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differential geometry dynamical systems geometric topology symplectic geometry spectral theory

Tel Aviv University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 12:10-13:30, Wednesday 11:10-12:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Michael Bialy, Lev Buhovsky*, Yaron Ostrover, Leonid Polterovich
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJun 2111:10Stefan NemirovskiLegendrian links and déjà vu moments
WedJun 1411:10Lev BirbrairTBA
WedJun 0711:10Hyunmoon KimThe real orbits of complex Lagrangian Grassmannians
WedMay 3111:10Lenya RyzhikDiffusion of learning models
WedMay 1711:10Joé BrendelLagrangian product tori in $S^2 \times S^2$
WedMay 1012:10Marcelo R. R. AlvesC^0-stability of topological entropy for 3-dimensional Reeb flows
WedMay 1011:10Gleb SmirnovLagrangian rigidity in K3 surfaces
WedMay 0311:10Shmuel WeinbergerTorsion, L^2 cohomology and complexity
WedApr 1912:10Başak Z. GürelOn the volume of Lagrangian submanifolds
WedApr 1911:10Viktor L. GinzburgTopological Entropy of Reeb Flows, Barcodes and Floer Theory
WedMar 2911:10Pazit Haim-KislevSymplectic Barriers
WedMar 1512:10Ely KermanMean width, symplectic capacities and volume
WedJan 1812:10Michael EntovKahler-type embeddings of balls into symplectic manifolds
WedJan 1115:10Yuhan SunHeavy sets and relative symplectic cohomology
WedJan 0413:20Shira TannyClosing lemmas in contact dynamics and holomorphic curves
WedJan 0412:00Iosif PolterovichPólya's eigenvalue conjecture: some recent advances
WedDec 2812:10Albert FathiSmooth Lyapunov functions on closed subsets and isolating neighbourhoods
WedDec 2112:10Maksim StokicFlexibility of the adjoint action of the group of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms
WedDec 1412:10Mira ShamisOn the abominable properties of the Almost Mathieu operator with Liouville frequencies
WedDec 0712:10Yoel GromanClosed string mirrors of symplectic cluster manifolds
WedNov 3012:10Joé BrendelPinwheels as Lagrangian barriers
WedNov 2315:10Marcelo S. AtallahFixed points of small Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms and the Flux conjectures
WedNov 1612:10Jinxin XueDynamics of composite symplectic Dehn twists
WedNov 0912:10Grigory MikhalkinToric geometry and tropical trigonometry
WedNov 0215:10Pierre-Alexandre MailhotSpectral diameter, Liouville domains and symplectic cohomology
WedOct 2611:10Cheuk Yu MakSome cute applications of Lagrangian cobordisms
WedJun 0811:10David MiyamotoQuasifold groupoids and diffeological quasifolds
WedJun 0111:10Matthias MeiwesEntropy, braids, and Hofer's metric
WedMay 2511:10Alexander A. TrostElementary bounded generation for global function fields and some applications
WedMay 1812:10Alexey BalitskiySystolic freedom and rigidity modulo 2
WedMay 1811:10Ofir KarinApproximation of Generating Function Barcode for Hamiltonian Diffeomorphisms
WedMay 1111:10Hyunmoon KimComplex Lagrangian subspaces and representations of the canonical commutation relations
SunMay 0111:00Egor ShelukhinThe transcendental Bézout problem revisited
WedApr 2712:10Umut VarolgunesComputations in relative symplectic cohomology using local to global methods
WedApr 2711:10Michael BrandenburskyC^0-gap between entropy-zero Hamiltonians and autonomous diffeomorphisms of surfaces
WedApr 0611:10Sheng-Fu ChiuFrom Energy-Time Uncertainty to Symplectic Displacement Energy
WedMar 3011:10Maksim Stokic$C^0$ contact geometry of isotropic submanifolds
WedMar 2312:10Pranav ChakravarthyHomotopy type of equivariant symplectomorphisms of rational ruled surfaces
WedMar 1614:10Dustin Connery-GriggTBA
WedMar 0912:10Jake SolomonThe cylindrical transform
WedMar 0212:10Joé BrendelSqueezing the symplectic ball (up to a subset)
WedJan 0512:10Igor UljarevićContact non-squeezing via selective symplectic homology
WedDec 2212:10Simion FilipAnosov representations, Hodge theory, and Lyapunov exponents
WedDec 1512:10Philippe CharronPleijel's theorem for Schrödinger operators
WedDec 0812:10Louis IoosQuantization in stages and canonical metrics
MonNov 2913:10Sara TukachinskyBounding chains as a tool in open Gromov-Witten theory
WedNov 2412:10Gerhard KnieperGrowth rate of closed geodesics on surfaces without conjugate points
WedNov 1712:10Pazit Haim KislevSymplectic capacities of p-products
WedNov 1012:10Umut VarolgunesTrying to quantify Gromov's non-squeezing theorem
WedNov 0314:10Egor ShelukhinHamiltonian no-torsion
WedOct 2711:10Daniel TsodikovichBilliard Tables with rotational symmetry
WedJun 1611:10Marcelo R.R. AlvesEntropy collapse versus entropy rigidity for Reeb and Finsler flows
WedJun 0911:10Itamar Rosenfeld RauchOn the Hofer Girth of the Sphere of Great Circles
WedJun 0211:10Jeff HicksDecompositions of Lagrangian Cobordisms
WedMay 2611:10Jonathan David EvansA Lagrangian Klein bottle you can't squeeze
WedMay 1911:10Luis DiogoMonotone Lagrangians in cotangent bundles of spheres
WedMay 1211:10Georgios Dimitroglou RizellNon-degeneracy of Legendrians from bifurcation of contact homology
WedMay 0511:10Otto van KoertA generalization of the Poincare-Birkhoff fixed point theorem and the restricted three-body problem
WedApr 2811:10Zvi Shem-TovConjugation-invariant norms on arithmetic groups
WedApr 2111:10Thomas MelistasThe Large-Scale Geometry of Overtwisted Contact Forms
WedApr 0711:10Daniel RosenRandom inscribed polytopes in Non-Euclidean Geometries
WedMar 2412:10Daniel Peralta-SalasTuring completeness and universality of steady Euler flows
WedMar 1712:10Dmitry FaifmanAround the Funk metric and its billiards
WedMar 1012:10Daniel Cristofaro-GardinerThe subleading asymptotics of the ECH spectrum
WedMar 0312:10Boaz KlartagRigidity of Riemannian embeddings of discrete metric spaces
WedJan 1312:10Dan MangoubiA Local version of Courant's Nodal domain Theorem
WedJan 0612:10Vincent HumilièreIs the group of compactly supported area preserving homeomorphisms of the 2-disk simple?
WedDec 3012:10Shira TannyA max-inequality for spectral invariants of disjointly supported Hamiltonians
WedDec 2312:10Ood ShabtaiOn polynomials in two spectral projections of spin operators
WedDec 1612:10Barak WeissErgodicity of rel foliations on the space of holomorphic one forms
WedDec 0912:10Lev BirbrairLipschitz geometry of surface germs in $\R^4$: metric knots
WedDec 0215:10Vinicius G. B. RamosExamples around the strong Viterbo conjecture
WedNov 2512:10Frol ZapolskyRelative symplectic cohomology and ideal-valued measures
WedNov 1812:10Misha BialyThe Birkhoff-Poritsky conjecture for centrally-symmetric billiard tables
WedNov 1112:10Bo BerndtssonComplex integrals and Kuperberg's proof of the Bourgain-Milman theorem
WedNov 0415:10Laszlo LempertOn the adjoint action of symplectomorphism groups
WedOct 2812:10Andrew LobbThe rectangular peg problem
WedJul 0111:10Yusuke KawamotoHomogeneous quasimorphism, C^0-topology and Lagrangian intersection
WedJun 2411:10Uri BaderTotally geodesic subspaces and arithemeticity phenomena in hyperbolic manifolds
MonJun 2211:10Emanuel MilmanFunctional Inequalities on sub-Riemannian manifolds via QCD
WedJun 1711:10Ran TesslerOpen r-spin intersection theory
WedJun 0311:10Marco MazzucchelliClosed geodesics on reversible Finsler 2-spheres
WedMay 2711:10Victor IvriiHeavy atoms and molecules: Thomas-Fermi and Scott approximations
WedMay 2011:10Tsachik GelanderConvergence of normalized Betti numbers in nonpositive curvature
WedMay 1311:10Louis IoosAlmost-representations of the Lie algebra of SU(2) and quantization of the sphere
WedMay 0611:10Boris VertmanMean curvature flow in Lorentzian space times
WedApr 2211:10Michael EntovRigidity of Lagrangian tori in K3 surfaces
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