ViBraNT (Virtual Brazilian Number Theory seminar)

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number theory probability

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Marco Aymone*, Felipe Gonçalves, Ramon Nunes
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Past talks
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TueFeb 0716:00Kaisa MatomäkiTBA
TueJan 3116:00Stevan GajovicTBA
TueJan 2416:00Jeffrey VaalerTBA
TueJan 1016:00Rachel GreenfeldTBA
TueDec 1316:00Ayla GafniTBA
TueDec 0616:00Kevin DestagnolThe Loughran--Smeets conjecture for some Châtelet type varieties
TueNov 2916:00Carlo PaganoThe negative Pell equation
TueNov 2216:00Oleksiy KlurmanAutomatic semigroups
TueNov 1516:00Cynthia BortolottoWeyl sums with Multiplicative Coefficients and Joint Equidistribution
TueNov 0816:00Christoph AisleitnerA first guide to uniform distribution mod 1 and discrepancy
TueNov 0116:00Max XuCentral limit theorems for random multiplicative functions
TueOct 2516:00Alexander MangerelLarge order Dirichlet characters and an analogue of a conjecture of Vinogradov
TueOct 1816:00Winston HeapMean values of long Dirichlet polynomials
TueOct 1116:00Olivier RamaréThe Levin-Fainleib pathway, around and further
TueOct 0416:00Igor ShparlinskiMaximal Operators and Restriction Bounds for Weyl Sums
ThuJun 1717:00Ricardo MisturiniLaw of the Iterated Logarithm for a Random Dirichlet Series
ThuJun 1017:00Anders SödergrenCan a random lattice and its dual be independent?
ThuJun 0317:00Vorrapan ChandeeThe sixth moment of Dirichlet L-functions without average in the t-aspect
ThuMay 2717:00Louis ChenA probabilistic approach to the Erdös-Kac theorem for additive functions
ThuMay 2017:00Sávio RibasSome direct and inverse zero-sum problems
ThuMay 1317:00Daniel FiorilliHigher moments of primes in intervals and in arithmetic progressions
ThuMay 0617:00Youness LamzouriZeros of linear combinations of L-functions near the critical line
ThuApr 2217:00Chantal DavidOne-Level density for cubic characters over the Eisenstein field
ThuApr 1517:00Brad RodgersThe distribution of random polynomials with multiplicative coefficients
ThuApr 0817:00Marco AymoneSome oscillation theorems in analytic and probabilistic Number Theory
ThuMar 2517:00Chris HughesA Random Matrix Model for Gram's Law
ThuMar 1817:00Daniele MastrostefanoThe partial sum of a random multiplicative function on integers with a large prime factor
ThuMar 1117:00Sandro BettinModularity and distribution of quantum knots invariants
ThuFeb 2517:00Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughGaps between zeros of the Riemann zeta-function
ThuFeb 1817:00Andreas WeingartnerAn extension of the Siegel-Walfisz theorem
ThuFeb 1117:00Joni TeräväinenHigher order uniformity of the Möbius function
ThuFeb 0417:00Marc MunschPair correlation of sequences: metric results and a modified additive energy
ThuJan 2817:00Kyle PrattLandau-Siegel zeros and central values of L-functions
ThuJan 2117:00Cathy SwaenepoelPrime numbers with preassigned digits
ThuJan 1417:00Olivier RamaréAn additive question in multiplicative number theory
ThuDec 0317:00Kevin FordDivisors of integers, permutations and polynomials
ThuNov 2617:00Sandoel VieiraM\L is not closed
ThuNov 1917:00Kaisa MatomäkiAlmost primes in almost all very short intervals
ThuNov 1217:00Maksym RadziwillThe Fyodorov-Hiary-Keating conjecture
ThuNov 0517:00Εfthymios SofosSchinzel Hypothesis with probability 1 and rational points
ThuOct 2917:00James MaynardPrimes in arithmetic progressions to large moduli
ThuOct 2217:00Thomas BloomAdditive structure in dense sets of integers
ThuOct 1517:00Dimitris KoukoulopoulosHow concentrated can the divisors of a typical integer be?
ThuOct 0817:00Sarah PeluseAn asymptotic version of the prime power conjecture for perfect difference sets
ThuOct 0117:00Lucile DevinChebyshev’s bias and sums of two squares
ThuSep 2417:00Andrés ChirreThe behavior of the argument of the Riemann zeta-function
ThuSep 1717:00Andrew GranvilleHeuristics and computations for primes in short intervals; and sieves and Siegel zeros
ThuSep 1017:00Gady KozmaRandom polynomials, sieves and Dedekind zeta functions
ThuSep 0317:00Maxim GerspachLow pseudomoments of the Riemann zeta function and its powers
ThuAug 2717:00Oleksiy KlurmanMonotone chains in multiplicative sets
ThuAug 2017:00Adam HarperMultiplicative chaos in number theory
ThuAug 1317:00Sam ChowMoments of Weyl sums, restriction estimates, and diophantine equations
ThuAug 0617:00Winston HeapRandom multiplicative functions and a model for the Riemann zeta function
ThuJul 3017:00Jing ZhaoDiscrete negative moments of $\zeta'(\rho)$
ThuJul 2317:00Ramon NunesMoments of k-free numbers in arithmetic progressions.
ThuJul 1617:00Alexander MangerelSquarefree Integers in Arithmetic Progressions to Smooth/Friable Moduli
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