Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange Seminar

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Nagoya University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 08:00-09:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Henrik Bachmann*, Nils Matthes
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The purpose of the Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange Seminar is to give a opportunity for researchers in Japan and Europe to exchange their research projects by giving short talks (30 min). The target audience are researchers of any level in the area of number theory.

Start for Fall 2021: 26th October

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJan 2508:40Fabien PazukiNorthcott property for special values of L-functions
TueJan 2508:00Sho TanimotoCampana points, Height zeta functions, and log Manin’s conjecture
TueJan 1808:40Ratko DardaManin-Peyre conjecture for weighted projective stacks
TueJan 1808:00Huajie LiIntroduction to the relative trace formulae of Guo-Jacquet
TueDec 2108:35Joshua DrewittLaplace-eigenvalue equations for the space of modular iterated integrals
TueDec 2108:00Kenji SakugawaOn the R-mixed Hodge structure on the relative pro-unipotent fundamental group of M_{1,1}
TueDec 1408:35Yoshinori MishibaOn relations among v-adic multiple zeta values over function fields
TueDec 1408:00Francesco CampagnaPrimes of cyclic reduction for elliptic curves
TueDec 0708:35Naganori YamaguchiThe m-step solvable anabelian geometry for hyperbolic curves over finitely generated fields
TueDec 0708:00Benjamin CollasAnabelian geometry, a modern overview
TueNov 3008:35Shun'ichi YokoyamaJulia language for number theory
TueNov 3008:00Luigi PaganoMotivic zeta functions of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
TueNov 2308:35Axel KölschbachOn a candidate for the p-adic Jacquet—Langlands correspondence
TueNov 2308:00Ryomei IwasaCohomology theories of schemes and algebraic K-theory
TueNov 1608:35Shingo SaitoSum formulas for multiple zeta values and symmetric multiple zeta values
TueNov 1608:00Ulf KühnRealizations of the formal double Eisenstein space
TueNov 0908:35Andreas MonoOn a twisted version of Zagier's $f_{k,D}$ function
TueNov 0908:00Miyu SuzukiExplicit mean value formula for periods and L-functions
TueNov 0208:35Hohto BekkiOn some applications of an integral formula of Hurwitz
TueNov 0208:00Quentin GazdaAlgebraic independence of Carlitz’s polylogarithms
TueOct 2608:40Benjamin BrindleApplications of marked partitions to qMZVs
TueOct 2608:00Hideki MuraharaOn the linear relations among the parametrized multiple series
TueJul 2008:35Yukako KezukaOn the 2-rank of the ideal class group of cubic fields and its relation to 2-Selmer groups
TueJul 2008:00Hanneke WiersemaOn a BSD-type formula for L-values of Artin twists of elliptic curves
TueJul 1308:35Claudia Alfes-NeumannElliptic curves and harmonic weak Maass forms
TueJul 1308:00Sven MöllerVector-valued Eisenstein series and classification of holomorphic vertex operator algebras
TueJul 0608:35Shuji YamamotoSum formulas of Schur multiple zeta values of ribbon shape
TueJul 0608:00Steven CharltonFunctional equations for Nielsen polylogarithms
TueJun 2908:35Dominique ManchonAn infinitesimal bialgebra related to multiple polylogarithms and q-multiple zeta values
TueJun 2908:00Yoshihiro TakeyamaDerivations on the algebra of multiple harmonic q-series
TueJun 2208:35Masataka OnoFinite and symmetric multiple zeta values associated with 2-colored rooted trees
TueJun 2208:00Adam KeilthyBlock graded relations among multiple zeta values
TueJun 1508:35Tanja Isabelle SchindlerA central limit theorem for the Birkhoff sum of the Riemann zeta-function over a Boolean type transformation
TueJun 1508:00Ade Irma SuriajayaGoldbach representations and exceptional zeros of Dirichlet L-functions
TueJun 0808:35Jun UekiIwasawa theory for knots
TueJun 0808:00Riccardo PengoMahler measure of successively exact polynomials
TueJun 0108:35Erik PanzerSingle-valued integrals over discs
TueJun 0108:00Hidekazu FurushoArtin-Schreier equation and Carlitz multiple polylogarithms
TueFeb 0208:40Makoto KawashimaLinear forms in polylogarithms
TueFeb 0208:00Anthony PoelsRational approximation to real points on quadratic hypersurfaces
TueJan 2608:40Jianqiang ZhaoA Proof of Kaneko-Tsumura Conjecture on Triple T-Values
TueJan 2608:00David JarossayMultiple harmonic values and adjoint multiple zeta values
TueJan 1908:40Nao KomiyamaOn the calculation of moulds
TueJan 1908:00Gabriele BogoExtended modularity and deformation of Riemann surfaces
TueJan 1208:40Junxian LiUniform Titchmarsh divisor problems
TueJan 1208:00Shota InoueLarge deviations in joint central limit theorems for L-function and their application
TueDec 2208:40Jeanine Van OrderFrom bounds for Fourier coefficients to bounds for Mordell-Weil ranks (and beyond)
TueDec 2208:00Shingo SugiyamaLow-lying zeros of symmetric power L-functions weighted by L-values
TueDec 1508:40Ryotaro HaradaOn the dimension of the space generated by multizeta values in characteristic p
TueDec 1508:00Berend RingelingSpecial zeta Mahler functions
TueDec 0808:40Koji TasakaSupercongruence of q-analogues of multiple harmonic sums
TueDec 0808:00Federico ZerbiniSingle-valued multiple zeta values, and a class of modular forms from string theory
TueDec 0108:40Sumaia Saad EddinRecent results on Laurent-Stieltjes constants
TueDec 0108:00Wataru TakedaTranscendence of values of the iterated exponential function at algebraic points
TueNov 2408:40Minoru HiroseThe motivic Galois group and alternating multiple zeta values
TueNov 2408:00Alex SaadMultiple zeta values and iterated Eisenstein integrals
TueNov 1708:40Annika BurmesterCombinatorial multiple Eisenstein series
TueNov 1708:00Shin-ichiro SekiMultivariable connected sums and transport relations
TueNov 1008:40Toshiki MatsusakaLinking numbers and modular forms for the triangle groups
TueNov 1008:00Markus SchwagenscheidtArithmetic properties of meromorphic modular forms
TueNov 0308:40Kunihiro ItoOn a multi-variable Arakawa-Kaneko zeta function for non-positive or positive indices
TueNov 0308:00Jan-Willem van IttersumA Kaneko-Zagier equation for Jacobi forms
TueOct 2708:40Jori MerikoskiA cubic analogue of the Friedlander-Iwaniec spin along primes
TueOct 2708:00Yuta SuzukiOn the irrationality of sums of reciprocals of Fibonacci numbers restricted to prime-like indices
TueOct 2008:40Nobuo SatoFrom the 2-1 formula for multiple zeta values to iterated beta integrals
TueOct 2008:00Nils MatthesAlgebraic independence results for iterated integrals of meromorphic modular forms
TueOct 1308:30Wadim Zudilin(Quasi-)magnetic modular forms
TueOct 1308:00Masanobu KanekoA new approach to Kawashima's relation for multiple zeta values
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