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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 22:40-23:40 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Hugo Marrochio*, Masamichi Miyaji*
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Email organizers in case you have questions. The archive of the past talk is at www.youtube.com/channel/UCBpJej3l8l7mM594oKUxgxA

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueSep 0722:40Steve ShenkerWormholes without averaging
MonMay 1017:30Ben FreivogelWormholes calculate averages over states
TueMay 0422:40Alex MayQuantum tasks require islands on the brane
TueApr 2722:40Herman VerlindeTowards a string dual of SYK
TueApr 2022:40Petr HoravaLarge N Expansion and String Theory Out of Equilibrium
TueApr 1322:40Gary HorowitzBoundary Causality Violating Metrics in Holography
TueApr 0622:40Simeon HellermanQuantum Information Theory of the Gravitational Anomaly
TueMar 3022:40Henry MaxfieldBaby Universes and Worldline Field Theories
TueMar 2322:40Netta EngelhardtCosmic Censorship in AdS/CFT
TueMar 1622:40Tom HartmanIslands in Cosmology
TueMar 0923:40Tadashi TakayanagiA New Generalization of Entanglement Entropy: Pseudo Entropy
TueFeb 0923:40Joaquin TuriaciThe black hole spectrum in (super)gravity
TueFeb 0223:40Zhenbin YangA violation of global symmetries from replica wormholes and the fate of black hole remnants
TueJan 2623:40Andreas BlommaertWormholes, eigenbranes and ensembles
TueJan 1923:40Tom RudeliusGeneralizations of Generalized Global Symmetries and the Swampland
TueDec 1523:40Mykhaylo UsatyukDilaton-gravity, deformations of the minimal string, and matrix models
TueDec 0123:40Rob MyersQuantum Extremal Islands Made Easy
WedNov 0423:40Jordan CotlerEuclidean Wormholes and Gravitational Constrained Instantons
MonOct 2617:30Lorenz EberhardtPartition functions of the tensionless string
TueOct 1322:40Antony SperanzaAnomalies in gravitational charge algebras of null boundaries and black hole entropy
TueOct 0622:40Monica KangA GNS story of holographic baby universes
TueSep 2922:40Lampros LamprouInside the Hologram: The bulk observer's experience
TueSep 2222:40Matthew DodelsonSingularities of Thermal Correlators at Strong Coupling
TueSep 1522:40Chitraang MurdiaCoarse-Graining Holographic States and Semiclassical Bulk Flow
TueSep 0822:40Graeme Stewart Baird SmithMultipartite Optimized Correlation Measures and Holography
TueJul 2822:40Geoff PeningtonLeading order corrections to the quantum extremal surface prescription
TueJul 1421:00Jinzhao WangOuter entropy = Bartnik-Bray inner mass, and the gravitational ant conjecture
TueJun 1622:40Alex MaloneyGravity from Averaging CFTs
TueJun 0922:40Mark Van RaamsdonkHolo-ween
TueJun 0222:40Juan MaldacenaMagnetic black holes
TueMay 2622:40Adam BoulandComputational pseudorandomness, the wormhole growth paradox, and constraints on the AdS/CFT duality
TueMay 1222:40Netta EngelhardtModels of Black Hole Evaporation
TueMay 0522:40Marija TomasevicStrong cosmic censorship in the BTZ black hole
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