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HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory mathematical physics

Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 19:30-20:30, Thursday 17:30-19:30, 19:30-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Christina Pettola*, Sung Hak Lim, Vivek Saxena*, Erica DiPaola*
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Description: Weekly research seminar of the NHETC at Rutgers University

Livestream link is available on the webpage.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueMar 2618:30Francois LanusseTBA
TueApr 0218:30Iñaki Garcia-EtxebarriaDeriving SymTFTs from geometry
TueApr 2318:30Ibrahima BahTBA
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TueFeb 1319:30Ofer AharonyTwo dimensional QCD as a string theory
TueJan 3019:30Carolina FigueiredoScalars to Pions and Gluons: New structure closer to the real world
TueJan 2319:30Zohar KomargodskiThe dynamics on Defects in Magnets and Gauge Theories
TueDec 1919:30Lotte HollandsNon-perturbative partition functions for N=2 theories of class S
ThuDec 1419:30Ahsan KhanHolomorphic Surface Defects in 4d Chern-Simons Theory and the Bethe Equations
TueDec 0519:30Francois LanusseTBA
TueNov 2819:30Daniel BrennanThe Callan Rubakov Effect
TueNov 1419:30Brian SwingleTBA
TueNov 0719:30Kevin CostelloBurns space and celestial holography
TueOct 3118:30Shu-Heng ShaoNon-invertible lattice translation
ThuOct 2618:30Yitian SunTBA
TueOct 2418:30Eliezer RabinoviciSome Aspects of Krylov Complexity
TueOct 1718:30Dan FreedWhat is an anomaly?
TueOct 1018:30Kathryn ZurekTBA
TueSep 2618:30Michael WinerThe Spectral Form Factor: From Hydrodynamics to the Riemann Zeta Function
ThuSep 2118:30Hao Lan-XuAnalyticity properties of 2d Ising Field Theories
TueSep 1918:30Akshay GhalsasiGravitational Waves from NNaturalness
TueSep 1218:30Veronica PasquarellaCategorical Symmetries and Fiber Functors from Multiple Condensing Homomorphisms from 6D N=(2,0) SCFTs
TueSep 0518:30Lina Necib(Machine) Learning of Dark Matter
TueMay 2318:30Fiona BurnellA bulk-boundary correspondence for non-invertible symmetries
ThuMay 1118:30Thomas BanksThe Density Matrix Of A Causal Diamond
ThuMay 1116:30Mariel PetteeWeakly-Supervised Anomaly Detection in the Milky Way
ThuMay 0418:00Gabriel WongGeneralized entropy in topological string theory
TueMay 0218:30Seth KorenPutting Generalized Symmetries to Work for Particle Physics
ThuApr 2718:30Thomas BanksThe Density Matrix Of A Causal Diamond
TueApr 2518:30Johanna ErdmengerDiscrete Holography
TueApr 1818:30Katherine FraserTBA
TueApr 0418:30Annika PeterTBA
ThuMar 3018:30Thomas BanksThe Density Matrix of a Causal Diamond
TueMar 2818:30Stefano NegroThe relevance of being irrelevant
ThuMar 2318:30Thomas BanksThe Density Matrix of a Causal Diamond
TueMar 2118:30David DunskyA Heavy QCD Axion and the Mirror World
TueMar 1418:30Kevin CrokerTBA
ThuMar 0919:00Gleb Kotousov2D black hole sigma models from an integrable spin chain
TueMar 0719:30Manuel SzewcNull Hypothesis Test for Anomaly Detection
TueFeb 2819:30Jonathan HeckmanIIB Determined
TueFeb 2119:30Edward WittenThe Timelike Tube Theorem
TueFeb 0719:30Malte BuschmannThe post-inflationary axion
ThuFeb 0217:30Mihoko NojiriFuture electron beam dump experiments
TueJan 3119:30Nathan SeibergSymmetries and Anomalies in the Continuum and on the Lattice
TueJan 2419:30David TongA Chern-Simons Theory for the North Atlantic Ocean
TueDec 2019:30Ingo RunkelTopological symmetries and their gaugings in 2dCFT and 3dTFT
TueDec 1319:30Petr HořavaTopological Quantum Gravity of the Ricci Flow
ThuDec 0819:00Sunil MukhiClassification of Unitary RCFTs with Two Primaries and c < 25
TueDec 0619:30Isabel Garcia GarciaThe Rocket Science of Bubble Walls
ThuDec 0119:00Seminar is Cancelled: Gabriel WongSeminar is Cancelled: Generalized entropy in topological string theory
TueNov 2919:30Keisuke HarigayaCosmology of Axion Rotation
TueNov 2219:30Joshua FosterLumped Element Axion Detection at All Frequencies
TueNov 1519:30Shu-Heng ShaoNon-invertible Symmetries in Nature
ThuNov 1019:00Netta EngelhardtNon-Isometric Codes, Complexity, and the Black Hole Information Paradox
TueNov 0819:30Matthew BullimoreNon-invertible symmetry and higher representation theory
TueNov 0118:30David KutasovSmall Black Holes in String Theory
TueOct 2518:30Lorenzo Di PietroFactorization and Global symmetries in holography
TueOct 1818:30Eliezer RabinoviciPersistent Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking at High Temperatures
TueOct 1118:30Clay CordovaTBA
TueOct 0418:30Ben LillardTBA
ThuSep 2918:00Nikita NekrasovOne flew over the QQ-nest
TueSep 2718:30Anna GolubevaOn the fundamental role of sparsity in machine learning
TueSep 2018:30Sameer MurthyGiant gravitons in gauge theory
TueMay 1718:30Prasanth ShyamsundarConstructing sensitive and robust collider observables with machine learning
TueMay 0318:30Anja ButterNormalizing Flows for LHC Theory
TueApr 2618:30Pietro LonghiStudies of five-dimensional BPS spectra and applications to enumerative geometry
TueApr 1918:30Joshua IsaacsonHow to measure M_W: A theory perspective
TueApr 1218:30Du PeiHolomorphic CFTs and topological modular forms
TueApr 0518:30Ian MoultConformal Colliders Meet the LHC
TueMar 2918:30Andy NeitzkeDifferential equations and deformations of supersymmetric QFT
TueMar 2218:30Greg YangRenormalizing the Optimal Hyperparameters of a Neural Network
TueMar 1518:30Peizhi DuNew backgrounds and new ideas for sub-GeV dark matter direct detection
TueMar 0819:30Tudor DimofteA QFT for non-semisimple TQFT
TueMar 0119:30Clara MurguiDark Unification: a UV-complete Theory of Asymmetric Dark Matter
TueFeb 2219:30Anton KapustinEquivariant Berry phase for many-body quantum lattice systems
TueFeb 1521:30Graham WhiteArchaeology on the origin of matter
TueFeb 0819:30Dalimil MazacAutomorphic Spectra and the Conformal Bootstrap
TueFeb 0119:30Hank LammQuantum Computing for Quantum Field Theories
TueDec 0719:30Rebecca LeaneDetecting Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
TueNov 3019:30Geoff PeningtonQuantum minimal surfaces from quantum error correction
TueNov 2319:30Juven WangQuantum Criticality Beyond the Standard Model and Ultra Unification
TueNov 1619:30Katelin SchutzAstrophysical plasmas, phase space, and searches for new particles
TueNov 0919:30Brian SwingleHydrodynamics and the Spectral Form Factor
TueNov 0218:30Ofri TelemMonopole Catalysis From Scattering Amplitudes
TueOct 2618:30Davide GaiottoGiant gravitons in twisted holograpy
TueOct 1918:30Siddharth Mishra-SharmaUsing machine learning to look for dark matter in the Galactic Center, the Milky Way halo, and other galaxies
TueOct 1216:00Daniel HarlowA universal formula for the density of states in theories with finite-group symmetry
TueOct 0518:30Patrick DraperThe CKN Bound and Particle Physics
TueSep 2818:30John McGreevyFractons and Chern-Simons Theory
TueSep 2117:00Daniel WhitesonLearning Particle Physics from Machines
TueSep 1417:00Shu-Heng ShaoOn topological boundary conditions in 2+1d TQFT
TueSep 0717:00Tongyan LinDark matter direct detection with dielectrics
TueMay 0417:00Brian NordDeeply Uncertain: (how) can we make deep learning tools trustworthy for scientific measurements?
TueApr 2017:00Jeff DrorTesting fundamental physics using pulsars
TueApr 1317:00Emil MartinecStringy Structure at the BPS Bound
TueApr 0617:00Ken Van TilburgStellar Basins of Gravitationally Bound Particles
TueMar 2317:00Phiala ShanahanMachine learning for physics: gauge-equivariant architectures
TueMar 0918:00Nicholas RoddTwo new ideas for the axion dark matter program
TueFeb 2318:00Cristina MondinoProbing dark matter substructure with astrometric weak lensing
TueFeb 0918:30Harikrishnan RamaniTackling energy deficits for dark matter detection
TueJan 2618:30Jared KaplanScaling Laws in Machine Learning and GPT-3
TueNov 0320:00Sergei GukovCobordism invariants from BPS q-series
TueOct 2719:00Ibrahima BahAnomaly Inflow and topological mass terms
TueOct 1319:00Ahsan KhanDomain Wall Junctions and Categorical Wall-Crossing
TueMay 1219:00Aswin BalasubramanianFamilies of Hitchin systems and N=2 theories
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