Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange Seminar

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Nagoya University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 08:00-09:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Henrik Bachmann*
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The purpose of the Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange Seminar is to give a opportunity for researchers in Japan and Europe to exchange their research projects by giving short talks (15-40 min). The target audience are researchers of any level in the area of (any kind of) zeta functions and automorphic forms.

Start: 13th October 2020

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueFeb 0208:40Makoto KawashimaLinear forms in polylogarithms
TueFeb 0208:00Anthony PoelsRational approximation to real points on quadratic hypersurfaces
TueJan 2608:40Jianqiang ZhaoA Proof of Kaneko-Tsumura Conjecture on Triple T-Values
TueJan 2608:00David JarossayMultiple harmonic values and adjoint multiple zeta values
TueJan 1908:40Nao KomiyamaOn the calculation of moulds
TueJan 1908:00Gabriele BogoExtended modularity and deformation of Riemann surfaces
TueJan 1208:40Junxian LiUniform Titchmarsh divisor problems
TueJan 1208:00Shota InoueLarge deviations in joint central limit theorems for L-function and their application
TueDec 2208:40Jeanine Van OrderFrom bounds for Fourier coefficients to bounds for Mordell-Weil ranks (and beyond)
TueDec 2208:00Shingo SugiyamaLow-lying zeros of symmetric power L-functions weighted by L-values
TueDec 1508:40Ryotaro HaradaOn the dimension of the space generated by multizeta values in characteristic p
TueDec 1508:00Berend RingelingSpecial zeta Mahler functions
TueDec 0808:40Koji TasakaSupercongruence of q-analogues of multiple harmonic sums
TueDec 0808:00Federico ZerbiniSingle-valued multiple zeta values, and a class of modular forms from string theory
TueDec 0108:40Sumaia Saad EddinRecent results on Laurent-Stieltjes constants
TueDec 0108:00Wataru TakedaTranscendence of values of the iterated exponential function at algebraic points
TueNov 2408:40Minoru HiroseThe motivic Galois group and alternating multiple zeta values
TueNov 2408:00Alex SaadMultiple zeta values and iterated Eisenstein integrals
TueNov 1708:40Annika BurmesterCombinatorial multiple Eisenstein series
TueNov 1708:00Shin-ichiro SekiMultivariable connected sums and transport relations
TueNov 1008:40Toshiki MatsusakaLinking numbers and modular forms for the triangle groups
TueNov 1008:00Markus SchwagenscheidtArithmetic properties of meromorphic modular forms
TueNov 0308:40Kunihiro ItoOn a multi-variable Arakawa-Kaneko zeta function for non-positive or positive indices
TueNov 0308:00Jan-Willem van IttersumA Kaneko-Zagier equation for Jacobi forms
TueOct 2708:40Jori MerikoskiA cubic analogue of the Friedlander-Iwaniec spin along primes
TueOct 2708:00Yuta SuzukiOn the irrationality of sums of reciprocals of Fibonacci numbers restricted to prime-like indices
TueOct 2008:40Nobuo SatoFrom the 2-1 formula for multiple zeta values to iterated beta integrals
TueOct 2008:00Nils MatthesAlgebraic independence results for iterated integrals of meromorphic modular forms
TueOct 1308:30Wadim Zudilin(Quasi-)magnetic modular forms
TueOct 1308:00Masanobu KanekoA new approach to Kawashima's relation for multiple zeta values
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