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Arizona State University

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Igor Shovkovy*
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Theoretical Physics Colloquium hosted by Prof. Igor Shovkovy at the Arizona State University.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedMay 1016:00Richard LebedHadron renaissance: The heavy-quark exotics
WedApr 2616:00Sašo GrozdanovStrong-field magnetohydrodynamics
WedApr 1216:00Cora DvorkinThe Universe as a lab for new physics across cosmic times
WedMar 2916:00Peter RauMagnetohydrodynamic stability and evolution of magnetars
WedMar 1516:00Irene TamborraProbing the cosmic unknowns through neutrinos
WedMar 0117:00Omar A. HurricaneHow Ignition and Target Gain > 1 were achieved in inertial fusion
WedFeb 1516:00Kathryn M. ZurekObservational signatures of quantum gravity
WedFeb 0116:00Jean-Francois PaquetUltrarelativistic nuclear collisions as seen through photons
WedJan 1816:00Berndt MuellerThermalization, hadronization, and entanglement
WedDec 1416:00Ralf RappElectromagnetic radiation probing QCD matter
WedNov 3016:00Saori PastoreFundamental physics with nuclei
WedNov 1616:00Achim SchwenkStrong interaction matter in the universe
WedNov 0216:00Tomas BraunerInhomogeneous dense matter in strong magnetic fields
WedOct 1916:00Vincenzo CiriglianoProbing physics beyond the Standard Model at low energies
WedOct 0516:00Carl M. BenderParity-Time (PT) Symmetry
WedSep 2116:00Filomena NunesWhy are theorists excited about exotic nuclei?
WedSep 0716:00Tracy SlatyerTesting dark matter interactions through cosmic history
WedAug 2416:00Roxanne P. SpringerUsing large-Nc to order nucleon-nucleon interactions
WedAug 1016:00Andreas SchmittBuilding a realistic neutron star from holography
WedJul 2716:00Derek TeaneySoft pions and the dynamics of the chiral phase transition
WedJul 1316:00Volodymyr VovchenkoQCD phase structure from fluctuations of conserved charges
WedJun 2916:00Violetta SagunThe impact of dark matter on compact stars
WedJun 1516:00Luciano RezzollaBinary neutron stars: from macroscopic collisions to microphysics
WedJun 0116:00Piotr SurowkaOdd viscoelasticity
WedMay 1816:00Sophia HanAstrophysical constraints from neutron stars on the high-density equation of state: current status and near-term prospects
WedMay 0416:00Margaret E. CarringtonEarly time gluon fields in relativistic heavy ion collisions
WedApr 2016:00Hans-Thomas JankaCore-collapse supernovae: From neutrino-driven explosion models to observations
WedApr 0616:00George M. FullerNeutrinos, the Early Universe, and Gravitational Collapse
WedMar 2316:00Huey-Wen LinMapping the structure of hadrons with lattice QCD
WedFeb 2316:00Armen SedrakianDense QCD and compact stars
WedFeb 0916:00Massimo D'EliaOn the QCD phase diagram in a magnetic field
WedJan 2616:00Márton LájerWhen cold, dense quarks are not a Fermi liquid
WedJan 1216:00Georgi R. DvaliDemystifying black holes
WedDec 1516:00Brian MetzgerShining new light on the physics of neutron star mergers
WedDec 0816:00Xu-Guang HuangSpin polarization and spin transport in quark-gluon plasma
WedDec 0116:00Rogier A. WindhorstJWST status as of 2021, and some of its first science programs: Faint object time domain, cluster lensing & caustic transits
WedNov 2416:00Alexander RothkopfOpen-Quantum-Systems: Thermometry at the extremes
WedNov 1716:00Simon HandsAdventures in flatland: Quantum criticality in the 2+1d Thirring model
WedNov 1016:00Srimoyee SenIndex theorems, generalized Hall currents, and topology for gapless defect fermions
WedNov 0316:00Dam T. SonUnnuclear physics: Conformal symmetry in nuclear reactions
WedOct 2716:00Andrew W. SteinerMulti-messenger astronomy and the physics of hot and dense matter
WedOct 2016:00Yuri V. KovchegovSmall-x contribution to the proton spin puzzle
WedOct 1316:00Alejandro AyalaPlasma screening and the critical end point in the QCD phase diagram
WedOct 0616:00Cecilia LunardiniNeutrinos and gravity: multi-messenger scenarios
WedSep 2916:00Eduard GorbarChiral anomalous processes in magnetospheres of compact stars
WedSep 2216:00Maria A. H. VozmedianoGeometry and anomalies in Dirac matter
WedSep 1516:00Jan M. PawlowskiOn the phase structure of QCD
WedSep 0816:00Edward ShuryakSemiclassical theory of QCD phase transitions
WedSep 0116:00Dean LeeNuclear lattice simulations
WedAug 2516:00Martin J. SavageTowards quantum simulations for nuclear and particle physics
WedAug 1816:00Matteo BuzzegoliAnomalous spin-rotation coupling at finite temperature
WedAug 1116:00Dimitrios PsaltisTests of general relativity with black hole shadows
WedAug 0416:00Scott PrattExtracting the diffusivity and charge susceptibilities of the QGP from experiment
WedJul 2816:00Oleg TeryaevQCD, gravity and inertia
WedJul 2116:00Kostya TrachenkoNew understanding of liquid thermodynamics, viscosity and its lower bounds
WedJul 0716:00Yacine Mehtar-TaniWave turbulence and anomalous diffusion of jets in the QGP
WedJun 3016:00Carolyn RaithelProbing the dense matter equation of state with neutron star mergers
WedJun 2316:00Ramona VogtHeavy flavor kinematic correlations in cold (and hot) nuclear matter
WedJun 1616:00Francesco BecattiniNew developments of spin physics in relativistic heavy ion collisions
WedJun 0916:00Anna L. WattsA NICER view of neutron stars
WedJun 0216:00Dmitri KharzeevChiral magnetic effect: from quarks to quantum computers
WedMay 2616:00Ulrich HeinzHydrodynamics for heavy-ion collisions – status and recent developments
WedMay 1916:00Joseph KapustaA primer on Tsallis statistics for nuclear and particle physics
WedMay 1216:00Radoslaw RyblewskiDoes the spin “flow” in relativistic heavy-ion collisions?
WedMay 0516:00Michael StricklandBottomonium suppression in the QGP – From EFTs to non-unitary quantum evolution
WedApr 2816:00Kirill TuchinElectrodynamics of hot nuclear matter and other chiral media
WedApr 2116:00Jorge NoronhaDeconstructing relativistic fluid dynamics
WedApr 1416:00Maulik ParikhThe noise of gravitons
WedApr 0716:00Keith OliveBig Bang Nucleosynthesis: Post Planck
WedMar 3116:00Chun ShenMulti-messenger heavy-ion physics
WedMar 2416:00Jinfeng LiaoRelativistic nuclear collisions: factory for exotic quantum matter
WedMar 1716:00Urs Achim WiedemannFlow and jet quenching in small systems
WedMar 1016:00Ho-Ung YeeSpin, vortices, anomaly and hydrodynamics
WedMar 0316:00Andrei BeloborodovMagnetars
WedFeb 2416:00Gordon BaymThe evolution of primordial neutrino helicities under gravitational and magnetic fields and implications for their detection
WedFeb 1716:00Mithat UnsalSemi-Abelian gauge theories, non-invertible symmetries, and string tensions beyond N-ality
WedFeb 1016:00Nora BrambillaNonrelativistic multiscale systems with effective quantum field theories
WedFeb 0316:00Mikhail ShaposhnikovEinstein-Cartan gravity: inflation, dark matter and electroweak symmetry breaking
WedJan 2716:00Lucia OlivaThe impact of electromagnetic and vortical fields in relativistic nuclear collisions
WedJan 2016:00Elena BratkovskayaExploring the QGP at finite baryon chemical potential in and out of equilibrium
WedJan 1316:00Zohreh DavoudiAtoms and ions as quantum simulators of quarks, gluons, and nuclei?
WedDec 0916:00Yong-Liang MaTopology change, emergent symmetry and compact star matter
WedDec 0216:00Duncan BrownWhat have we learned about binary neutron stars since the discovery of GW170817?
WedNov 2516:00Axel BrandenburgHelical magnetic fields in the early universe
WedNov 1816:00Claudia RattiQCD at finite density and phenomenology
WedNov 1116:00Alexei BazavovQuark-gluon plasma and thermodynamics of QCD on the lattice
WedNov 0416:00Hong LiuThe reasonable and unreasonable effectiveness of hydrodynamics in exotic quantum matter
WedOct 2816:00Gerald V. DunneDecoding the Path Integral: Resurgent Asymptotics and Extreme QFT
WedOct 2116:00Laura TolosStrangeness in nuclei and neutron stars
WedOct 1416:00Donato Giorgio TorrieriHydrodynamics with 50 particles. What does it mean and how to think about it?
WedOct 0716:00Pavel KovtunPushing the limits of hydrodynamics
WedSep 3016:00Steffen A. BassA data-driven approach to quantifying the shear viscosity of nature’s most ideal liquid
WedSep 2316:00M. Coleman MillerNICER, gravitational waves, and neutron stars
WedSep 1616:00Stanisław MrówczyńskiColor Instabilities in quark-gluon plasma
WedSep 0916:00Aleksey ChermanWhat is quark matter?
WedSep 0216:00Sören SchlichtingNon-equilibrium QCD in heavy-ion collisions
WedAug 2616:00Roy A. LaceyAnomalous transport in the quark-gluon plasma
WedAug 1916:00Raju VenugopalanSeparating fact from fantasy in the proton's spin: the chiral anomaly and the proton spin puzzle
WedAug 1216:00Charles J. HorowitzDense matter in the gravitational wave sky
WedAug 0516:00Mark G. AlfordTransport and dissipation in neutron star mergers
WedJul 2916:00Marc KamionkowskiChirality in Cosmology
WedJul 2216:00Xin-Nian WangJet tomography of hot and cold nuclear matter
WedJul 1516:00Björn SchenkeThe smallest fluid on earth
WedJul 0816:00Aleksi KurkelaQuark matter in the cores of neutron stars
WedJul 0116:00Maria Elena Tejeda-YeomansGlobal polarization signals from hot, dense and whirly QCD matter
WedJun 2416:00Gergely EndrődiHot QCD matter in magnetic fields: phase transition and permeability
WedJun 1716:00Sanjay ReddyDense matter in neutron stars and its role in multi-messenger astrophysics
WedJun 0316:00Mikhail StephanovThe challenge of discovering QCD critical point
WedMay 2716:00Oleg RuchayskiySterile neutrinos: unifying cosmology with particle physics
WedMay 2016:00Tanmay VachaspatiThe magnetized universe
WedMay 1316:00Pavlo SukhachovElectron hydrodynamics in solids
WedMay 0616:00Veronica DexheimerExotic Matter Produced in Neutron star Mergers
WedApr 2916:00Anton BurkovTopological Metals
WedApr 2216:00Gökçe BaşarIs the Feynman path integral complex enough?
WedApr 1516:00Rebecca SurmanNeutron star mergers and the origins of the heaviest elements
WedApr 0816:00Karl LandsteinerThe golden age of chirality and quantum mechanics
WedApr 0116:00Mauricio Martinez GuerreroHydrodynamization and attractors in rapidly expanding fluids
WedMar 2516:00Jacquelyn Noronha-HostlerNature's most extreme fluid -- the Quark Gluon Plasma
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