Dynamical systems seminar at the Jagiellonian University

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 08:15-09:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Dominik Kwietniak, Roman Srzednicki, Klaudiusz Wójcik
Curator: Marcin Kulczycki*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMar 1815:00Sohail FarhangiEnhancements of van der Corput's Difference Theorem and connections to the ergodic hierarchy of mixing.
FriMar 1115:15Adam KanigowskiErgodic and statistical properties of smooth systems
FriDec 1009:15Pierre-Antoine GuihéneufTwo examples of systems with historic behaviour
FriDec 0309:15Michał LemańczykTopological pressure of convolution systems with application to B-free systems
FriMay 2108:15Manuel StadlbauerA logarithmic law for continued fractions with sequentially restricted entries
FriMay 1408:15Alexandre TrillesTopological stability of iterated function systems
FriMay 0708:15Elżbieta KrawczykAutomatic sequences in automatic systems
WedApr 2813:15Thiago RaszejaThermodynamic formalism on generalized countable Markov shifts
FriApr 0908:15Hector BargeTBA
FriMar 2609:15Aurelia BartnickaTopological dynamics of multidimensional $\mathscr{B}$-free systems: proximality, minimality and maximal equicontinuous factor.
FriMar 1909:15Maik GrögerGroup actions with discrete spectrum and their amorphic complexity
FriMar 1209:15Jakub KoniecznyQuasicrystals from the point of view of additive combinatorics
FriMar 0509:15Sascha TroscheitA dimension theory approach to embeddings in random geometry
FriJan 2209:15Jan BorońskiParametric families of attractors and inverse limits
FriJan 0809:15Marcel MroczekThe Besicovitch Metric on the Space of G -invariant Ergodic Measures
FriDec 1109:15Mike ToddPressure on non-compact spaces
FriDec 0414:00Christian WolfComputability of topological pressure on compact shift spaces beyond finite type
FriNov 2709:15Till HausnerEntropy in the context of aperiodic order
FriNov 2009:15Paulo VarandasPhase transitions and appearance of ghost measures
FriNov 1310:15Katrin GelfertHeterodimensionality of skew-products with concave fiber maps
FriNov 0609:15Tomasz DownarowiczMultiorder of countable groups
FriOct 3009:15Jakub ByszewskiArithmetic properties of the number of periodic points
FriOct 2308:15Anna SzczepanekDynamical Entropy of Unitary Operators in Finite-dimensional State Spaces
FriOct 0908:15Joanna Kułaga-PrzymusEntropy rate of product of independent processes
FriOct 0208:15Dominik KwietniakDbar-approachability, entropy density and B-free shifts
FriJun 1908:15Julien MellerayCharacterizing sets of invariant probability measures of minimal homeomorphisms of the Cantor space
FriJun 1208:15Jakub KoniecznyAutomatic multiplicative sequences
FriJun 0508:15Gabriel FuhrmannSome recent progress on tameness in minimal systems
FriMay 2908:15Tobias Oertel-JägerTopological dynamics of irregular model sets
FriMay 2214:15Michał MisiurewiczFlexibility of entropies for piecewise expanding unimodal maps
FriMay 1508:15Samuel RothSpecial alpha-limit sets on the interval
FriMay 0808:15Dominik KwietniakEntropy, f-bar, and Abramov's formula for the entropy of induced transformations
FriApr 2408:15Olga LukinaStabilizers in group Cantor actions and measures
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