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University of Arizona

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Sungyoon Cho*, Pan Yan*
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Past talks
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TueApr 1121:00Peter WearTBA
TueApr 1821:00Arvind SureshTBA
TueMay 0221:00Radu LazaTBA
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TueMar 2821:00Danielle WangGlobal twisted GGP conjecture for unramified quadratic extensions
WedMar 2201:00Yu YangModuli spaces of fundamental groups in positive characteristic
WedMar 1501:00Yasuhiro WakabayashiDormant opers and canonical diagonal liftings
TueFeb 2821:00Naomi SweetingTate Classes and Endoscopy for GSp4
TueFeb 2121:00Baiying LiuRecent progress on certain problems related to local Arthur packets of classical groups
TueFeb 1421:00Cheng ChenOn the local Gross-Prasad conjecture over archimedean local fields
TueJan 3121:00Xu Gaop-adic representations and simplicial balls in Bruhat-Tits buildings
TueJan 1721:00Steven Groenp-Torsion of Abelian varieties in characteristic p
ThuJan 1221:00Chen WanPeriod integrals and multiplicities for some strongly tempered spherical varieties
TueNov 2921:00Heidi GoodsonDegeneracy and Sato-Tate Groups in Dimension Greater than 3
TueNov 1521:00Soumya SankarCounting elliptic curves with a rational N-isogeny
TueNov 0821:00Nicholas OvenhouseSuper Ptolemy Relation and Double Dimer Covers
TueNov 0121:00Jialiang ZouOn some Hecke algebra modules arising from theta correspondence and its deformation
TueOct 1817:00Daniel DisegniTheta cycles
FriOct 1420:00Aaron LandesmanArithmetic representations on generic curves
TueSep 2021:00Alexander HazeltineIntersections of local Arthur packets for classical groups
TueSep 1321:00Ziquan YangThe Tate Conjecture over Finite Fields for Varieties with $h^{2,0}=1$.
TueSep 0621:00Arvind SureshCurves with large rank via the PTE problem
TueAug 3021:00Pan YanL-function for Sp(4)xGL(2) via a non-unique model
TueMay 1021:00Elad ZelingherOn regularization of integrals of matrix coefficients associated to spherical Bessel models
TueMay 0321:00Maria FoxSupersingular Loci of Unitary (2,m-2) Shimura Varieties
TueApr 2621:00Qiao HeKudla-Rapoport conjecture at a ramified prime.
TueApr 1221:00Shichen TangSlope stability for higher rank Artin--Schreier--Witt towers
TueApr 0521:00Zhiyu ZhangModularity and Bruhat--Tits stratification
TueMar 1521:00Keerthi MadapusiDerived homomorphisms of abelian varieties and special cycles on Shimura varieties
TueFeb 2221:00Tristan PhillipsCounting Elliptic Curves over Number Fields
TueFeb 1521:00Zhixiang WuCompanion forms with non-regular weights
TueFeb 0821:00Tarun DalalThe structure of Drinfeld modular forms of level $\Gamma_0(T)$ and applications
TueFeb 0121:00Pavel CoupekCrystalline condition for Ainf-cohomology and ramification bounds
TueJan 2521:00Zahi HazanAn Identity Relating Eisenstein Series on General Linear Groups
TueDec 0721:00Serin HongClassification theorems for vector bundles on the Fargues-Fontaine curve
TueNov 3021:00Ayan MaitiWEYL’S LAW FOR CUSP FORMS OF ARBITRARY $K_{\infty}$-TYPE
TueNov 2321:00Luis GarciaEisenstein cocycles and values of L-functions
TueNov 1621:00Darlayne AddabboZhu algebras and their applications
TueNov 0921:00Shizhang LiOn u-power torsions in prismatic cohomology
TueNov 0221:00Felix Baril BoudreauComputing an L-function modulo a prime
TueOct 2621:00Yousheng ShiKudla-Rapoport conjecture at a ramified prime
TueOct 1921:00Aparna UpadhyayThe non-projective part of modular representations of finite groups
TueOct 0521:00Tony FengHigher arithmetic theta series
TueSep 2121:00Anwesh RayRank jumps and growth of Tate-Shafarevich groups of elliptic curves
TueSep 1417:00Huajie LiOn the comparison of an infinitesimal variant of Guo-Jacquet trace formulae
TueAug 3121:00David SchweinRecent progress on the formal degree conjecture
TueMay 0421:00Jiuya WangAverage of $3$-torsion in class groups of $2$-extensions
TueApr 2021:00Yihang ZhuIrreducible components of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties
TueApr 1321:00Jason QuinonesSlow-Growing Weak Jacobi Forms
TueApr 0621:00Congling QiuModularity and Heights of CM cycles on Kuga-Sato varieties
TueMar 2317:00Andreas MihatschAFL over F
TueMar 0221:00Yanshuai QinA relation between Brauer groups and Tate-Shafarevich groups for high dimensional fibrations
TueFeb 2321:00Carl Wang EricksonSmall non-Gorenstein residually Eisenstein Hecke algebras
TueFeb 1621:00Yong-Suk MoonRelative Fontaine-Messing theory over power series rings
TueFeb 0917:00Robin BartlettSome Breuil-Mezard identities in moduli spaces of Breuil-Kisin modules
TueJan 2621:00Chao LiBeilinson-Bloch conjecture for unitary Shimura varieties
TueDec 0821:00Aaron WoottonNon-Abelian simple groups act with almost all signatures
TueDec 0121:00Yuan LiuPresentations of Galois groups of maximal extensions with restricted ramifications
TueNov 2421:00Aaron PollackSingular modular forms on quaternionic E_8
TueNov 1721:00Andrea DottoMod p Bernstein centres of p-adic groups
TueNov 1021:00Melissa EmoryA multiplicity one theorem for general spin groups
TueNov 0317:00Thomas GemuendenNon-Abelian Orbifold Theory
TueOct 2721:00Francesc CastellaIwasawa theory of elliptic curves at Eisenstein primes and applications
TueOct 0617:00Jessica FintzenRepresentations of p-adic groups and applications
TueSep 2921:00Wanlin LiThe Ceresa class: tropical, topological, and algebraic
TueSep 2217:00Stefan PatrikisLifting Galois representations
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