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Harvard University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Juven Wang*, Ryan Maloney*, Ryan Thorngren*, Yifan Wang, Du Pei*
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Description: Quantum Matter in Math and Physics Wed 10:30 – 12

harvard.zoom.us/j/977347126 with a password: cmsa see: cmsa.fas.harvard.edu/quantum-matter-seminar/

Back-up meeting room is harvard.zoom.us/j/4438442895, if you do not see people in the original meeting room.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedMay 2514:30Seth KorenBaryon Minus Lepton Number BF Theory for the Cosmological Lithium Problem
WedMay 1820:00John McGreevyGeneralized Landau Paradigm (a review of generalized symmetries in condensed matter
WedMay 1114:30Brian SwingleCosmology from the vacuum
ThuApr 1400:30Yoshio KikukawaWhy is the mission impossible? Decoupling the mirror Ginsparg-Wilson fermions in the lattice models for two-dimensional abelian chiral gauge theories -
WedApr 0614:30Shao-Kai JianLate time von Neumann entropy and measurement-induced phase transition
WedMar 3014:30Jordan CotlerRenormalization group flow as optimal transport
WedMar 2314:30Chong WangNon-zero momentum requires long-range entanglement
WedMar 1614:30Gregory MooreSumming Over Bordisms In 2d TQFT
WedMar 0915:30Simon CatterallAnomalies, topological insulators and Kaehler-Dirac fermions
WedMar 0215:30Yu-An ChenExactly Solvable Lattice Hamiltonians and Gravitational Anomalies
WedFeb 2315:30Petr HořavaTopological Quantum Gravity and the Ricci Flow - Part II
WedFeb 1615:30Petr HořavaTopological Quantum Gravity and the Ricci Flow - Part I
ThuFeb 1001:00Yuji TachikawaOn the absence of global anomalies of heterotic string theories
ThuFeb 0301:00Yunqin ZhengKramers-Wannier-like duality defects in higher dimensions
WedDec 0815:30Fei YanDefects, link invariants and exact WKB
WedDec 0115:00Daniel HarlowSymmetry in quantum field theory and quantum gravity 1
WedNov 2415:30Shinsei RyuMultipartition topological phases & quantum entanglement
WedNov 1015:00Michael StoneEuclidean Majorana fermions in all dimensions, Bott periodicity and CPT
WedNov 0318:00Clay CordovaNon-Invertible Duality Defects in 3+1 Dimensions
WedOct 0614:30Gabriel CuomoLine defects in CFTs: renormalization group flows and semiclassical limits
WedSep 2915:30Nai Phuan OngOscillations in the thermal conductivity of a spin liquid
WedSep 2214:30Dan FreedSymmetry types in QFT and the CRT theorem
WedSep 1514:30Liang FuThree-particle mechanism for pairing and superconductivity
WedSep 0814:30William Witczak-KrempaCornering the universal shape of fluctuations and entanglement
WedSep 0114:10Keisuke HarigayaNaturalness and muon anomalous magnetic moment
ThuAug 2600:00Hitoshi MurayamaSome Exact Results in QCD-like and Chiral Gauge Theories
WedAug 1114:30Piers ColemanOrder Fractionalization
WedAug 0414:30Nathan BenjaminHarmonic analysis of 2d CFT partition functions
ThuJul 2900:00Max MetlitskiBoundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited
WedJul 2114:30Daniel BulmashAnomalies in (2+1)D fermionic topological phases and (3+1)D path integral state sums for fermionic SPTs
WedJul 1414:30Liujun ZouStiefel liquids: Possible non-Lagrangian quantum criticality from intertwined orders
WedJul 0714:30Dung NguyenFrom Fractional Quantum Hall to higher rank symmetry
WedJun 1614:30Arkady VainshteinUses of Wilson Operator Expansion in Gauge Theories
WedJun 0914:30Yizhi YouFracton critical point and Topological phase transition beyond renormalization
WedJun 0214:30Juven WangUltra Unification
WedJun 0214:30Juven WangUltra Unification: Quantum Fields Beyond the Standard Model
WedMay 1914:30Herbert NeubergerConstruction of Lattice Chiral Gauge Theory
WedMay 1214:30André-Marie TremblayA unified theoretical perspective on the cuprate phase diagram
ThuMay 0600:00Ioannis PapadimitriouAnomalies and Supersymmetry
WedApr 2817:00Dominic Williamson1-form symmetry-protected topological phases and measurement-based quantum computation
WedApr 2114:30Sergei GukovExotic new animals in the CFT zoo: quasiparticles and anisotropic scaling
WedApr 1414:30Lakshya BhardwajConfinement and 1-form Symmetries in 4d from 6d (2,0)
WedApr 0714:30Sakura Schafer-NamekiHigher Form Symmetries in String/M-theory
WedMar 3114:30Dam Thanh SonSpin of the fractional quantum Hall magnetoroton through polarized Raman scattering
WedMar 2416:00Emily NardoniFrom SU(N) Seiberg-Witten Theory to Adjoint QCD: Part 2
WedMar 1714:30Silviu S. PufuExact symmetries and threshold states in two-dimensional models for QCD
ThuMar 1100:30Satoshi YamaguchiSupersymmetric QFT with exotic symmetry in 3+1d and fermionic fracton phases
WedMar 0315:30Tim HsiehSymmetry-protected sign problem and magic in quantum phases of matter
WedFeb 2415:30Zhenghan WangA Riemann sum of quantum field theory: lattice Hamiltonian realization of TQFTs
WedFeb 1715:30Jaume GomisGlobal Anomalies on the Hilbert Space
WedFeb 1015:30T SenthilStrange metals as ersatz Fermi liquids: emergent symmetries, general constraints, and experimental tests
WedFeb 0315:30Philip PhillipsBeyond BCS: An Exact Model for Superconductivity and Mottness
WedJan 2715:30Luigi TizzanoInstantons, symmetries and anomalies in five dimensions
WedJan 2015:30Tom DevereauxNumerical investigations of models of the cuprates
TueDec 2215:30David TongGapped Chiral Fermions
WedDec 1615:30Zheng-Yu WengOrganizing Principle of Mottness and Complex Phenomenon in High Temperature Superconductors
WedNov 1115:30Abhishodh PrakashAspects of fermionic SPT phases: boundary supersymmetry and unwinding
WedOct 2814:30Patrick LeeThe not-so-normal normal state of underdoped Cuprate
WedOct 2114:30Oleg DubinkinMultipole Insulators and Higher-Form symmetries
WedOct 1414:30Yin-Chen HeNon-Wilson-Fisher Kinks of Conformal Bootstrap: Deconfined Phase Transition and Beyond
WedSep 3014:30Jordan CotlerGravitational Constrained Instantons and Random Matrix Theory
WedSep 2314:30Subir SachdevMetal-to-metal quantum phase transitions not described by symmetry-breaking orders 2
WedSep 1614:30Andreas KarchBranes, Black Holes and Islands
WedSep 0914:30Ying-Hsuan LinExotic Consistent (1+1)d Anomalies: A Ghost Story
WedSep 0214:30Subir SachdevMetal-to-metal quantum phase transitions not described by symmetry-breaking orders
WedAug 2613:30Frank WilczekPhysical Approaches to Quantum Computing
WedAug 1913:30Mirjam CveticF-theory, Part I: Construction of Particle Physics Models
WedAug 0519:30Aleksey ChermanHiggs-confinement phase transitions with fundamental representation matter
WedJul 2213:30Qing-Rui WangDomain Wall Decorations, Anomalies, and Fermionic SPT
WedJul 1514:30Cenke XuInterplay between two boundary effects
WedJul 0813:00Juven Wang“Mother” Effective Field Theory for Fractional Quantum Hall Systems near ν= 5/2
WedJun 2413:30Pavel PutrovHolomorphic anomaly in Vafa-Witten theory
WedJun 1714:30Mithat UnsalQCD(adj) and deformed Yang-Mills: From weak coupling confinement to adiabatic continuity
WedJun 1014:30(reschedule) Alexey Milekhin(reschedule) Traversable wormholes in four and two dimensions
WedJun 0314:30Juan MaldacenaMagnetic Black Holes
ThuMay 2814:30Hiroki IsobeSupermetal from a high-order Van Hove singularity
WedMay 2717:30Dominic WilliamsonNon-Abelian fractons from gauged layers
WedMay 2014:30David TongBoundary dtates for Fermions: SPT phases, RG flows, and a whole bunch of related things
WedMay 1314:30Nathan SeibergContinuum quantum field theory for fractons, part I
WedMay 0614:30Erich PoppitzDomain walls, anomalies, and deconfinement
WedApr 2914:30Nakarin LohitsiriIf the weak were strong and the strong were weak
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