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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs dynamical systems numerical analysis exactly solvable and integrable systems fluid dynamics

Institute of Computational Modelling SB RAS / Siberian Federal University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 11:00-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Oleg Kaptsov, Sergey P. Tsarev*, Yury Shan'ko*
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ThuNov 2511:00A. V. SchmidtModeling of the far region of a swirling turbulent wake using the Rodi model
ThuNov 1111:00M. I. TribelskyFall of Quantum Particle to the Center: Exact solution
ThuOct 2811:00Maxim PavlovNon-diagonalisable Hydrodynamic Type Systems, Integrable by Tsarev's Generalised Hodograph Method
WedOct 2012:00Dmitry ZakharovLumps and lump chain solutions of the KP-I equation
ThuOct 1411:00Nikolay N. OsipovSimplification of Nested Real Radicals Revisited
ThuSep 3011:00Sergey TsarevIntegration of algebraic functions, polynomial approximation, nonclassical boundary problems and Poncelet-type theorems
ThuSep 1611:00O. V. KaptsovSymmetries and solutions of the three-dimensional Kadomtsev — Petviashvili equation
ThuMay 2011:00A.A. TalyshevOn the Lifetime of a Free Neutron
ThuMay 1311:00Е.Н. ПелиновскийБегущие волны в сильно неоднородных средах
ThuApr 2211:00С.В. ХабировСтационарная плоская вихревая подмодель идеального газа
ThuApr 1511:00S.V. MeleshkoOn generalized simple waves in continuum mechanics
ThuApr 0811:00О. В. КапцовОбщие решения некоторых линейных волновых уравнений с переменными коэффициентами
ThuMar 2511:00Юрий ШанькоРешение задачи Л.В. Овсянникова о двумерных изотермических движениях политропного газа
ThuMar 1111:00Yury StepanyantsThe asymptotic approach to the description of two-dimensional soliton patterns in the oceans
ThuFeb 1811:00A.V. AksenovSymmetries, conservation laws, and exact solutions to a one-dimensional system of shallow water equations over an uneven bottom
ThuFeb 0411:00A.N. RogalevRegularization of numerical estimation of the sets of solutions of ODEs in stability problems on a finite time interval
FriDec 2511:00Alexander ShlapunovExistence theorems for regular solutions to the Cauchy problem for the Navier-Stokes equations in R^3
FriDec 1111:00E. I. KaptsovInvariant finite-difference schemes for equations of continuous medium possessing finite-difference conservation laws
FriNov 2711:00А. Е. МироновКоммутирующие разностные операторы
FriNov 1311:00А. Е. МироновИнтегрируемые магнитные геодезические потоки на двумерном торе и системы гидродинамического типа
FriNov 0611:00Oleg V. KaptsovIterations and groups of formal transformations
FriOct 2311:00Oleg V. KaptsovExact Solution of Boussinesq equations for propagation of nonlinear waves
FriOct 0911:00Alexander ShlapunovExistence Theorems for Regular Spatially Periodic Solutions to the Navier–Stokes Equations in R^3
WedJul 0811:00Bogdan G. DimitrovIntersecting Null Cones and GPS, GLONASS Intersatellite Communications in the Gravitational Field of Near-Earth Space with Account of General Relativity Theory
WedJul 0111:00Bogdan G. DimitrovApplied General Theory of Relativity: Physical Principles of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
WedJun 2411:00Alexey V. ShmidtOn self-similar solutions for some problems of free turbulence
WedJun 1711:00Sergey P. TsarevFree interpolation of GLONASS/GPS orbits: solving a two-point boundary-value problem without solving differential equations
WedJun 1011:00Karima KhusnutdinovaNear-integrable models for long surface and internal ring waves in stratified shear flows
WedJun 0311:00S.V. Meleshko, N.P. Moshkin, A.G. Petrova, V.V. PukhnachevOn exact analytical solutions of equations of Maxwell incompressible viscoelastic medium
WedMay 2711:00Tsarev S.PDiscrete orthogonal polynomials: anomalies of time series and boundary effects of polynomial filters
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