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Institute for Basic Science / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Tuesday 07:30-08:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Sang-il Oum*
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Description: Research seminar in discrete math, graph theory

Talks are broadcasted on YouTube Live if the speaker agrees.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueAug 1007:30Eun Jung KimA Constant-factor Approximation for Weighted Bond Cover
TueAug 1707:30Linda CookTBA
TueAug 2407:30Duksang LeeIntertwining connectivities for vertex-minors and pivot-minors
TueAug 3107:30Ilkyoo ChoiOn independent domination of regular graphs
TueSep 0707:30Sang-hyun KimOn rational 2x2 matrices without relations
TueSep 1407:30Cheolwon HeoTBA
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TueJul 2706:00Euiwoong LeeThe Karger-Stein algorithm is optimal for k-cut
TueJul 2007:30Semin YooCombinatorics of Euclidean spaces over finite fields
TueJul 1307:30Jaehoon Kim$K_{r+1}$-saturated graphs with small spectral radius
TueJul 0607:30Suil OEigenvalues and [a, b]-factors in regular graphs
TueJun 2907:30Jeong Ok ChoiInvertibility of circulant matrices of arbitrary size
TueJun 2207:30Hongseok YangDAG-symmetries and Symmetry-Preserving Neural Networks
TueJun 0806:00O-joung KwonClasses of intersection digraphs with good algorithmic properties
TueJun 0107:30Doowon KohMattila-Sjölin type functions: A finite field model
TueMay 1807:30Pascal GollinTBA
TueMay 1107:30Mark SiggersThe list switch homomorphism problem for signed graphs
TueApr 2707:30Jungho AhnWell-partitioned chordal graphs with the obstruction set and applications
TueApr 2007:30Sang-il OumWhat is an isotropic system?
TueApr 0607:30Rutger CampbellTBA
TueMar 3007:30Casey Tompkins3-uniform hypergraphs avoiding a cycle of length four
MonMar 2207:30Hong LiuNested cycles with no geometric crossing
TueMar 1607:30Se-Young YunRegret in Online Recommendation Systems
TueMar 0907:30Debsoumya ChakrabortiSome classical problems in graph saturation
TueMar 0207:30Kevin HendreyA unified half-integral Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups
TueFeb 0907:30Doowon KohOn the cone restriction conjecture in four dimensions and applications in incidence geometry
TueJan 2607:30Tuan TranMinimum saturated families of sets
TueJan 1907:30Ben LundPerfect matchings and derangements on graphs
TueJan 1207:30Andreas HolmsenDiscrete geometry in convexity spaces
TueJan 0507:30O-joung KwonDirected tangles and applications
TueDec 2207:30Jinha KimOn a conjecture by Kalai and Meshulam – the Betti number of the independence complex of ternary graphs
TueDec 0807:30Hong LiuA solution to Erdős and Hajnal’s odd cycle problem
TueDec 0107:30Debsoumya ChakrabortiRainbow matchings in edge-colored simple graphs
TueNov 2407:30Duksang LeeCharacterizing matroids whose bases form graphic delta-matroids
TueNov 1007:30Casey TompkinsExtremal forbidden poset problems in Boolean and linear lattices
TueNov 0307:30Jaeseong OhA 2-isomorphism theorem for delta-matroids
TueOct 2707:30Jeong Ok ChoiVarious game-theoretic models on graphs
WedOct 2107:30Joonkyung LeeOn graph norms for complex-valued functions
TueSep 2907:30Minki KimComplexes of graphs with bounded independence number
TueSep 2207:30Jinha KimCollapsibility of Non-Cover Complexes of Graphs
TueSep 1507:30Debsoumya ChakrabortiMaximum number of cliques in a graph with bounded maximum degree
TueSep 0807:30Rutger CampbellDisasters in abstracting combinatorial properties of linear dependence
TueAug 2507:30Ben LundPoint-plane incidence bounds
TueAug 1807:30Tuan TranAnti-concentration phenomena
TueAug 1107:30Yunbum KookVertex Sparsification for Edge Connectivity
TueAug 0407:30June HuhKazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of graphs and matroids
TueJul 2807:30Eun Jung KimSolving hard cut problems via flow-augmentation
TueJul 2107:30Ilkyoo ChoiFlexibility of Planar Graphs
TueJul 1407:30Casey TompkinsInverse Turán problems
TueJul 0707:30Seog-Jin KimOnline DP-coloring of graphs
TueJun 3007:30Dennis WongGenerating Gray codes and universal cycles for weak orders
TueJun 2307:30Jaehoon KimA resilience version of Pósa’s theorem
TueJun 1607:30Andreas HolmsenFractional Helly and topological complexity
TueJun 0907:30Jiseung KimHardness and concrete security in cryptography
TueJun 0207:30Huy-Tung NguyenThe average cut-rank of graphs
TueMay 2607:30Hong LiuAsymptotic structure for the clique density theorem
TueMay 1907:30O-joung KwonMim-width: a width parameter beyond rank-width
TueMay 1207:30Eun Jung KimTwin-width: tractable FO model checking
TueApr 2807:30Seunghun LeeLeray numbers of complexes of graphs with bounded matching number
TueApr 2107:30Sang-il OumSurvey on vertex-minors
TueApr 1407:30Casey TompkinsSaturation problems in the Ramsey theory of graphs, posets and point sets
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