LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applications

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rings and algebras representation theory

Universidade de São Paulo / University of Campinas

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Ivan Shestakov (chair), Vyacheslav Futorny, Plamen Koshlukov, Lucia Satie Ikemoto Murakami, Felipe Yukihide Yasumura*
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuDec 1517:00Pavel ZalesskiCombinatorial theory of pro-p groups
ThuDec 0817:00Bojko BakalovAn operadic approach to vertex algebras and Poisson vertex algebras
ThuDec 0117:00Felipe YasumuraGroup gradings on the infinite dimensional triangular algebra
ThuNov 2417:00Matyas DomokosImprovements of the Noether bound for polynomial invariants of finite groups
ThuNov 1717:00Diogo DinizGradings on block-triangular matrix algebras
ThuNov 1017:00Igor KlepFactorization of noncommutative polynomials and Nullstellensätze for the free algebra
ThuNov 0317:00Viviane Ribeiro Tomaz da SilvaOn the minimal varieties of PI *-superalgebras and the factorability of their T-ideals
ThuOct 2717:00Laurent BartholdiDimension series and homotopy groups of spheres
ThuOct 2017:00Eduardo EstevesQuiver representations arising from degenerations of linear series
ThuOct 1317:00Carolina AraujoHigher Fano manifolds
ThuOct 0617:00Nikolay NikolovOn conjugacy classes of profinite groups
ThuSep 2917:00Alberto FacchiniMultiplicative lattices, skew braces
ThuSep 2217:00Allan BerelePoincaré Series of the Trace Rings of Generic Matrices
ThuSep 1517:00Sergey Pchelintsev and Oleg ShashkovSimple right-alternative superalgebras
ThuSep 0117:00Alistair SavageDiagratification
ThuAug 2517:00Victor PetrogradskyGrowth in Lie algebras
ThuAug 1817:00Alberto ElduqueTensor categories, algebras, and superalgebras
ThuAug 1117:00Artem LopatinSeparating invariants for matrices, octonions and multisymmetric polynomials
ThuAug 0417:00Ruy ExelThe opaque ideal
ThuJul 2817:00Jason BellRecent results on the Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence
ThuJul 1417:00Irina SviridovaHook theorem for identities and its generalizations
ThuJul 0717:00Ivan Ezequiel AngionoFinite-dimensional pointed Hopf algebras over central extensions of abelian groups
ThuJun 3017:00Sergio Lopez-PermouthOn the isomorphism problem for basic modules
ThuJun 2317:00Misha DokuchaevStrong equivalence of graded algebras
ThuJun 1617:00Pavel EtingofWeak Jordan algebras in characteristic 5 and tensor categories
ThuJun 0917:00Vladimir DotsenkoNew examples of Nielsen-Schreier varieties of algebras
ThuJun 0217:00David A. JordanSkew derivations of quantum spaces
ThuMay 2617:00Efim ZelmanovTBA
ThuMay 1917:00José Oswaldo Lezama SerranoAlgebraic sets, ideals of points and the Hilbert's Nullstellensatz theorem for skew PBW extensions
ThuMay 1217:00Yuri BahturinGroup Gradings and Actions of Pointed Hopf Algebras
ThuMay 0517:00Ivan PenkovNew analogues of category O for the Lie algebra \(sl(\infty)\)
ThuApr 2817:00Mark SapirSubgroups of the R.Thompson group F
ThuApr 2117:00Alexei MiasnikovRich groups and weak second order logic
ThuApr 1417:00Eduardo do Nascimento MarcosKoszul e homogeneous triples for algebras with two relations
ThuApr 0717:00Pavel ShumyatskyCommuting probability for subgroups of a finite group
ThuMar 3117:00Antonio M. PeraltaHow can we apply Jordan structures to reinterpret Wigner-Uhlhorn theorem?
ThuMar 2417:00Yuriy A. DrozdMorita Theory for noncommutative varieties
ThuMar 1717:00Alexander Stolin40 years of Lie bialgebras: From definition to classification
ThuMar 1017:00Victor GuerassimovRandom walks on groups. An introduction
ThuMar 0317:00Michel RacineLie Algebras afforded by Jordan algebras with particular Attention to Albert Algebras
ThuFeb 2417:00Holger PeterssonOctonions and Albert algebras over commutative rings
ThuFeb 1717:00Plamen KoshlukovGradings on upper triangular matrices
ThuDec 0917:00Vladimir SokolovNon-Abelian Poisson brackets on projective spaces
ThuDec 0217:00Iryna KashubaOn the Free Jordan algebras
ThuDec 0215:00Marcelo AguiarLie theory relative to a hyperplane arrangement
ThuNov 2517:00Arturo PianzolaDerivations of twisted forms of Lie algebras
ThuNov 1117:00Alexandre Grishkov12th Hilbert problem and Carlitz-Drinfeld-Anderson modules
ThuNov 0417:00Vsevolod GubrevEmbedding of Loday algebras into Rota-Baxter algebras
ThuOct 2817:00Aron SimisSome conjectures in commutative algebra
ThuOct 2117:00Oksana BezuschakLocally matrix algebras and algebras of Mackey
ThuOct 1417:00Louis RowenFinitely generated axial algebras
ThuOct 0717:00Michael J. LarsenQuotients of normal subsets in simple groups
ThuSep 3017:00Peter SemrlOn Wigner's theorem
ThuSep 2317:00Valery BardakovQuandles and quandle rings
ThuSep 1617:00Petr VojtechovskyQuandles and other classes of set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
ThuSep 0917:00Maria Ofelia RoncoGeneralization of dendriform algebras
ThuSep 0217:00Dimitry LeitesClassifications of simple Lie (super)algebras and algebras "more interesting" than simple
ThuAug 2617:00Askar Dzhumadil'daevDimension formula for Koszul operads
ThuAug 1917:00Eugeny PlotkinBounded generation and logical properties for linear and Kac-Moody cases
ThuAug 1215:00Nikolay RomanovskiyRigid solvable groups. Algebraic geometry and model theory
ThuAug 0517:00Alexei Kanel-BelovEvaluations of nonassociative polynomials on finite dimensional algebras
ThuJul 2917:00Onofrio Mario Di VincenzoAlgebras and superalgebras with (super-)involutions and their polynomial identities
ThuJul 2217:00Yuri BerestSpaces of quasi-invariants and homotopy Lie groups
ThuJul 1517:00Alex LubotzkyFirst order rigidity of high-rank arithmetic groups
ThuJul 0817:00Mikhail KotchetovFine gradings on classical simple Lie algebras
ThuJul 0117:00Dmitry V. Artamonov\(3j\)-symbols for the algebra \(gl_3\)
ThuJun 2417:00Vitaly A. Roman'kovEmbedding theorems for solvable groups
ThuJun 1720:00Geordie WilliamsonSpectra in representation theory
ThuJun 1017:00Tony PantevGeometry and topology of wild character varieties
ThuJun 0317:00Vyacheslav FutornyInfinite-dimensional representations of Lie algebras
ThuMay 2717:00Alexander KleshchevIrreducible restrictions from symmetric groups to subgroups
ThuMay 2017:00Farkhod EshmatovOn transitive action on quiver varieties
ThuMay 1317:00Alistair SavageAffine Hecke algebras and the elliptic Hall algebra
ThuMay 0617:00Natasha RozhkovskayaGenerating functions of polynomial tau-functions of the soliton hierarchies
ThuApr 2917:00Sergey Shpectorov2-generated algebras of Monster type
ThuApr 2218:00Mikhail BelolipetskyGrowth of lattices in semisimple Lie groups
ThuApr 1517:00José María Pérez IzquierdoSome aspects of the free nonassociative algebra
ThuApr 1515:00Shavkat AyupovLocal and 2-local derivations and automorphisms of Octonian algebras
ThuApr 0817:00Evgeny MukhinSupersymmetric analogs of partitions and plane partitions
ThuApr 0117:00Vladimir BavulaThe global dimension of the algebras of polynomial integro-differential operators and the Jacobian algebras
ThuApr 0113:00Kang Seok-JinQuantum Borcherds-Bozec algebras and abstract crystals
ThuMar 2517:00Apoorva KharePolymath14: Groups with norms
ThuMar 1817:00Maria GorelikDepths and cores in the light of DS-functors
ThuMar 1117:00Alexandr ZubkovHarish-Chandra pairs and group superschemes
ThuMar 0417:00Vladimir DotsenkoDiamond Lemma and the Maurer-Cartan equation
ThuFeb 2517:00Agata SmoktunowiczSome questions related to nilpotent rings and braces
ThuDec 1717:00Vesselin DrenskyFrom a Diophantine transport problem from 2016 and its possible solution from 1903 to classical problems in algebra
ThuDec 1017:00Claude CibilsControlling the global dimension
ThuDec 0317:00Daniel NakanoA new Lie theory for classical Lie superalgebras
ThuNov 2617:00Eli AljadeffPI theory, generic objects and group gradings
ThuNov 1917:00Natalia IyuduOn the proof of the Kontsevich conjecture on noncommutative birational transformations
ThuNov 1216:00A.V. MikhalevTBA
ThuNov 0517:00Nicolas LibedinskyOn Kazhdan-Lusztig theory for affine Weyl groups
ThuOct 2917:00Olga KharlampovichFrasse limits of limit groups
ThuOct 2217:00Mikhail ZaicevPolynomial identities: anomalies of codimension growth
ThuOct 1517:00Dimitar GrantcharovQuantized enveloping superalgebra of type P
ThuOct 0817:00Alberto ElduqueGraded-simple algebras and twisted loop algebras
ThuOct 0115:00Milen YakimovQuantum cluster algebras at roots of unity and discriminants
ThuOct 0113:00Alexander MolevSymmetrization map, Casimir elements and Sugawara operators
ThuSep 2417:00Alexander PremetModular representations of Lie algebras and Humphreys' Conjecture
ThuSep 1717:00Leonid Makar-LimanovTBA
ThuSep 1017:00Reimundo HeluaniThe singular support of the Ising model
ThuSep 0317:00Jacob MostovoyThe Chevalley-Eilenberg complex for Leibniz and for Sabinin algebras
ThuAug 2717:00Albert SchwarzSome questions on Jordan algebras inspired by quantum theory
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