Function spaces - Basics

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Charles University

Audience: Undergraduates
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:40-16:10 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Vít Musil*, Luboš Pick
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At this seminar, students learn and refer to others the basic properties of spaces of measurable functions (like Lebesgue, Lorentz, Orlicz and related spaces.)

Undergraduates are warmly welcome. Only the mild measure-theoretic background is assumed.

Seminars will be broadcasted over zoom. Send us an e-mail to get the link (prevention from zoom bombing). You can also subscribe for regular e-mail announcements.

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WedNov 0414:40Radan VincenecTBA
WedNov 1114:40Dalimil PešaTBA
WedNov 1814:40Dalimil PešaTBA
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WedOct 2113:40Radan VincenecTBA
WedOct 1413:40Jakub TakáčLebesgue spaces and weak Lebesgue spaces
WedOct 0713:40Jakub TakáčLebesgue spaces and weak Lebesgue spaces
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