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algebraic geometry symplectic geometry

Kansas State University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 20:30-21:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Rina Anno*
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Past talks
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ThuSep 1718:30Anton MellitThe curious hard Lefschetz property for character varieties
ThuSep 1020:30Joel KamnitzerCategorical g-actions for modules over truncated shifted Yangians
ThuSep 0320:30Alexander GoncharovThe second universal motivic Chern class and cluster structure of moduli spaces of G-local systems
ThuAug 2720:30Pyongwon SuhThe coherent-constructible correspondence for toric projective bundles
ThuAug 2023:00Hiraku NakajimaBow varieties and representations of affine Lie algebras
ThuAug 1320:30Michael McBreenSymplectic duality and twisted quasimaps
ThuAug 0618:00Tobias EkholmHolomorphic curves on knot conormals
ThuJul 3020:30Eric ZaslowA Diagrammatic Calculus for Legendrian Surfaces
ThuJul 2320:30Tudor Dimofte3D Mirror Symmetry and HOMFLY-PT Homology
ThuJul 1620:30Sergei GukovRozansky-Witten geometry of Coulomb branches
ThuJul 0918:30Andrey SmirnovElliptic stable envelopes and symplectic duality
ThuJul 0218:30Maxim KontsevichOn higher critical points in calculus of variations
ThuJun 2518:00Dima ArinkinSingular support of categories
ThuJun 1820:30Mina AganagicKnot categorification and mirror symmetry
ThuJun 1116:00Tony PantevEnhanced moduli of D-branes and superpotentials
ThuJun 0419:00Andrei NegutA brief survey of 2D K-HAs
ThuMay 2820:30Umut VarolgunesNon-archimedean mirrors of symplectic cluster manifolds in real dimension four
ThuMay 2120:30Andrew NeitzkeAbelianization of flat connections, and its q-deformation
ThuMay 1416:00Emanuel DiaconescuMckay correspondence and cohomological Hall algebras
ThuMay 0720:30Gabriel KerrPhase tropical hypersurfaces
ThuApr 3019:30Ivan CheltsovK-stability of Fano 3-folds
ThuApr 2320:30Peng ZhouVariation of toric GIT quotient and variation of Lagrangian skeleton
ThuApr 1620:30Yan SoibelmanHolomorphic Floer theory and deformation quantization
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