bundles
TueJul 2011:00Eiji InouePerelman's entropy and optimal degeneration
ThuJul 1516:00Nicole LemireCodimension 2 cycles of classifying spaces of low-dimensional algebraic tori
TueJul 1310:00Zheng ZhangThe moduli space of cubic surface pairs via the intermediate Jacobians of Eckardt cubic threefolds
ThuJul 0815:00Aline ZanardiniStability of pencils of plane curves
TueJul 0610:00Taku SuzukiHigher order minimal families of rational curves on Fano manifolds
ThuJul 0111:00Sheng MengAutomorphism group and its Jordan property
TueJun 2911:00Javier Fernandez de BobadillaThe Brasselet-Schurmann-Yokura conjecture for L-classes on singular varieties
ThuJun 2411:00Howard NuerThe cohomology of the general stable sheaf on a K3 surface
TueJun 2211:00Krishna HanumanthuRationality questions on Seshadri constants.
ThuJun 1716:00Paolo CasciniBirational geometry of foliations on a complex threefold
TueJun 1511:00Eveline LegendreValuative stability for polarised varieties
ThuJun 1016:00Fumiaki SuzukiAn O-acyclic variety of even index
TueJun 0815:00Lev BorisovExplicit equations of surfaces of general type
ThuJun 0316:00Enrico FatighentiFano varieties from homogeneous vector bundles
TueJun 0111:00Livia CampoFano 3-folds and double covers
ThuMay 2715:00Anthony Varilly-AlvaradoQuasi-hyperbolicity via explicit symmetric differentials
TueMay 2515:00Brendan HassettRationality of even-dimensional intersections of two real quadrics
ThuMay 2015:00Marta PieropanCampana points on Fano varieties
TueMay 1811:00Jørgen Vold RennemoK-theoretic sheaf counting invariants on C^4
ThuMay 1314:00Jack RogersK-stability of smooth Fano SL2-threefolds
TueMay 1113:00Stefan KebekusBrauer-Manin obstruction on a simply connected fourfold and a Mordell theorem in the orbifold setting
ThuMay 0614:00Mara UngureanuCounts of secant planes to varieties, Virasoro algebras, and universal polynomials
TueMay 0414:00Maria Pe PereiraModerately Discontinuous Algebraic Topology
ThuApr 2912:00Margarida MeloOn the top weight cohomology of the moduli space of abelian varieties
TueApr 2715:00Yuri TschinkelEquivariant birational types
ThuApr 2217:00Sandor KovacsHodge sheaves for singular families
TueApr 2017:00Jakub WitaszekRelative semiampleness in mixed characteristic.
ThuApr 1510:00Yasunari NagaiRational normal quintic curves on a cubic fourfold
TueApr 1317:00Karl SchwedeRecent progress in mixed characteristic higher dimensional algebraic geometry
ThuApr 0813:00Adrian LangerChern classes of vector bundles
TueApr 0610:00Takehiko YasudaStringy motives and local fundamental groups of klt surface singularities in arbitrary characteristic
ThuApr 0115:00Vyacheslav ShokurovAround a-n-complements
TueMar 3010:00Katsuhisa FurukawaOn the singular loci of higher secant varieties of Veronese embeddings
ThuMar 2515:00Giulia SaccaFano manifolds associated to hyperkahler manifolds
TueMar 2310:00John LesieutreRational surface automorphisms without periodic curves
ThuMar 1815:00Chris LazdaA Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 surfaces
TueMar 1610:00Taro SanoBirational boundedness of some Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
ThuMar 1115:00Carolina AraujoBirational geometry of Calabi-Yau pairs and 3-dimensional Cremona transformations
TueMar 0911:00Shunsuke TakagiDeformations of F-pure and F-regular singularities
ThuMar 0410:00Kiwamu WatanabePositivity of the exterior power of the tangent bundles
TueMar 0215:00Fernando CukiermanDeformations of exterior differential ideals and applications
ThuFeb 2510:00Atsushi ItoLinear systems on abelian varieties via M-regularity of Q-twisted sheaves
TueFeb 2315:30Shing-Tung YauGeometry of Conifold Transitions
ThuFeb 1814:00Frediani PaolaA canonical Hodge theoretic projective structure on compact Riemann surfaces
TueFeb 1611:00Yusuke NakamuraInversion of adjunction for quotient singularities
ThuFeb 1118:00Tomasso de FernexMotivic integration on Berkovic spaces
TueFeb 0911:00Enrica FlorisConnected algebraic groups acting on Fano fibrations over $\mathbb P^1$
ThuFeb 0411:00Shinnosuke OkawaModuli space of semiorthogonal decompositions
TueFeb 0215:00Simon DonaldsonEnumerative geometry, Fredholm analysis and moduli spaces of surfaces of general type
ThuJan 2814:00Fabrizio CataneseVarieties of nodal surfaces, Coding theory, and cubic discriminants
TueJan 2614:00Frances KirwanModuli of unstable objects in algebraic geometry
ThuJan 2110:00Osamu FujinoOn extremal contractions of log canonical pairs
TueJan 1909:00Shihoko IshiiUniform bound of the number of weighted blow-ups to compute the minimal log discrepancy for smooth 3-folds
ThuJan 1410:00Hiromu TanakaOn Mori fibre spaces in positive characteristic
TueJan 1218:00Patricio GallardoCompactifications of the moduli space of cubic surfaces
ThuJan 0710:00Hiromichi TakagiKey varieties for prime Q-Fano threefolds of codimension 4
TueDec 2915:00Jingjun HanThe ACC for local volumes and boundedness of singularities
ThuDec 2410:00Hokuto UeharaExceptional collections on the Hilzebruch surface of degree 2
TueDec 2215:00Han-Bom MoonPoint configurations, phylogenetic trees, and dissimilarity vectors
ThuDec 1716:00Andrew HarderLog symplectic pairs and mixed Hodge structures
TueDec 1511:00Sho TanimotoRational curves on Fano threefolds
ThuDec 1015:00Artan SheshmaniDT invariants from Gerstenhaber-BV structures, and degeneration technique
TueDec 0811:00Keiji OguisoSmooth projective rational varieties with non-finitely generated discrete automorphism group
ThuDec 0313:00Hulya ArguzEnumerating punctured log Gromov-Witten invariants from wall-crossing
TueDec 0110:00Takuzo OkadaK-stability of birationally superrigid Fano 3-fold weighted hypersurfaces
ThuNov 2610:00Yuji OdakaOn compactifying moduli and degenerations of K-trivial varieties
TueNov 2410:00Kazushi UedaNoncommutative del Pezzo surfaces
ThuNov 1910:00Yukari ItoThe McKay correspondence
TueNov 1715:00Michela ArtebaniCox rings of K3 surfaces
ThuNov 1216:00‪Jürgen Hausen‬Automorphisms of k*-surfaces
TueNov 1015:00Aleksandr PukhlikovRationally connected rational double covers of primitive Fano varieties
ThuNov 0513:00Cristiano SpottiGeometric aspects of Kaehler-Einstein metrics on klt pairs
TueNov 0317:00Bianca VirayOn quadratic points on intersections of two quadrics
ThuOct 2914:00Junyan CaoOn the Ohsawa-Takegoshi extension theorem
TueOct 2716:00Daniel GrebProjective flatness over klt spaces and uniformisation of varieties with nef anti-canonical divisor
ThuOct 2215:00Alexander BorisovProjective geometry approach to Jacobian Conjecture
TueOct 2015:00Gergely BercziNon-reductive group actions and hyperbolicity
ThuOct 1514:00Sandra Di RoccoAlgebraic Geometry of Data
TueOct 1314:00Ana-Maria CastravetBlown-up toric surfaces with non-polyhedral effective cone
ThuOct 0815:30Timothy LogvinenkoSkein-triangulated representations of generalised braids
TueOct 0616:00Junliang ShenCohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles and the Hausel-Thaddeus conjecture
ThuOct 0116:00Burt TotaroThe Hilbert scheme of points on affine space
TueSep 2914:00Yuri ZarhinJordan properties of automorphism groups of algebraic varieties and complex manifolds
ThuSep 2415:00Alan ThompsonMirror symmetry for fibrations and degenerations
TueSep 2214:00Jean-Louis Colliot-TheleneZero-cycles on del Pezzo surfaces
ThuSep 1715:00Christian LiedtkeRational curves on K3 surfaces
TueSep 1515:00Julie RanaSingularities and divisors in the moduli space of surfaces
ThuSep 1015:00Joaquín MoragaTopology and geometry of Kawamata log terminal singularities
TueSep 0810:00Andreas HöringFano manifolds such that the tangent bundle is (not) big
ThuSep 0317:00Jarod AlperAdvances in moduli theory
ThuAug 2710:00Robert BermanKahler-Einstein metrics, Archimedean Zeta functions and phase transitions
TueAug 2517:00Christian BoehningRigid, not infinitesimally rigid surfaces of general type with ample canonical bundle
ThuAug 2015:00Nicola PaganiClassifying fine compactified universal Jacobians
TueAug 1817:00Alessio CortiSmoothing Gorenstein toric affine 3-folds
ThuAug 1315:00Yuchen LiuOn K-stability of cubic hypersurfaces
TueAug 1117:00Robert LazarsfeldCayley-Bacharach theorems and multiplier ideals
ThuAug 0615:00Marina LogaresPoisson and symplectic geometry of the moduli spaces of Higgs bundles
TueAug 0414:00Hamid AhmadinezhadBirational geometry of Fano 3-fold hypersurfaces of higher index
ThuJul 3015:00Ziwen ZhuEquivariant K-stability under finite group action
TueJul 2815:30Jean-Pierre DemaillyHermitian-Yang-Mills approach to the conjecture of Griffiths on the positivity of ample vector bundles
ThuJul 2315:00Ruadhai DervanStability of fibrations
TueJul 2111:00Jihun ParkCayley octads, plane quartic curves, Del Pezzo surfaces of degree 2 and double Veronese cones
ThuJul 1615:30Matthias SchuettRational curves on Enriques surfaces, but only few
TueJul 1414:00Hélène EsnaultDensity of arithmetic representations
ThuJul 0915:00Harold BlumOn properness of K-moduli spaces and destabilizations of Fano varieties
TueJul 0717:00Ziquan ZhuangK-stability of Fano varieties via admissible flags
ThuJul 0210:00Susanna ZimmermannFinite quotients of Cremona groups
TueJun 3015:00Izzet CoskunThe stabilization of the cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on surfaces
ThuJun 2516:00David MumfordQ&A with legendary geometers: David Mumford
ThuJun 2515:00David MumfordA moduli space in the differential geometry world
TueJun 2317:00Alexander PolishchukHyperelliptic limits of quadrics through canonical curves and the super-Schottky locus
ThuJun 1814:00Claire VoisinTriangle varieties and surface decomposition of hyper-Kahler manifolds
TueJun 1615:30Nikolaos TziolasVector fields on canonically polarized surfaces
ThuJun 1114:00Ilya ZharkovTopological SYZ fibrations with discriminant in codimension 2
TueJun 0915:30Yuri ProkhorovGeneral elephants for 3-fold extremal contractions
ThuJun 0413:00Caucher BirkarGeometry of polarised varieties
TueJun 0211:00Stefan SchreiederEquality in the Bogomolov-Miyaoka-Yau inequality in the non-general type case
ThuMay 2814:00Alexandra KuznetsovaSextic double solids
WedMay 2715:00Anthony Varilly-AlvaradoRational curves on K3 surfaces
TueMay 2617:00Zsolt PatakfalviOn the Beauville-Bogomolov decomposition in positive characteristic
ThuMay 2111:00Xavier RoulleauOn the geometric models of K3 surfaces with finite automorphism group and Picard number larger than two
TueMay 1917:00Mircea MustațăMinimal exponent and Hodge filtrations
ThuMay 1415:30John Christian OttemTropical degenerations and stable rationality
TueMay 1216:00Kristin De VlemingWall crossing for K-moduli spaces of plane curves
ThuMay 0718:00Samuel GrushevskyGeometry of moduli of cubic threefolds
TueMay 0515:00Chen JiangMinimal log discrepancies of 3-dimensional non-canonical singularities
ThuApr 3015:00Arnaud BeauvilleVector bundles on Fano threefolds and K3 surfaces
TueApr 2816:00Christopher HaconRecent progress in the MMP for 3-folds and 4-folds in char p>0
ThuApr 2316:00Yoshinori GongyoOn a generalized Batyrev's cone conjecture
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