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University of Essex

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Jianya Lu*
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The ED-3S has a sibling seminar, MESS: Mathematics Essex Seminar Series. Find more info here: researchseminars.org/seminar/EssexMaths

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuJun 2013:00Anusa SuwanwongA Gene Selection Method for Classification with Three Classes Using Proportional Overlapping Scores
ThuMay 3013:00Dr Maria Brigida FerraroTwo-mode clustering in a fuzzy setting: methods and cluster validity indices
ThuMay 1613:00Professor Guy NasonNetwork Time Series
ThuMay 0913:00Dr Xiaochun MengAngular Combining of Forecasts of Probability Distributions
ThuMay 0213:00Dr Kareemah ChopraThe Bunching Behaviour of Cows
ThuApr 2513:00Dr Yi ZhangOn discounted Markov decision processes and their extensions
ThuMar 2114:00Laurel Ariane Regibeau-RockettHurricanes as heat engines
ThuMar 1414:00Professor Mariachiara Di CesareInstitute of Public Health and Wellbeing opportunities to enhance research for all
ThuMar 0714:00Professor Edward RocheadThe Alliance for Data Science Professionals
ThuFeb 2914:00Professor Richard J. SamworthIsotonic subgroup selection
ThuFeb 0814:00Dr Kareemah Chopra[Cancelled] The Bunching Behaviour of Cows
ThuFeb 0114:00Dr Richard MannCollective decision-making by rational agents
ThuJan 2514:00Mahendra Singh RajpootLarge Language Models: A Stepping Stone for AGI!
ThuJan 1814:00Prof Wolfgang HardleData Science in a Math-Less Digital Society
ThuDec 1414:00Dr Jinyu TianDiscreteness Problem in Adversarial Machine Learning
ThuNov 3014:00Dr Hong DuongModel Reduction of Complex Systems
ThuNov 2313:45Dr Dimitra KostaMaximum likelihood estimation of toric Fano varieties
ThuNov 1613:00Dr Yuyu ChenDiversification of infinite-mean Pareto distributions
ThuOct 2613:00Dr Shenggang HuDifferential Privacy of Bayesian Posterior under Contamination
ThuOct 1913:00Dr Jin ZhuA Tuning-Free Algorithm for Sparsity-Constraint Optimization
FriOct 0612:00Prof Boris MirkinAnomalous clustering at various data formats
ThuJun 2213:00Dr. Arthur MaheoBenders decomposition for public transportation
ThuJun 1513:00Dr. Robert GauntNormal approximation for the posterior in exponential families
ThuJun 0113:00Prof. Chenggui YuanNumerical solutions of SDEs with irregular coefficients
ThuMay 2513:00Dr. Xiaochuan YangSome recent progress in random geometric graphs: beyond the standard regimes
ThuMay 1113:00Dr. Yufei ZhangExploration-exploitation trade-off for continuous-time reinforcement learning
ThuMay 0413:00Dr. Peng LiuOptimal Smooth Approximation for Quantile Matrix Factorisation
ThuFeb 0914:00Mateo SallesSupervised Learning for Untangling Braids
ThuNov 2414:00Dr Johan van der MolenDirichlet process mixture inconsistency for the number of components: how worried should we be in practice?
ThuNov 1714:00Qiuyi HongA Bilevel Game-TheoreDc Decision-Making Framework for Strategic Retailers in Both Local and Wholesale Electricity Markets
ThuNov 0314:00Prof Christian Martin HennigAdvances in using cluster analysis for species delimitation
ThuOct 2713:00Dr Alexei VernitskiUsing machine learning to solve mathematical problems and to search for examples and counterexamples in pure maths research
ThuOct 1313:00Shenggang HuStatistical disaggregation - a Monte Carlo approach for imputation under constraints
ThuFeb 2514:00Tolulope FadinaSymmetric measures of variability induced by risk measures
ThuFeb 1114:00Osama MahmoudSlope-Hunter: A robust method for index-event bias correction in genome-wide association studies of conditional analyses
ThuFeb 0414:00Rafal KulakowskiTBA
ThuDec 1714:00Yanchun BaoEstimating mode effects from a sequential mixed-modes experiment
ThuDec 1014:00Yassir RabhiCopulas and measures of dependence under length-biased sampling and informative censoring
ThuDec 0314:00Josh BullCan maths tell us how to win at Fantasy Football?
ThuNov 2614:00Ioana OlanDetecting the hierarchical structure of the cell nucleus
ThuNov 1914:00Carolin StroblA Statistician’s Botanical Garden - The Ideas behind Trees, Model-Based Trees and Random Forests
ThuNov 1214:00Peng LiuOrdering and Inequalities for Mixtures on Risk Aggregation
ThuNov 0514:00Nosheen FaizAssessing how feature selection and hyper-parameters influence optimal trees ensemble and random projection
ThuOct 2213:00Godwin OsuntokiBayesian Analysis of chromosomal interactions in Hi-C data using the hidden Markov random field model
ThuOct 1513:00Matthew LeeEpiViz: an implementation of Circos plots for epidemiologists
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