Harvard CMSA Wed: Quantum Matter/QFT/Condensed Matter/Math

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Harvard University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Juven Wang*, Ryan Maloney*, Ryan Thorngren*, Yifan Wang, Du Pei*
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Description: Quantum Matter/Quantum Field Theory Wed 10:30 – 12

harvard.zoom.us/j/977347126 with a password: cmsa see: cmsa.fas.harvard.edu/quantum-matter-seminar/

Back-up meeting room is harvard.zoom.us/j/4438442895 , if you do not see people in the original meeting room.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedOct 2114:30Oleg DubinkinMultipole Insulators and Higher-Form symmetries
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WedOct 1414:30Yin-Chen HeNon-Wilson-Fisher Kinks of Conformal Bootstrap: Deconfined Phase Transition and Beyond
WedSep 3014:30Jordan CotlerGravitational Constrained Instantons and Random Matrix Theory
WedSep 2314:30Subir SachdevMetal-to-metal quantum phase transitions not described by symmetry-breaking orders 2
WedSep 1614:30Andreas KarchBranes, Black Holes and Islands
WedSep 0914:30Ying-Hsuan LinExotic Consistent (1+1)d Anomalies: A Ghost Story
WedSep 0214:30Subir SachdevMetal-to-metal quantum phase transitions not described by symmetry-breaking orders
WedAug 2613:30Frank WilczekPhysical Approaches to Quantum Computing
WedAug 1913:30Mirjam CveticF-theory, Part I: Construction of Particle Physics Models
WedAug 0519:30Aleksey ChermanHiggs-confinement phase transitions with fundamental representation matter
WedJul 2213:30Qing-Rui WangDomain Wall Decorations, Anomalies, and Fermionic SPT
WedJul 1514:30Cenke XuInterplay between two boundary effects
WedJul 0813:00Juven Wang“Mother” Effective Field Theory for Fractional Quantum Hall Systems near ν= 5/2
WedJun 2413:30Pavel PutrovHolomorphic anomaly in Vafa-Witten theory
WedJun 1714:30Mithat UnsalQCD(adj) and deformed Yang-Mills: From weak coupling confinement to adiabatic continuity
WedJun 1014:30(reschedule) Alexey Milekhin(reschedule) Traversable wormholes in four and two dimensions
WedJun 0314:30Juan MaldacenaMagnetic Black Holes
ThuMay 2814:30Hiroki IsobeSupermetal from a high-order Van Hove singularity
WedMay 2717:30Dominic WilliamsonNon-Abelian fractons from gauged layers
WedMay 2014:30David TongBoundary dtates for Fermions: SPT phases, RG flows, and a whole bunch of related things
WedMay 1314:30Nathan SeibergContinuum quantum field theory for fractons, part I
WedMay 0614:30Erich PoppitzDomain walls, anomalies, and deconfinement
WedApr 2914:30Nakarin LohitsiriIf the weak were strong and the strong were weak
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