One World Seminar on Combinatorics on words

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formal languages and automata theory combinatorics dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Anna Frid*, Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey O. Shallit*, Manon Stipulanti
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Please write to Anna Frid to receive the Zoom password and further announcements.

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Past talks
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MonSep 2813:00Jarkko PeltomäkiAvoiding abelian powers cyclically
MonOct 0513:00Jarosław GrytczukTBA
MonOct 1913:00Michel DekkingThe structure of Zeckendorf representations and base $\varphi$ expansions
MonOct 2614:00Matthieu RosenfeldTBA
MonNov 0914:00Eric RowlandTBA
MonNov 2314:00Émilie CharlierTBA
MonDec 0714:00Marie LejeuneTBA
MonDec 1414:00Sébastien LabbéTBA
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MonSep 1413:00Reem YassawiThe Ellis semigroup of bijective substitution shifts
MonJul 2713:00James CurrieRemarks on Pansiot encodings
MonJul 2013:00Laurent VuillonCombinatorics on words for Markoff numbers
MonJul 1313:00Michel RigoBinomial^3 : coefficients, equivalence, complexity…
MonJun 2913:00Lucas MolExtremal Square-Free Words and Variations
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