Topology and Geometry Seminar (Texas, Kansas)

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mathematical physics algebraic topology category theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 20:30-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Dmitri Pavlov*, Daniel Grady
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueApr 3020:30Jacob LebovicIterated K-theory and Functorial Field Theory
TueApr 2315:00Darrick LeeCharacterizing paths and surfaces via (higher) holonomy
TueApr 1615:00Adrian CloughHomotopical calculi and the smooth Oka principle
TueMar 2620:30Pelle SteffensDifferential geometric PDE moduli spaces: derived enhancements, ellipticity and representability
TueMar 1920:30Luigi AlfonsiBatalin–Vilkovisky formalism beyond perturbation theory via derived geometry
TueFeb 1316:00Grigorios GiotopoulosSmooth sets as a convenient setting for Lagrangian field theory
TueNov 2819:00Daniel Berwick-EvansTwisted equivariant Thom classes in topology and physics
TueNov 2119:00Joseph Tooby-SmithSmooth generalized symmetries of quantum field theories
TueNov 1419:00Araminta AmabelA factorization homology approach to line operators
TueNov 0719:00Severin BunkSmooth higher symmetries groups and the geometry of Deligne cohomology
TueOct 2418:00Arun DebrayConstructing the Virasoro groups using differential cohomology
ThuOct 0519:00Rachel KinardSheaves as a Data Structure (Part 2)
TueOct 0318:00Rachel KinardSheaves as a Data Structure
TueApr 2520:30Felix WierstraA recognition principle for iterated suspensions as coalgebras over the little cubes operad
TueApr 1820:30Till HeineThe Dwyer Kan-correspondence and its categorification
TueApr 1120:30Robert FraserFourier analysis in Diophantine approximation
TueApr 0420:30Emilio MinichielloDiffeological Principal Bundles, Čech Cohomology and Principal Infinity Bundles
TueMar 0721:30Domenico FiorenzaString bordism invariants in dimension 3 from U(1)-valued TQFTs
TueFeb 2121:30Aaron Mazel-GeeTowards knot homology for 3-manifolds
TueFeb 0721:30Christian BlohmannElastic diffeological spaces
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