Algebra and Logic Seminar

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Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Vesselin Drensky*, Elitza Hristova
Curator: Albena Vassileva*
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Past talks
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FriApr 1210:00Valentin IlieavOn an Aspect of Second Quantum Revolution
FriMar 2911:00Dimitar GuelevGeneralized Definability of Discrete Time Interval-based Temporal Connectives
FriMar 2211:00Bakhrom A. OmirovOn the uniqueness of maximal solvable extensions of nilpotent Lie algebras
FriFeb 2311:00Niall HirInvariant subalgebras of the rational Cherednik algebra
ThuJan 1811:00Yuri BahturinNilpotent algebras, groups and beyond
MonJan 0811:00Bruce WestburyOn the exceptional series and its siblings
FriDec 1507:55Annual Scientific SessionAnnual Scientific Session of the Algebra and Logic Department
FriDec 0111:00Jörg KoppitzCharacterization of Ideals of Q-algebras Related to its G-part
FriNov 2412:00Roussanka LoukanovaSemantics of Propositional Attitudes in Type-Theory of Algorithms
FriNov 2411:00Dimitrinka VladevaCatalan numbers and additively idempotent semirings
FriNov 1711:00Boyan KostadinovNoncommutative invariants of dihedral groups
FriNov 1011:00Mishel CarelliTransfinite version of the Mittag-Leffler condition for the vanishing of the derived limit
FriNov 0311:00Dimitar GuelevA Reduction of Temporary Coalitions in Infinite Multiplayer Games
FriOct 2010:00Alberto FrailePrime numbers and random walks in a square grid
FriOct 1310:00Marin GenovEmmy Noether’s Theorem on the Finite Generation of the Algebra of Invariants
FriSep 2910:00Naijun ZhanReset Controller Synthesis
FriJun 1610:00Nurlan IsmailovPolynomial identities in Novikov algebras
FriJun 0910:00Vladimir DotsenkoOld and new aspects of the Poincaré-Birkhoff-Witt theorem
FriMay 0510:00Jörg KoppitzAlgebraic Properties of Transformation Semigroups
FriApr 0710:00Bogdan StankovExact values of exponential Følner functions and the Coulhon and Saloff-Coste inequality
FriFeb 2411:00Vladimir GerdjikovReal Hamiltonian forms of affine Toda field theories: spectral aspects
FriFeb 1711:00Valdemar TsanovInvariant theory for reductive subgroups of reductive groups
FriFeb 1011:00Yacine Barhoumi-AndréaniA New Approach to the Characteristic Polynomial of a Random Unitary Matrix
FriDec 0912:00Peter DalakovHitchin base: Seiberg-Witten differentials and their derivatives
FriDec 0911:00Veselin FilevAdS/CFT Correspondence, Metropolis-Hastings algorithm and Generative Adversarial Networks
FriDec 0211:00Dimitrinka VladevaDerivations of upper triangular matrix rings vs Derivations of upper triangular matrix semirings
FriNov 2511:00Roussanka LoukanovaLogic Operators and Quantifiers in Type-Theory of Algorithms
FriOct 2810:00Dimitar GuelevGabbay Separation for the Duration Calculus
FriOct 2110:00Jörg KoppitzRanks and Presentations for Order-Preserving Transformations with One Fixed Point
FriOct 1410:00Hristo IlievFamilies of triple coverings of algebraic curves
FriSep 1611:00Alaa AbouhalakaAlmost Prime Ideal and Almost Prime Radical
FriSep 0910:00Naijun ZhanTiming delays in cyber-physical systems
FriAug 1910:00Hristo IlievExamples of non-reduced components of the Hilbert Scheme of smooth projective curves using ruled surfaces
FriJul 2910:00Petar IlievModal Descriptive Complexity
FriJul 0110:00Lyubomir BorisovOn the parity of the coefficients of minimal polynomial of Kloosterman sums over F_p
FriJun 2410:00Roussanka LoukanovaDependent-Type Theory of Situated Information with Context Assessments
FriJun 1013:00Plamen KoevComputing Eigenvectors of Symmetric Tridiagonals with the Correct Number of Sign Changes
FriMay 2013:00Ivailo HartarskyBootstrap percolation: merging operations for polytopes
FriMay 1310:00Diego García-LucasA counterexample to the modular isomorphism problem
FriApr 2913:00Thiago Castilho de MelloImages of multilinear polynomials on upper triangular matrices
FriApr 1510:00Alexander V. MikhailovQuantisation of free associative dynamical systems. Bi-quantum structure of the stationary KdV hierarchy. Non-deformation quantisation of the Volterra hierarchy
FriApr 0110:00Altyngul NaurazbekovaAutomorphisms of simple quotients of the Poisson and universal enveloping algebras of $\text{sl}_2$
FriMar 2511:00Dimitar GuelevAn Application of Separation in Discrete Time Interval Temporal Logic to Branching Time
FriMar 1814:00Ece Yetkin CelikelAbsorbing ideal structures of commutative rings
FriMar 1112:00Carsten SchneiderMulti-summation in difference rings and applications
FriFeb 2511:00Valentin IlievOn the Degree of Dependence of Two Events as a Relative Invariant of the Dihedral Group of Order 8
FriFeb 1814:00Vesselin DrenskyThe Bulgarian Solitaire and Other Games on Partitions
FriFeb 1111:00Yana RumenovaModal definability of some classes of modal products
FriJan 2811:00Vesselin DrenskyBicommutative algebras from commutative point of view
FriJan 2111:00Tatyana TodorovaOn the distribution of αp modulo one for primes p=aq^2+1 with prime q
FriJan 1413:00Ivan GeorgievOn the computational complexity of some representations of irrational numbers
FriJan 1412:30Yana Rumenova and Tinko TinchevModal definability of some classes of modal products
FriJan 1411:40Petar IlievOn the formula-size of the parity function
FriJan 1411:10Stoyan Mihov and Stefan GerdzhikovOn Space Bounds for Bimachine Constructions
FriJan 1409:30Lukasz T. StepienOn a proof of consistency of Arithmetic System
FriJan 1409:00Elena TsvetkovaDifference between material and behavioral implicatures
FriJan 1408:30Rosen LutskanovDefeasible Preference Logic
FriJan 0711:00Antoni RangachevA valuation theorem for Noetherian rings
FriDec 0311:30Roussanka LoukanovaRestricted Quantification in New Type-Theory of Algorithms
FriDec 0311:00Dimitar GuelevA Separation Theorem for Discrete Time Interval Temporal Logic
FriNov 2611:00Petar IlievOn a method of proving the non-existence of modal formulae satisfying certain syntactic properties and defining a given class of frames
FriNov 1911:00Alexey V. KislitsinIdentities of Vector Spaces and Nonassociative Linear Algebras
FriNov 0511:00Erkko LehtonenPermutation groups and permutation patterns
FriOct 2914:00Kalina MinchevaTropical Geometry and the Commutative Algebra of Semirings
FriOct 2211:00Peter DanchevOn Some Special Decompositions of Matrices over Fields and Finite Commutative Rings
FriSep 1708:00George ShabatDessins d’enfants and moduli spaces of curves
FriJul 1610:00Stefan DantchevProof Complexity of Resolution over linear inequalities
FriJul 0910:00Greta PanovaThe mysterious Kronecker coefficients of the Symmetric group
FriJul 0210:00Natalia IyuduNoncommutative Poisson structures, Hochschild type complexes and Gröbner bases theory
FriJun 2508:00Arkadii SlinkoFraming in secret sharing
FriJun 1810:00Bogdana OliynikPrimary decompositions of unital locally matrix algebras and Steinitz numbers
FriJun 1110:00Lyubomir BorissovDistinctness of the “lifted” Kloosterman sums over the prime field F_p
FriJun 0410:00Michael Vaughan-LeeSchur’s exponent conjecture
FriMay 2810:00Ilinka DimitrovaRanks of Monoids of Endomorphisms, Partial Automorphisms and Injective Partial Endomorphisms of a Finite Undirected Path
FriMay 2113:00Ednei Aparecido Santulo Jr.Group gradings on incidence algebras
FriMay 1410:00Vesselin DrenskyNon-finitely based and limit varieties of algebraic systems
FriMay 0710:00Valentin IlievOn the Degree of Dependence of Two Events
ThuApr 2912:00Peter DanchevCommutative Group Rings and Abelian Groups
FriApr 2313:00Alexandr ZubkovOn Krull dimension of Noetherian super-rings
FriApr 1613:00Veselin FilevThe Holographic Principle – Motivation and Applications
FriApr 0910:00Ivan PenkovUniversal tensor categories and “algebraic functional analysis”
FriMar 2611:00Dimitar GuelevSome axioms about rationality in infinite concurrent multiplayer games with ordered objectives and temporary coalitions in QCTL*
FriMar 1914:00Andreas WeiermannSome applications of transfinite numbers to algebra and some applications of number theory to transfinite numbers
FriMar 1214:30Ljudmila KamenovaAlgebraic Non-hyperbolicity of Hyperkähler Manifolds
FriMar 0514:00Dessislava KochloukovaFinite presentability for metabelian groups, Lie algebras and restricted Lie algebras
FriFeb 2611:00Hristo GanchevEnumeration Reducibility: 60 years of investigation
FriFeb 1911:00Jose BroxIdentities in Prime Rings
FriFeb 1214:00Leonid Makar-LimanovOn the Newton polytope of a Jacobian pair
FriFeb 0511:00Roussanka LoukanovaReduction Calculus of Type-Theory of Acyclic Algorithms, II
FriJan 2911:00Roussanka LoukanovaReduction Calculus of Type-Theory of Acyclic Algorithms
FriJan 1514:40Dimitar P. GuelevTemporary Coalitions and Preference in Quantified Computation Tree Logic
FriJan 1514:10Ivan ChipchakovOpen Problems on Field Extensions of Finite Transcendency Degree and the PAC Property
FriJan 1513:30Petar IlievWhy Philosophers and Logicians Should Learn More about Computational Complexity
FriJan 1512:50Vesselin DrenskyComputational Complexity and Decision Problems in Algebra
FriJan 1511:40Dimitar VakarelovPoint-free Theories of Space and Time
FriJan 1511:25Jean-Yves BeziauOfficial Address
FriJan 1510:10Alexandra SoskovaEffective Coding and Decoding in Classes of Structures
FriJan 1509:40Rosen LutskanovBinary Decision Diagrams for Rational Choice
FriJan 1509:00Elena TsvetkovaExplanation of the Conversation Implicatures with the Graded Salience Hypothesis
FriJan 1508:30Doroteya AngelovaSome Solutions of Sorites Paradoxes
FriJan 1508:00Martin TabakovChallenges of Contemporary Logic to Philosophy
FriJan 0811:00Dimitrinka VladevaDerivations in matrix semirings
FriDec 1815:45Dimitar GuelevStrategy Profiles and a Vocabulary for Solving Infinite Concurrent Games with Temporary Coalitions in QCTL*
FriDec 1815:15Valentin GorankoRational coordination in Pure Win-Lose Coordination Games
FriDec 1814:55Roussanka LoukanovaType-Theory of Parametric Algorithms
FriDec 1814:30Tatyana IvanovaContact join-semilattices
FriDec 1814:00Valentin IlievThe Uncertainty Principle for Screening Tests
FriDec 1813:05Dimiter DobrevLanguage for Description of Worlds
FriDec 1812:50Vilislav BuchackchievForecasting of the Bulgarian House price index using some macroeconomic indicators
FriDec 1812:25Hristo IlievFamilies of curves on ruled surfaces and applications to the Hilbert scheme of curves
FriDec 1811:55Veselin FilevHolographic Berkooz-Douglas Matrix Model at Finite Temperature
FriDec 1811:30Elitza HristovaRegularity of algebras of $O(n)$-invariants using Hilbert series
FriDec 1811:00Vladimir S. GerdjikovRecursion operators and the hierarchies of MKdV equations related to $D_4^{(1)}$, $D_4^{(2)}$ and $D_4^{(3)}$ Kac-Moody algebras
FriDec 1810:15Dimitrinka VladevaDerivations of skew Ore polynomial semirings
FriDec 1809:55Jörg KoppitzThe generators of the semigroup of all transformations preserving a crown
FriDec 1809:20Tatiana Gateva-IvanovaAssociative algebras and Lie algebras defined by Lyndon words
FriDec 1808:55Ivan ChipchakovFields of dimension one, normal over a global or local field
FriDec 1808:20Vassil KanevHurwitz modular varieties parametrizing coverings with fixed monodromy group
FriDec 1807:50Vesselin DrenskyNew examples of fundamental algebras (joint project with Luisa Carini, University of Messina, Italy)
TueDec 1513:00Denjoe O'ConnorHagedorn transitions in Matrix Membranes
FriDec 1111:00Silvia BoumovaMargarete Wolf, Symmetric Polynomials in Noncommuting Variables and Noncommutative Invariant Theory
FriDec 0411:00Mikhail ZaicevPolynomial identities:anomalies of codimension growth
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